1 season available

Doodlebops Rockin' Road Show

TVYAnimation • KidsMusic • FamilyTV Series • 2010

The Doodlebops take their show on the road, performing their songs on tour and meeting new friends along the way!

The Doodlebops take their show on the road, performing their songs on tour and meeting new friends along the way!

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

Splish Splash Fun/Messypotamia

Lucy and Rooney learn to overcome their fear of water. Jamie and Moe turn cleaning up into a fun game.
Episode 2

The Trumpet That Roared/Mouthful of Teeth

The Doodlebops help Alice learn to play the trumpet, and they help Adam learn about good dental health.
Episode 3

Race Day/Night Light

DeeDee and Sophie team up to compete in a three-legged race. Moe and Noah cope with being afraid of the dark.
Episode 4

Where's Moe?/Bus Stop

A kid detective helps find Moe, who is hiding in Hide and Seek Land. Rooney and Daniel team up to fix a remote control car--and the Doodlebops' tour bus!
Episode 5

DeeDee's Doodle/Bus Driver Bob

Zach's drawing comes to life, and the Doodlebops must use imagination to clean up the messes it causes. Also, the gang helps Bus Driver Bob.
Episode 6

Doodleball/Knighty Mighty

Moe and Robbie learn about teamwork while playing soccer. Lily learns the importance of expressing her feelings while playing pretend.
Episode 7

The Pancake Flip Flop/Stand Up Funny

Tracey helps Rooney find a new recipe for his pancake maker. A young comedian learns to overcome his stage fright while on tour with The Doodlebops.
Episode 8

No Newbies/Stamp Champ

The Doodlebops help a girl adjust to the arrival of a new baby in her family. They also meet a boy who loves collecting stamps.
Episode 9

Icky Ewwy/Show and Tell

The Doodlebops help a girl who is afraid to try new foods. Also, they help Bus Driver Bob look for his buried treasure.
Episode 10

Harris Gets Embarassed/Memory Lane

Harris and DeeDee make mistakes and learn to deal with their embarassment. Also, DeeDee learns memory tricks while playing a game show.
Episode 11

Mind Your Manners/Sharsies

The Doodlebops learn the importance of manners and sharing while on tour.
Episode 12

The Go Go Go Kart/Only Halfway

Hannah and The Doodlebops enter a go kart race. Also, they help Jon learn the value of finishing the jobs he starts.
Episode 13

The Wash Up/The Biggest Drums Ever

The Doodlebops lose their new shirts in the mud, and a friend steps in to help. Also, Moe and Ken work together to build a huge drum set!
Episode 14

Don't Forget to Ask/Bop Bop's New Tricks

The Doodlebops are shooting a music video, and their friend Alex learns a lesson about using other people's things without asking first. Also, Jenny tries to teach Bop Bop a new trick.
Episode 15

History Mystery Tour/Doggy Disappear-o

Bus Driver Bob takes The Doodlebops back in time to try to find history's first musical instrument. Also, Amanda is nervous about performing a new magic trick, but she learns that practice makes perfect.
Episode 16

Moe's Missing Mojo/Dancing with the Bops

Moe thinks his drumsticks give him special "mojo" to play the drums--and that theory is tested when the break! Later, The Doodlebops teach Todd to dance.
Episode 17

When I Grow Up/Follow the Leader

The Doodlebops help their friend Owen decide what he wants to be when he grows up. Also, Sara takes on Bus Driver Bob's job, and she learns a lot from her mistakes.
Episode 18

Super Doodles/One Up

The Doodlebops learn that you don't have to be a super hero to help others--even in the magical Superland! Also, Billy and Rooney try to build crazy inventions.
Episode 19

Atlantis Ahoy!/Switcheroo

The Doodlebops and their friend Claire come along with Bus Driver Bob as he meets his cousin for the first time. Later, their friend Dillon helps them make a new poster.
Episode 20

Sing A Tune Town/The Doodle-verse!

Stephanie joins The Doodlebops in Sing a Tune Town, where they teach her how to sing. They also teach their friend Rick to write a poem.
Episode 21

Camp Doodlenet/Mail Snail Central

Moe and Jack are hooked on video games, so they go on a camping trip to enjoy the great outdoors. Later, they learn how hard Mail Snail works to get messages to The Doodlebops.
Episode 22

Rooney's Robot/Hiccupitis

Garrett helps Rooney finish his robot. Later, Rooney has a bad case of the hiccups, and his friend helps him get rid of them.
Episode 23

The Fan who Cried Flying Pink Dinosaur/Follow that Iguana!

Lisa's habit of telling tall tales backfires when she tries to convince her friends that she's telling the truth. Jimmy tries to adopt an iguana as a pet, but he soon discovers that it belongs to an ogre!
Episode 24

The Zoom Boom Brothers/Save the Doodlenet

Zimmy Zim Zam and a boy named Ethan both learn a lesson about treating their friends as equals. Also, DeeDee's keytar gets recycled by accident.
Episode 25

Song Bird/Message Mess-Up

Joshua's pet canary steals the show, which hurts Bop Bop's feelings. Later, The Doodlebops are confused about the location of their next concert.
Episode 26

Band Together/More than Meets the Eye

Moe and Taylor are competing for the lead of their band and school play, but they soon learn that working together is much more fun. Later, Ben learns to give his neighbor a chance to be friends.

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