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TVYAnimation • AdventureKidsTV Series2016

Dot. is about an inquisitive and exuberant 8-year-old who embarks on hilarious advent...more

Dot. is about an inquisitive and exuberant 8-year-old who embarks...More

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Episode 1

The Grandparent Trap

When Nana extends her visit, Dot decides to play cupid between her and Mr. Sherman, hoping that match-making will help extend Nana's visit forever.
Episode 2

Ice Cream Remix

Dot struggles to create an ice cream flavor that’s both tasty and new in time to win a contest.
Episode 3

On the Campaign Tail

After the school enacts a ban on dogs, Dot embarks on a campaign to overturn the new rule.
Episode 4

Painting with Dot

Dot is excited to participate in the community art show, but begins to feel bad when a comment she made on the internet is interpreted negatively by a new friend.
Episode 5

Facing the Fanged Fury

The funfair is in town and Dot is finally big enough to ride The Fanged Fury, but can she muster up the courage?
Episode 6

Looth Tooth

Dot’s loose tooth is the only thing keeping her from the Krazy Karaoke Microphone she’s been saving up for, and she’ll do anything to make it fall out.
Episode 7

Dot's Birthday Wish List

Dot can't decide what she wants for her birthday, but discovers that maybe it's not about getting anything at all.
Episode 8

Treasure Lost & Treasure Found

When Dot and her friends find a strange item at the bottom of the lake, they're inspired to figure out what it is and who it belongs to.
Episode 9

Margot La Magnifique

Dot and her french cousin must prepare a surprise for Grandpapa’s birthday, but communicating is hard to do when you can’t speak the other’s language.
Episode 10

Adopt-A-Doggie Show

Dot throws a show to introduce foster dogs to potential new families, but struggles to say goodbye when she becomes attached to one of the dogs.
Episode 12

Adventures In Hamstersitting

When tasked with babysitting her class hamster for the weekend, Dot creates a homemade Hamster Hotel to ensure he has the best weekend ever.
Episode 13

Reward Stars

Dot and her friends are introduced to a new Rangeroo device that’s supposed to make helping the community easier, but is new technology always the best option?
Episode 14

Slime's the Limit

With the basketball league's annual pizza party in jeopardy, Dot and her fellow Mighty Pinecones try to raise funds by selling homemade slime.
Episode 15

Hands-Free Hubbub

Dot surprises Dad with a fancy hands-free assistant device for Father's Day, but things get a bit out of control when a talkative parrot interferes.
Episode 16

Connect the Dot

When Dot finds out that Nev and Dev are leaving for the summer, she sets out to fill a whole summer’s worth of fun into the week before they go.
Episode 17

Light Work

Dot looks for inspiration at home when coming up with a science project for school
Episode 18

Be the Bot

Greg and the Advanced Robotics Club introduce Dot and Hal to a challenging new game called RoboBall.
Episode 19

Traditions on Ice

Dot sets out to host her own community Twinkle Skate after a series of failed traditions threatens to ruin the holiday season.
Episode 20

Say Yes to the Chess

Dot strategizes ways to help Dad finish his work quickly so he can get back to their chess game.
Episode 21

Make Your Own Way

Dot and the gang must find a way to stand out from the crowd if they hope to win the Catnova music video contest.
Episode 22

Squirrels On The Move

After a storm separates a baby squirrel from its mother, Dot vows to see them reunited no matter what.
Episode 23

Dev Day

When Dev comes down with a case of the homesick blues, Dot and the gang try to cheer him up by bringing home to camp.
Episode 24

Stop and Smell the Wild Roses

Dot learns that coding is everywhere as she races to win the camp's scavenger hunt!
Episode 25

The Ghost Pig

The gang shares silly campfire stories, but when Dot’s is a bit too scary she has to prove that it isn’t real….or is it?
Episode 26

Algorithm is a Dancer

When Nev has trouble fixing her coding project, Dot gets creative to help Nev understand how an algorithm works.

About this Show


Dot. is about an inquisitive and exuberant 8-year-old who embarks on hilarious adventures and who fearlessly sets about solving problems...problems she most likely created herself. For a girl as energetic as Dot, there’s no better way to spend the day than outside, exploring the world with her best friends, Hal, Ruby, Nev, Dev, and her best dog, Scratch. Join her as she conquers each new challenge the same way any 8-year-old would - by messing up a lot and laughing even more. This is an animated series targeted at 4-7 year olds that aims to inspire learning and creative exploration while modeling how technology can be used as a tool to enhance real world experiences.

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