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Dragon Ball GT

TV14ActionComedyAnimation • AdventureScience FictionAnimeTV Series1996

The Dragon Balls have been scattered to the ends of creation, and if Goku, Pan, and T...more

The Dragon Balls have been scattered to the ends of creation, and...More

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Season1 2
Episode 35

(Sub) Goku's Ascension

After Baby retreats to avoid defeat, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan 4! With his power boosted to its maximum level, Goku sets out to locate Baby's hideout and finish the monster once and for all!
Episode 36

(Sub) The Tuffle Gorilla Attacks!

While Goku grows accustomed his new abilities, Baby-Vegeta utilizes a device that will give him the power to crush even his strongest enemies!
Episode 37

(Sub) Old Kai's Last Stand

With Goku on the verge of utter destruction, Old Kai sends Kibito on a top secret mission where time is of the essence! Meanwhile, Bulma showers Baby with Blutz Waves that increase his strength!
Episode 38

(Sub) Family Bonds

Old Kai's quick-thinking frees Trunks, Goten, and Gohan from Baby's control, but even their combined powers cannot stop the monster. Only Goku has that level of strength!
Episode 39

(Sub) Baby Put to Rest

Goku squares off with Baby in a battle that will decide the fate of the universe! Only one of the powerful warriors will leave Tuffle Planet alive! Who will it be?
Episode 40

(Sub) Piccolo's Decision

Baby has finally been destroyed, but now the Earth is set to explode in two short weeks! Goku organizes a massive evacuation, but he and Piccolo end up trapped on the soon-to-be-obliterated planet!
Episode 41

(Sub) Curtain Call

It's time for the World Martial Arts Tournament, but the competition proves challenging for all: Goku and Pan fight in the wrong divisions, a plan to fix the fight is uncovered, and an old ally returns to fight Goku one last time!
Episode 42

(Sub) A Dangerous Union

In the depths of HFIL, an evil union between Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu takes place. Soon after, Trunks is ambushed by Android 17 to send Goku a warning: come to HFIL or the earth will be attacked!
Episode 43

(Sub) The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza

Cell and Frieza are back, and Goku must defeat the villains if he is to return to Earth. Things get sticky when he falls into the deepest, darkest realm of HFIL, where he will endure tests that threaten his sanity!
Episode 44

(Sub) 17 Times 2

While Goku fights for his life in HFIL, the heroes of Earth experience troubles of their own: the two No. 17s have merged to form the ultimate artificial killing machine!
Episode 45

(Sub) Piccolo's Best Bet

Super 17's destructive power reaches new heights, and the Z Fighters lay battered and broken at the android's feet. Luckily, Piccolo has a plan to free Goku from his other-worldly prison.
Episode 46

(Sub) Raising the Stakes

Goku's attacks prove useless against Super 17 thanks to Dr. Myuu's shrewd programming of the android. With each passing moment, Super 17 gets stronger – and Goku inches closer to his demise!
Episode 47

(Sub) The Greatest Surprise

While Goku prepares for the end, help comes from an unlikely source: Android 18! The lady-robot is fighting mad, and she's determined to avenge the death of her one true love!
Episode 48

(Sub) The Shadow Dragons

When an evil Dragon emerges from the broken Dragon Balls, the serenity of Earth is shattered as well. With evil Dragons scattering across the globe, what horrors are in store for humanity?
Episode 49

(Sub) The Two-Star Dragon

Haze Shenron, the dragon of pollution, begins contaminating everything in his path with a toxic mist that poisons those who breathe it. Goku and Pan try to help, but they're soon overcome by the noxious fumes!
Episode 50

(Sub) The Five-Star Dragon

During their search for the dragon balls, Goku and Pan stumble upon an abandoned city. A couple fleeing what was once their home warns the heroes of a mysterious slime capable of absorbing electricity.
Episode 51

(Sub) The Six-Star Dragon

A once-peaceful seaside village becomes a battleground as Goku and Pan square off against Oceanus Shenron, the 6-Star Dragon.
Episode 52

(Sub) The Seven-Star Dragon

After stumbling upon Naturon Shenron, Goku and Pan must save an entire city from the earthquakes caused by the dragon's digging.
Episode 53

(Sub) Saying Goodbye

Naturon Shenron takes control of Pan, and Goku is forced to make the most gut-wrenching decision of his life! The path to possess the Dragon Ball lies directly through his granddaughter!
Episode 54

(Sub) The Four-Star Dragon

With four Dragon Balls in their possession, Goku and Pan set off in search of the fifth. Standing in their way is Nuova Shenron, the ferocious Dragon of Fire!
Episode 55

(Sub) The Heart of the Prince

For far too long, Vegeta has played second fiddle to his greatest adversary: Goku. Now, after years of battling with – and alongside – Earth's greatest hero, Vegeta makes a supremely shocking admission!
Episode 56

(Sub) The Three-Star Dragon

After defeating Nuova Shenron, Goku spares the dragon's life in exchange for not killing Pan when he had the chance. Later, things get complicated when Eis Shenron reveals a shocking secret no one saw coming!
Episode 57

(Sub) The One-Star Dragon

In the aftermath of the intense battle between Goku and Nuova Shenron, the devious Three-Star Dragon, Eis, rears its ugly head and freezes Goku solid!
Episode 58

(Sub) Shadow Dragons Unite

Responding to Pan's panicked plea for help, the Z Fighters descend on the battleground in a frenzied, last-minute attempt to save Goku's life!
Episode 59

(Sub) Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

With Goku blinded and battle-weary, it appears highly doubtful he can survive a brutal battle against the combined power of all 7 Dragons. Could Vegeta have a life-saving trick up his sleeve?
Episode 60

(Sub) Super Saiyan 4 Fusion

Even pitted against two Super Saiyan 4s, Omega Shenron is vastly superior in terms of speed and strength, but when Goku and Vegeta fuse to form Gogeta, the playing field is leveled!
Episode 61

(Sub) The Limits of Power

Goku and Vegeta try to regain their advantage by doing Fusion again, and Omega Shenron responds by trying to devour the Four-Star Dragon Ball! It's a defensive struggle as each side tries to prevent the other from gaining supremacy!
Episode 62

(Sub) Rescue Goku

With Goku and Vegeta unable to fuse, is there anyone who can stop Omega Shenron? A new ally appears from a most unlikely place – Goku's forehead – but will it be enough to bring down the ultimate Shadow Dragon?
Episode 63

(Sub) Universal Allies

In his final battle, Goku continues his struggle with Omega Shenron! Needing more help than his fellow Z-Fighters can offer, Goku enlists the aid of King Kai, who coordinates the largest attack of all time!
Episode 64

(Sub) Until We Meet Again…

On the final episode of Dragon Ball GT, The Eternal Dragon appears in the sky without being summoned and explains why the Dragon Balls cracked.

About this Show

Dragon Ball GT

The Dragon Balls have been scattered to the ends of creation, and if Goku, Pan, and Trunks can't gather them in a year's time, Earth will meet with final catastrophe. The countdown to oblivion has begun.

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