1 season available

Dr. Dimensionpants

TVY • Fantasy, Animation, Kids, Adventure, Action, Science Fiction • TV Series • 2014

The series follows Kyle Lipton, who, for all his life was just like the other kids – playful, happy and without a care in the world until one day an i...more

The series follows Kyle Lipton, who, for all his life was just like the other kids – playful, happy and without a care in the world until one day an i...more

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1 season available (52 episodes)

1 season available

(52 episodes)

Episode 1

Horn to Be Wild

Philip is sad he’s the only Unicorn in town so Kyle throws him a party. An uninvited guest ruins everything when they come looking for a certain party favor, unicorn horns!
Episode 2

Bravo Dimensionpants

Philip and Kyle both want the lead in a school play but when Rebecca and Lennon become the stars, Dr. D and Glass Skull team up to shut down the performance.
Episode 3

BBF Cortex

The Cortex and Kyle become BFF’s despite Philips warning that The Cortex is an evil villain.
Episode 4

Bubble Troubles

Kyle battles Underwater Man who unleashes his bubbly vengeance on Ganderville. When Kyle’s Dad and sister are in danger, it’s up to Dr. Dimensionpants to save them.
Episode 5

Dr. Dimensionpants Camp

Kyle and Philips quest for cupcakes accidentally unleash two villains that swallow Kyle’s parents whole!
Episode 6

Cupcakes at Large

Kyle and Dunley spend some quality family time out in the woods. There’s only one little catch, The Glass Skull and Rebecca are doing the same thing!
Episode 7

I, Tabby

Kyle destroys his dad’s new tablet and replaces it with an evil version.
Episode 8


Kyle gets rid of a childhood teddy bear who comes back to seek revenge on Kyle and all of Ganderville.
Episode 9

Showbiz Unicorn

Philip is held captive in a carnival forcing Dr. D to literally win back his friend, but is Philip really ready to leave the limelight of the stage?
Episode 10

My Pet Human

When Kyle forgets his sister’s birthday he accidentally steals a gift from an evil wizard. Now Dr. D must save his sister and give her the best birthday ever.
Episode 11

Best Christmas Yeti

Dr. D recruits a Yeti to bring snow to Ganderville. But when she overstays her welcome, its Dr. D to the rescue before all of Ganderville is frozen.
Episode 12

Christmas Eve of Destruction

Kyle gets Philip the perfect Christmas gift. Unfortunately, it already belongs to the Evil Wizard Brothers.
Episode 13


When Philip adopts a baby unicorn, the stress strains his friendship with Kyle. To win Philip back, Dr. D reunites the baby with its mother but gets way more than he bargained for.
Episode 14


Kyle pokes fun at “Log Man” over the inter-dimensional internet and a comedic battle ensues. When things heat up, Ganderville is at risk, but will Dr. D get the last laugh?
Episode 15

Dr. Dimensionsocks

Kyle admires super hero Dr. Dimensionsocks but when he learns that this hero isn’t all he claims to be, Dr. Dimensionpants must step in to save the day.
Episode 16

The Cortex in the Vortex

The Cortex impersonates Dr. Dimensionpants to give him a bad name.
Episode 17

Evil Dad

Kyle has a crush on Rebecca whose dad is super villain the Glass Skull! Now, Dr. Dimensionpants must battle the Glass Skull, but can he beat the villain and still get the girl?
Episode 18

Are You Ready to Oink?

Kyle attempts to win over Rebecca by hiring a metal band to play for her. Soon, Ganderville looks like a pig sty and Dr. Dimensionpants must clean up the mess.
Episode 19

In Yo’ Face Dance

Kyle believes he has mastered the pants and no longer needs Philip. The pair hold a contest to see who the better hero is.
Episode 20

Cave Crasher

Kyle invites Caveman Jim to live with him after ruining his dimension, but when Jim becomes the coolest kid in school, Kyle’s jealousy gets the best of him.
Episode 21

How to Scam a Roblin

Kyle and Philip run into a pair of grifters who trick them into stealing. When they are jailed, they have to figure out how to trick the tricksters.
Episode 22

Fee, Fine, Foe

Kyle seeks out a special book to win a game show. When Kyle doesn’t return the book, he’s on the receiving end of a crazy Librarian set out to destroy Ganderville.
Episode 23

Air Dimensionpants

The only way Kyle can read Paul’s limited edition Zed Men comic is to have Dr. D fly him to different dimensions to distract him.
Episode 24

Dolly of Doom

Kyles is unable to scare Philip until he learns of his fear of dolls. When Kyle recruits the help of Doll-Zilla, he unleashes the most destructive creature in any dimension.
Episode 25

Viking Games

Philip is kidnapped and brought to the Viking Dimension. When Dr. D attempts to save him, he and Philip must fight to the death in order to escape.
Episode 26

Is There a Doctor in This Dimension?

When Dr. D sets out to prove he’s a ‘real’ doctor, the Yoop dimension recruits him to save their king; if Dr. D can’t help this patient, all of Ganderville is at risk.
Episode 27

Dry Clean Only

When Kyles mom ruins the pants, Philip must return to Unicrone to have them fixed. When the Destructocorn is unleashed to seek vengeance, Dr. D must save his mom.
Episode 28

Princess Perfectpants

Kyle gets Rebecca a real princess crown. Unfortunately the crown turns Rebecca evil and she becomes even bossier than before.
Episode 29

Unicrone Penalty Box

Philip is called on by the Unicrone elders to test his mentoring skills. Of course, Dr. D fails sending Philip to the Unicrone penalty box for hundreds of years.
Episode 30

The Pink Feather

Amanda gains super powers and becomes Ganderville’s number one hero. Will Dr. D and Amanda’s sibling rivalry destroy Ganderville as well as their relationship?
Episode 31

Get Smarter

Kyle would give anything to be as smart as his sister Amanda. The Cortex devises a scheme to trick Kyle into giving him the pants in exchange for super brain power.
Episode 32

Motho's Boy

Motho Jr is a disappointment to his moth monster father. Kyle befriends Jr to help realize his potential, but when Jr starts destroying Ganderville, Dr. D needs to stop his new buddy.
Episode 33

Horn Control

The Cortex hypnotizes Philip and tricks him into giving him the dimensionpants.
Episode 34

Level 7 Birthday Magician

Evil Wizard Murray is entertainment at Paul’s birthday party but Evil Wizard Silas shows up to ruin the fun. Now, the gang must put Paul’s geeky knowledge to the test to escape Silas clutches.
Episode 35

Horsing Around

Philip falls in love with a beautiful horse named Miley but she seems more interested in the dimensionpants than him.
Episode 36

Dr. Conventionpants

Liz is kidnapped by Underwater Man during Hero-Con. Dr. D attempts a daring rescue but is outshined by another new super hero in the making.
Episode 37

Faster, Higher, Lazier

Kyle wants to be an athlete to win Rebecca’s affection but he really isn’t good at anything except being lazy. The Cortex devises a scheme to exploit Kyle’s laziness and steal the dimensionpants.
Episode 38

The Phantom Nuisance

Dr. D befriends a ghost to get revenge on Dutch but when he can’t get rid of his new pal, the evil wizard brothers offer their assistance.
Episode 39

Goody Gobbles

Kyle brings Turkey Day to Ganderville to sneak his way out of a math test but when the holiday menu is revealed, the main dish isn’t turkey, its people.
Episode 40

Los Luchadores Lipton

When Kyle uses the pants to win a wrestling match, he puts himself and his dad in harms way.
Episode 41

Not So Secret Admirer

The Glass Skull enlists the Roblins to keep Kyle away from Rebecca. But when the Roblins double cross Glass Skull, he needs Dr. D to help save his daughter.
Episode 42

Catch and Release

When Philip accidentally eats Underwater Man’s father, Dr. D shrinks down to search for the king, while Amanda fights off vengeful troops from Bubble-opolis.
Episode 43


Kyle accidentally turns Amanda into an evil villain. Now Dr. D is forced to battle his sister with niceness before she destroys Ganderville.
Episode 44

Wrongo Bongo

Kyle is forced to get rid of a dog that ruins the family house. When he discovers the owner is The Cortex, can he trust this isn’t one of his evil plans?
Episode 45

The Brainysitter

Philip’s feeling are hurt when Dr. D gets a new sidekick. When the sidekick turns out to be a villain intent on capturing Dr. D, Philip must save the day.
Episode 46

Sidekickin' It

Kyle’s parents need a babysitter urgently, luckily “Ruthie” shows up to help. “Ruthie” seems great, only problem is, she looks a lot like The Cortex.
Episode 47

Destroy All Chores

Kyle ruins his mother’s birthday so Dr. D and Philip clean up the mess.
Episode 48

Dr. Dimensionskirt

Dr. D feels less ‘manly’ when his pants are replaced with a skirt. When the skirts owner returns to claim it, she shows how to kick butt.
Episode 49

Henchman No.94

Dr. D decides to help a down and out henchman. Unfortunately, Dr. D is too successful; the henchman succeeds all of Gandervilles baddies becoming the ultimate super villain!
Episode 50

The Lesser Evil

Dr. D and Philip find themselves in the reverse dimension where they are evil and all the baddies are good.
Episode 51

Destructocorn Transform!

Kyle hurts Destructocorns feelings when he uses him to impress his pals. Now Dr. D must stop him before he seeks revenge on all of his friends!
Episode 52

Mentors Only

Kyle sneaks into the first annual “Mentors Only” summit forcing Philip to suffer the consequences of the Unicrone Elders council.
Dr. Dimensionpants
TVY • Fantasy, Animation • TV Series (2014)

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