1 season available

Doña Bárbara

TV14 • Drama, Latino • TV Series • 2008

A telenovela adaptation of the 1929 novel "Dona Barbara" by Venezuelan author Rómulo Gallego.

A telenovela adaptation of the 1929 novel "Dona Barbara" by Venezuelan author Rómulo Gallego.

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1 season available (190 episodes)

1 season available

(190 episodes)

Episode 1

Chapter 1

While traveling in a ship full of drunks, Barbara finds support in Asdrubal. Felix and Jose decide to take action against the Barqueros, who murdered their family. Unbeknownst to them, tragedy is around the corner and it is about to change life.
Episode 2

Chapter 2

Barbara is interested in Santos, although everyone tells her not to trust him. When Santos finds out that Barbara is with Balbino, he promises that there will be consequences and assigns Toño as his right hand, which fascinates her.
Episode 3

Chapter 3

While Santos is fantasizing about Marisela’s cousin Genoveva, the town plans to confront him because, according to the rumors, the future of Altamira is at risk. Barbara finds “Perro de Agua” and decides to teach him a lesson.
Episode 4

Chapter 4

Chaos begins when Santos, Toño, Federica and Barbara establish their power through brutality and corruption. Barbara seeks vengeance of those who hurt her. Lorenzo gets drunk and leaves Marisela in danger.
Episode 5

Chapter 5

After finding Marisela worried about “El Gringo’s” escape, Santos visits the Chief of Civil Authority to establish some ground rules. Barbara, Juan Primito and Lorenzo wish to understand the recent events. Marisela is in danger.
Episode 6

Chapter 6

Santos fights with William and Lorenzo after the recent changes on Marisela’s paternal rights. Barbara gets upset after finding Luisana’s letter for Santos. Eustaquia hides from Barbara that Santos is taking care of Marisela.
Episode 7

Chapter 7

Barbara argues with Santos when he finds out that Marisela is at Altamira; she locks her up in a room. Santos and El Gringo arrive to Hacienda, searching for Marisela.
Episode 8

Chapter 8

Eustaquia and Juan Primito help Marisela escape. “Pajarote” prevents Lorenzo from relapsing with alcohol. Cecilia returns to Altamira, moved by the memories of her childhood. With the help of Eustaquia, Barbara prepares her love ritual.
Episode 9

Chapter 9

Cecilia’s heart is broken once she discovers Lorenzo’s advanced stage of alcoholism. Marisela is taken to Altamira’s jail. Santos decides to divide his territory from Barbara’s. Barbara sees Cecilia at Santos’ and gets jealous.
Episode 10

Chapter 10

Drama and love take over Cecilia’s welcome party. Lorenzo gets unstable once he sees Barbara. Barbara and Santos share a romantic night.
Episode 11

Chapter 11

Leon and Balbino cooperate to convince Barbara that Onza has died in a stampede organized by Santos. Barbara continues with her rituals to get Santos back. Lorenzo warns Santos about the male devourer.
Episode 12

Chapter 12

Marisela and Cecilia pray for Santos not to fall in the hands of Barbara’s manipulations. Juan sees a ghost. Federica tells Antonio that she prefers death over rejection; she tries to commit suicide.
Episode 13

Chapter 13

Barbara fights with Marisela and Lorenzo. Antonio is found on the middle of a love triangle between Cecilia and Federica.
Episode 14

Chapter 14

After being blamed for Apolinar’s death, Barbara un-digs him with Santos’ help. Santos tells Barbara how he feels about her. Cecilia helps Marisela open a new school. Santos confronts Balbino for being a thief.
Episode 15

Chapter 15

Toño tells Marisela that he is in love with Cecilia. Marisela learns to read. Barbara continues seducing Santos, while Balbino tries to get revenge on Santos.
Episode 16

Chapter 16

Barbara takes care of Santos, who has been hurt. Cecilia, Luisana and Marisela are worried about his health. Barbara donates blood to Santos, who wishes her well.
Episode 17

Chapter 17

Luisana, Barbara and Marisela wait for Santos to wake up and choose between them. Toño and Cecilia strengthen their relationship.
Episode 18

Chapter 18

Luisana asks her father for a plane to fly with her lover Boris. Barbara organizes a party, in which Cecilia looks for Antonio and Luisana for Toño.
Episode 19

Chapter 19

Tras el maltrato de Barbara, Eustaquia le dice a Santos que trate a Barbara con cuidado. Con Santos en cama, Barbara toma el cargo de los negocios de Altamira.
Episode 20

Chapter 20

Julian and Santos fly to Miedo while Luisana escapes through the plains, leaving Barbara alone in the mist of discovering the identity of all the men who raped her.
Episode 21

Chapter 21

Marisela, Antonio and Cecilia arrive to San Fernando. Eustaquia warns Barbara about her track and purpose, reminding her that she should not let the anger of knowing that Julian Barreto is her rapists take over her.
Episode 22

Chapter 22

Barbara and Luisana argue about Santos. Confused about Cecilia’s reaction to their kiss, Toño gets drunk and confronts Cecilia.
Episode 23

Chapter 23

Barbara and Luisana continue to fight. Gonzalo confesses his love for Marisela, who says she belongs to Santos. Barbara makes Juan Primito her spy on Altamira for her.
Episode 24

Chapter 24

Santos asks Boris to take Luisana to the capital, but Boris tells him that would be impossible. Barbara begins one of her love enchantments but Santos arrives and apologizes for not believing in her. Orestes wants to know what happened to his father.
Episode 25

Chapter 25

Barbara begins to plans Orestes death, as he wants her land. Marisela asks Lorenzo for his permission to be a contestant in the town’s beauty pageant. Little do they know that this year Luisana and Boris will be the judges.
Episode 26

Chapter 26

Cecilia decides that Marisela should participate in the pageant. When Toño tells Santos that he is in love, Santos mistakenly thinks Toño likes Luisana. The pageant turns into a marriage proposal.
Episode 27

Chapter 27

Lorenzo and Toño fight for Cecilia. Although everyone in Altamira assures that Barbara killed Orestes, Santos defends her. Marisela is surprised when Santos chooses another woman over her.
Episode 28

Chapter 28

Barbara gives Cecilia some money to open a school. She promises to support Cecilia and to send her the kids from Miedo as students. Santos asks for Cecilia’s help in order to calm down Marisela. Marisela and Barbara fight.
Episode 29

Chapter 29

While Lorenzo relapses with alcohol, Santos tries make Marisela relax. Cecilia tells Antonio that their relationship would be impossible to sustain. The magic between Santos and Luisana re-emerges.
Episode 30

Chapter 30

Boris says that he will bring culture and glamour back to Altamira. When Luisana sees Marisela wearing her dress, he mocks her and accuses her of being a thief. When Santos refuses to forgive Barbara, she discharges her anger on Gervacia.
Episode 31

Chapter 31

Eustaquia warns Barbara not to hurt Luisana. Barbara puts a curse on Luisana. Antonio refuses to marry Federica.
Episode 32

Chapter 32

Santos finds Luisana passed out on the floor. Santos finds Antonio leaving Cecilia’s room, but Marisela finds protects him from Santos. Marisela decides to leave for Miedo and undue Barabara’s curse on Luisana.
Episode 33

Chapter 33

Marisela gets locked up in the room where Barbara does her rituals, and finds evidence that connects Barbara to Luisana’s curse. When Julian Barreto arrives to Miedo, Barbara decides it’s time for her revenge.
Episode 34

Chapter 34

After finding Julian Barreto’s finger, Juan Primito discovers that Barbara fed Barreto to one of her alligators. Marisela begs Santos not to marry Luisana.
Episode 35

Chapter 35

Barbara interrupts Santos and Luisana’s wedding. Juan Primito gives Marisela Julian’s ring. During the wedding, Luisana faces health difficulties. Barabara takes advantage of Luisana’s sickness and makes a move on Santos.
Episode 36

Chapter 36

As issues arise between Marisela, Barbara, Luisana, Santos, Josefa, Antonio, Federica and Boris, the wedding turns into a chaos. Eustaquia gets a negative gut feeling. Santos leaves for Altamira, and Gervacia tells her family she is pregnant.
Episode 37

Chapter 37

Barbara asks Eustaquia for tips to get some money and move to San Fernando. Marisela realizes that Luisana has a lot of fever, and takes her to the emergency hospital.
Episode 38

Chapter 38

Santos sends the cops after Barbara. Marisela is terrified to see Boris dressed as a woman. While Santos attempts to re-plan his wedding with Luisana, Barbara escapes from jail and visits him at the hospital.
Episode 39

Chapter 39

Federica decides to help Cecilia with her school. When a nurse runs into Barbara at the hospital, she sends the cops after her. Lorenzo visits Melesio looking for Toño; they chat about Toño’s future marriage to Cecilia.
Episode 40

Chapter 40

Barbara pays a nurse to exchange outfits with her and interrupt Luisana and Santos’ second wedding. Lorenzo, Santos and Marisela are pressured to return to Altamira.
Episode 41

Chapter 41

When Santos and Marisela arrive to Hacienda Altamira, Marisela begs to see her dad. Lorenzo announces he will be leaving son. Santos finds out that the ring Juan Primito gave to Marisela used to belong to Julian Barreto; he confronts Barbara.
Episode 42

Chapter 42

Balbino, Gervacia and Santos organize against Barbara. Josefa tells Federica she should continue with her treatment in order to get pregnant with Carmelito; Federica is satisfied.
Episode 43

Chapter 43

Barbara sets out to convince Gervacia to stay at el Miedo by marrying her to Leon. Santos gets upset when he finds out about Toño and Cecilia. Marisela decides to re-try her relationship with Santos.
Episode 44

Chapter 44

While Toño argues with Cecilia and Marisela about Santos, Barbara plans her vengeance against Juan Primito.
Episode 45

Chapter 45

Marisela, Santos, Cecilia, Antonio and Gervacia re-start their respective love affairs. Barbara finally decides to attempt to break up with Santos. They plan Federica’s treatment.
Episode 46

Chapter 46

Pernalete begins to find out about the changes in town. Federica receives news about Maria Nieves and her own pregnancy.
Episode 47

Chapter 47

Doctor Arias is angry because Pernalete brings in Florencio Quitadolores for his re-election campaign. Chepo tells Florencio he believes Barbara has died, but Florencio finds her.
Episode 48

Chapter 48

Barbara uses her seduction powers to make Florencio and the rest of the men spend the night at El Miedo, purposefully infuriating Santos.
Episode 49

Chapter 49

While Pernalete takes Antonio under arrest, the townsfolk begin to understand Federica’s state. Encarnacion agrees to buy five hundred livestocks from Santos.
Episode 50

Chapter 50

Santos and Barbara fight out of jealousy. Pernalete shows Cecilia her pregnancy test, which she wants Antonio to pay for. Barbara has engagement news.
Episode 51

Chapter 51

Although Marisela does not know how to drive, she takes the truck out on her own. Barbara has nightmares about her rape, seeks for help and begins to doubt her choices.
Episode 52

Chapter 52

Pernalete makes Federica swear on her dead mother that it was Antonio who made a move on her. Eustaquia discovers Balbino and Florencio arguing about the Hacienda. Casilda finds out about Federica’s secret.
Episode 53

Chapter 53

Josefa accuses Marisela of sleeping with all the men in town. Barbara asks Pernalete to help her turn in Antonio.
Episode 54

Chapter 54

Santos defends Antonio, interrupting Barbara’s plans with Pernalete and Mojiquita. Barbara decides to become friends with Marisela, fueled by some secondary intentions. Melesio worries about Antonio.
Episode 55

Chapter 55

Haunted by memories of her mother, Marisela is stuck at El Miedo while Santos looks for her. He visits Antonio at jail and, with Cecilia, he decides to look for clues of the murder in order to set Antonio free.
Episode 56

Chapter 56

Lorenzo arrives to Miedo looking for Marisela. He realizes that she left in tears. Federica visits Antonio at jail. Barbara tells her men to find Marisela.
Episode 57

Chapter 57

Lorenzo takes Marisela to Hacienda. Josefa visits Antonio at jail and tries to convince him to marry Federica. When Cecilia visits Antonio at jail, Federica arrives and argues with her.
Episode 58

Chapter 58

Barbara asks Marisela if she’s in love with Santos and declares war on her. The journalists show Santos pictures of Barbara with Florencio.
Episode 59

Chapter 59

Barbara cannot make love to Florencio because she’s thinking about Santos. Matilde Cabezas’ case is expedited, and as a result the court announces that Antonio has been accused of raping Matilde and leaving her behind with a daughter.
Episode 60

Chapter 60

Barbara begins to plan her vengeance against el Chepo. Antonio gets jealous of Lorenzo and Cecilia. Barbara’s men find out that Balbino is holding Gervacia hostage.
Episode 61

Chapter 61

Barbara refuses to let Florencio go until after the wedding. Gervacia is rescued by Barbara’s men. Arcadio and Celerino find Chepo, who promises to make Barbara pay him back.
Episode 62

Chapter 62

Barbara is ready for church, but she waits for Santos to rescue her. Antonio holds Santos back, as he insults Pernalete. Antonio and Santos are taken to jail. Celerino captures Barbara and locks her up with Chepo and Arcadio.
Episode 63

Chapter 63

Florencio tells Balbino that if he lets her escape they will Split their earnings. While Barbara’s men look for her, el Chepo tortures her. Santos finds Barbara.
Episode 64

Chapter 64

Santos tells Pernalete to catch those who hurt Barbara. Santos asks Marisela to donate her blood to Barbara, in order to save her life. Mojiquita tells Pernalete that the stolen vehicle belongs to El Chepo, who must be in town.
Episode 65

Chapter 65

Barbara warns Marisela; she tells her that although Marisela saved her life, the war for Santos is still on.
Episode 66

Chapter 66

Lorenzo bashes on Santos for agreeing to have a relationship with Barbara. Santos decides to leave Hacienda, he won’t allow Lorenzo and Marisela to leave Altamira. Mujica tells Antonio that he has to tell his secret to Federica.
Episode 67

Chapter 67

Barbara tells Santos that when Marisela turns 18, Barbara will leave Hacienda to her. Mojiquita tells Toño everything, from his drunken debauchery to Federica’s pregnancy confession. Toño tells him that it was all a trick.
Episode 68

Chapter 68

Cecilia asks Doctor Arias not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Balbino tells Danger that he will get his vengeance from Carmelito and Santos. Santos gets home from the city to thieves inside his house.
Episode 69

Chapter 69

Melendez teaches the cops how to get rid of the rebels. Cecilia tells Marisela she is pregnant. Luisana finds Barbara at the hospital.
Episode 70

Chapter 59

At the hospital, Luisana tells Barbara she will curse her back. Melendez beats Santos up to get him to release Chepo. Barbara tells Santos that she is done with her revenge plots and that having a son would make her change.
Episode 71

Chapter 71

Santos is worried about putting Gonzalo at risk. Although Cecilia is not as convinced, she marries Lorenzo. The wedding is interrupted by Antonio. Luisana teases Barbara until they begin to fight.
Episode 72

Chapter 72

Antonio bashes on Cecilia for getting married. Cecilia tells Barbara she wishes Santos learned something from her. Barbara tells Eustaquia she’s stopped believing in the gods, and she challenges them to defeat her.
Episode 73

Chapter 73

As the rebels die, Juan Primito’s fear increases. Santos refuses to date Luisana, and tells her that is it not right for him to damage the trust of those who trust him such as her husband and Barbara.
Episode 74

Chapter 74

Antonio tells Santos he’s fallen for Barbara. Barbara tells Antonio that Cecilia has fallen for him, and she’s expecting his son. Barbara’s men confess to Antonio that they all had sex with Federica.
Episode 75

Chapter 75

Santos golpea a Antonio y se entera de que Cecilia está embarazada. Santos echa a Antonio de Altamira. Antonio le dice a Federica que se casará con ella y que maldecirá cada día a su lado. Marisela le reclama a Santos por haber sacado a Antonio.
Episode 76

Chapter 76

Barbara gets worried because Santos seems to be replacing her with Marisela. Santos asks Melesio to stay with him; he shows him the papers where he gives him the lands in which they live in.
Episode 77

Chapter 77

Carmelita hits Leon in order to defend Gervacia. Leon threatens to run away with the future newborn child. Santos begins to envy Gonzalo.
Episode 78

Chapter 78

Barbara finds out that the authorities are searching for Gonzalo. Santos does not want Barbara to attend Gervacia’s wedding ceremony. Everyone is in awe when Antonio shows up to the wedding with Federica.
Episode 79

Chapter 79

Melesio tells Carmelito and Gervacia that as long as they do not disrespect each other he will give them some land. Barbara tells Eustaquia that she is worried about having to give El Miedo back to Marisela.
Episode 80

Chapter 80

Gonzalo wishes to marry Marisela; but she refuses. Marisela plans to take a plunge in the wishing well to make Santos fall for her. When Pernalete arrives to Altamira to look at Hacienda, Lorenzo and Cecilia keep him busy.
Episode 81

Chapter 81

Antonio warns Santos that that Pernalete is in Altamira and the government is watching him. Marisela tells Santos that he loves her. Antonio promises Federica an advance for their honeymoon and gets the combination to Pernalete’s security box.
Episode 82

Chapter 82

Gonzalo asks Santos if he loves Marisela, to which he replies that he loves her like a sister. Barbara orders Melquiades to do whatever he can so that Gonzalo stays and seduces Marisela.
Episode 83

Chapter 83

Santos leaves, to hide how jealous he is of Gonzalo. Encarnacion tells Antonio that the lands they will see each other in court to sort out who owns the lands. Gonzalo and his friends prepare to cross the frontier until Melquiades shoots someone.
Episode 84

Chapter 84

Gonzalo’s injury worries Marisela. Andres becomes delirious, feeling like he is constantly under surveillance. Antonio realizes that he was tricked by Pernalete. Cecilia rejoices once she finds out that Antonio will no longer marry Federica.
Episode 85

Chapter 85

Marisela tells Santos that he will try to fall for Gonzalo. Antonio arrives to hacienda and don Encarnación introduces him to his daughter Lucia.
Episode 86

Chapter 86

Barbara arrives to Altamira in a high-handed attitude; Marisela and Lorenzo try to stop her. Marisela decides she will leave Altamira and take Lorenzo with her. Cecilia joins the departure mission.
Episode 87

Chapter 87

Melendez is terrified by Marisela’s resemblance to Barbara. Cecilia reads Santos’ telegram, informing her that he kicked out Barbara from Altamira to make them return. Melendez sends flowers to Marisela, but she rejects these. He seeks vengeance.
Episode 88

Chapter 88

Barbara receives terrible news from the hospital. Cecilia’s jealousy increases as she sees Lucia and Antonio interact. Pajarote kisses Genoveva, Maria Nieves kisses Altagracia, and Barbara dreams about Melendez. Revenge is near.
Episode 89

Chapter 89

Marisela demands Santos to stop playing with her feelings. Barbara writes a letter to protect herself from Melendez.
Episode 90

Chapter 90

Barbara and Melendez hide their past relationship from Santos. Melendez demands a search through Barbara’s files. Antonio hides Lucia away once she tells him he loves her.
Episode 91

Chapter 91

Melendez tells Barbara he has witnesses that can testify that she and el Chepo killed El Indio. Melendez discovers Barbara’s soft spot: Marisela.
Episode 92

Chapter 92

Melendez’s revenge begins: he frees the Barbara’s animals and tells Barbara he likes Marisela. Barbara orders Marisela to go back to Altamira with Melquiades. Maria Nieves asks Cecilia to teach him how to read and write.
Episode 93

Chapter 93

Cecilia realizes that Barbara is afraid of losing Santos to Marisela. Barbara threatens to publish some secrets about Melendez if he does not free Santos and Marisela.
Episode 94

Chapter 94

Barbara confronts Melendez’s soldiers to distract him. Santos finds Barbara’s been beaten up and he decides to kill Melendez. Lucia asks Marisela what really happened between Antonio and Cecilia.
Episode 95

Chapter 95

Cecilia overhears as Lucia confesses her feelings for Antonio to Marisela. Barbara is about to read some hidden documents written in English when Danger stops her and holds her at gunpoint.
Episode 96

Chapter 96

Balbino confesses to Barbara that he killed Danger because he loves her. Guerrero tells Melendez that he won’t obey his orders of bringing Marisela. Melendez locks him up.
Episode 97

Chapter 97

Melendez tells Marisela that he will rape her once she is done with Barbara and Santos. The soldiers force Antonio to leave. Melquiades tells Santos that Melendez is holding Barbara hostage. Santos decides to stay.
Episode 98

Chapter 98

Melquiades promises Santos that he will rescue Marisela and Barbara. Barbara stops Melendez from raping Marisela by confessing to him that he is Marisela’s father.
Episode 99

Chapter 99

Santos, Guerrero and the other men search for the girls. Melendez begs Barbara for his life, but she brings up El Sapo. Gonzalo vows to wait for Marisela and marry her.
Episode 100

Chapter 100

Barbara wants to stay with her daughter but Gonzalo decides to take her away. Guerrero locks up Santos because he said he would kill Melendez. Marisela pleads from them to free Santos, declaring herself guilty of the murder.
Episode 101

Chapter 101

When a car is found with two dead bodies, including Melendez’s, Marisela and Santos are freed. Barbara prepares a special dinner for his military.
Episode 102

Chapter 102

Barbara unites with Gonzalo to convince Marisela of leaving for El Progreso; they hope to protect their relationships by keeping Marisela and Santos away from each other.
Episode 103

Chapter 103

Barbara realizes that Marisela will not escape from Gonzalo, he threatens to push her away. Barbara finds out that Santos has betrayed her, beginning to redact the contract which seeds his lands- including El Miedo- to Marisela.
Episode 104

Chapter 104

Barbara and Santos argue ardently. Cecilia and Antonio have an affair. When Antonio finds out that Cecilia will not stay with him, he decides to leave town.
Episode 105

Chapter 105

Santos and Barbara make up and he promises to marry her if he will give her a son. Barbara hands Marisela the document where Santos gives her El Miedo.
Episode 106

Chapter 106

Marisela tells Santos she wants nothing if it comes from Barbara. Federica and Josefa’s presence disturbs the party. Marisela reveals to Santos that she’s been dating Gonzalo.
Episode 107

Chapter 107

Santos cannot stand Marisela’s news. Barbara orders her men to disrupt the party. Cecilia and Barbara receive signals of Lorenzo’s death.
Episode 108

Chapter 108

Cecilia is angst because she does not know how to tell Marisela that Lorenzo is dead. Antonio believes he lost Cecilia when he finds out how much she loved Lorenzo. Now that Lorenzo is gone, Marisela says it is time for her to leave.
Episode 109

Chapter 109

Santos begs Marisela to stay. Barbara rejoices; now that Marisela will be gone she can finally live at peace with Lorenzo. Marisela says her goodbyes around town.
Episode 110

Chapter 110

After Marisela’s departure, Santos falls into depression. A telegram informs him that Antonio and Maria Nieves have been taken to jail in the capital. Cecilia discovers she has health problems.
Episode 111

Chapter 111

Barbara moves to Altamira, still wishing to have a kid. Most women in town get pregnant and have beautiful babies including Gervacia, Cecilia and Federica.
Episode 112

Chapter 112

Santos inquires on Marisela’s location to Gonzalo, but apparently he really does not know where she is. Cecilia refuses to break and tells Santos Marisela wants nothing to do with him.
Episode 113

Chapter 113

Maurice tells Barbara that Marisela is living in New York. Santos discovers that he believes Barbara did something to Danger, and that Balbino lives with Danger. Lucia tells Antonio that he has a surprise for when he gets out of jail.
Episode 114

Chapter 114

Santos gets mad because Barbara hid from him that there was petroleum in their land. Cecilia confirms that Barbara stole Santos’ letters. Antonio is freed. Cecilia reads Lorenzo’s will, and decides to send it to Marisela.
Episode 115

Chapter 115

Marisela runs away from Santos, who follows her along with Maria Nieves. Antonio confesses to Lucia that he is still in love with Cecilia. Eustaquia tells Barbara to tell Santos the truth if she doesn’t want to lose him.
Episode 116

Chapter 116

Barbara is angry because she feels that Santos is with Marisela. Antonio and Cecilia argue because claims Cecilia did not visit him at jail, but she claims that when she did he was busy with Lucia. Santos confesses to Barbara that he saw Marisela.
Episode 117

Chapter 117

Antonio tells Santos that he will marry Lucia. Santos confesses Cecilia that he loves Marisela, but he stays with Barbara out of compassion. Santos tells Barbara that Danger wrote an article about her.
Episode 118

Chapter 118

As Santos reads about Barbara on the town’s newspaper, he discovers that she killed Apolinar Prieto. Borrego offers to buy La Hacienda from Encarnacion. Santos breaks up with Barbara and bans her from Altamira.
Episode 119

Chapter 119

Borrego tells Federica and Josefa that his boss will buy all lands in the area. Barbara orders Mondragon to poison the water at Chaparral. Cecilia almost faints when Antonio introduces Lucia as his wife.
Episode 120

Chapter 120

Barbara finds out that about Marisela’s return and goes to Altamira to complain to Santos for kicking her out of Hacienda. Marisela leaves from El Miedo and tells Barabara he’s returned to Barquereña.
Episode 121

Chapter 121

Marisela tells Barbara that she came to enforce the assignment document. Andres gives Mojiquita the demand for the cession of the hacienda. Borrego is interested.
Episode 122

Chapter 122

Barbara accuses Santos of wanting to stay with both houses. El Sapo wants to meet Marisela. Encarnacion realizes that his cows have been poisoned. Encarnacion and Antonio find out that Juan Primito was sent to buy poison and arrest him.
Episode 123

Chapter 123

Melquiades poisons El Miedo’s livestock. Marisela tells Santos that they cannot be together because he was once with her mother. Melquiades informs to Barbara that Santos left with Sandoval and some musicians to serenate someone.
Episode 124

Chapter 124

Marisela does not want to enjoy the Antonio’s music. Barbara receives an anonymous tip informing her that Santos and Marisela are allying against her.
Episode 125

Chapter 125

Barbara destroys the fence between her property and Santos’. Santos promises to make her pay back. Carmelita what was used to poison the livestock.
Episode 126

Chapter 126

Trials against Barbara continue, but she’s in the hand of a very cunning lawyer. When Marisela wants confess, Barbara bursts in, accusing her of murdering Melendez.
Episode 127

Chapter 127

As the trial continues, it gets tougher for Barbara. When Santos realizes that this is getting out of his hands, he leaves to search for El Sapo, who tells him that everything is still in line with his plan.
Episode 128

Chapter 128

Barbara accuses Santos of treason. The judge finds her guilty and incarcerates her. While at jail, she begs to see Santos. Santos tells Marisela about the petroleum in their land. Cecilia wants to catch up with Antonio.
Episode 129

Chapter 129

Barbara attempts to kill Santos. Marisela tells Barbara that she will give her back El Miedo as long as she does not harm Santos. Barbara and Marisela find out that Santos has ordered a dis-allotment.
Episode 130

Chapter 130

Marisela asks Andres to write a document where he returns La Hacienda to Barbara. Balbino identifies Santos and sends a guy to talk to him. A Marisela is about to sign the contracts when he hears a bullet.
Episode 131

Chapter 131

Santos, once again, was a victim of an attempted murder. Everyone blames Barbara for it, but she pleads innocent.
Episode 132

Chapter 132

El Sapo kills Balbino. Once again, Barbara and Melquiades are accused of murder. Marisela decides to leave town, as she still thinks Santos is in love with her mother.
Episode 133

Chapter 133

Pajarote and Maria Nieves decide to visit Federica and Josefa. Barbara prays for Santos to come rescue her, but she is visited by el Sapo instead.
Episode 134

Chapter 134

El Sapo threatens Barbara. Meanwhile, Santos reconciliates with Marisela. Genoveva gets furious when she sees Maria Nieves ask Melesio to let Altagracia be his girlfriend.
Episode 135

Chapter 135

In order to save Barbara, Melquiades pleads guilty of murdering Balbino and shooting Santos. El Sapo is worried about Santos Luzardo’s presence in all of his matters.
Episode 136

Chapter 136

Santos reads that Barbara killed four men and Barbara confesses that these where her rapists.Pernalete and Mojica ask for Barbara’s forgiveness, which she pretends to give them. Barbara asks Eustaquia to keep her company.
Episode 137

Chapter 137

Santos tells Marisela that she can only save herself with her love. Marisela’s horse gets hurt. Santos wants to spend the night with Marisela. Eustaquia forgives Barbara and stays with her.
Episode 138

Chapter 138

Barbara cannot take it anymore; she accuses Santos and Marisela of treason. Santos tells Antonio that he is willing to sell Altamira to leave with Marisela. Pajarote asks Genoveva out.
Episode 139

Chapter 139

Santos wants help to take Arias to Barbara. Antonio gets jealous of seeing Arias with Toñito. Barbara gets sick and stops eating. Celeste is interested in Pajarote.
Episode 140

Chapter 140

Barbara cannot believe she might be pregnant. Gonzalo tells Marisela that he is still waiting for her. Cecilia overhears Barbara cry at church and thank the virgin for permitting her to be a mother.
Episode 141

Chapter 141

Barbara cries out of happiness, she will finally have Santos’ child. Marisela thinks the pregnancy is another one of Barbara’s tricks. Gonzalo visits to congratulate Barbara.
Episode 142

Chapter 142

Once again, Gonzalo and Barbara attempt to separate Marisela and Santos. Lucia is jealous of Cecilia, but Antonio tells her there is nothing to worry about. Gonzalo asks Antonio to become his right hand.
Episode 143

Chapter 143

Barbara tells Marisela that she will buy El Miedo from her. Antonio and Cecilia give up on their love, and Antonio decides to leave to San Fernando. Marisela sells El Miedo and Gonzalo asks her to leave him him to San Fernando.
Episode 144

Chapter 144

Antonio tells Cecilia that he will come back once a week to see his son. Gonzalo orders Santos’ incarceration. Andres, Cosme and Santos are angered to learn that Antonio is Gonzalo’s new secretary.
Episode 145

Chapter 145

Santos tells Antonio that Gonzalo is a traitor and he wants to take Marisela away. Marisela celebrates the government with Antonio and Lucia. That night, Marisela is paid a visit by a hooded man.
Episode 146

Chapter 146

Marisela finds Santos’ surprise visit quite romantic. Leoncia shows up, claiming to have the right to see her grandson.
Episode 147

Chapter 147

During the baptism, the Mondragon family shows up unexpectedly. Santos accuses Barbara of bringing a crew to ruin their party. When Marisela sees how Santos and Barbara treat each other, she decides to run away and look for Gonzalo.
Episode 148

Chapter 148

Andres premieres his new journal and Cecilia opens the towns’ first library.
Episode 149

Chapter 149

Barbara complaints about the flowers Santos sent to Marisela. El Sapo leaves a check for Gonzalo
Episode 150

Chapter 150

Santos follows Marisela and finds her kissing Gonzalo. Santos becomes unintelligible and beats up Gonzalo. Genoveva flirts with a photographer to make Pajarote jealous. He decides to do the same.
Episode 151

Chapter 151

Santos tells Barbara that he is only visiting to bring a present to his son. Pajarote is devastated by Genoveva’s departure. Santos brings a newspaper to Barbara and asks her if the man features is El Sapo.
Episode 152

Chapter 152

Barbara tells Santos that he does not know Fidel Castell. Marisela tells Genoveva that it is time for a pregnancy test. Melquiades looks for El Sapo to kill him, but Santos arrives and surprises Melquiades with Fidel.
Episode 153

Chapter 153

Marisela tells Barbara that he does not believe he wants to protect her. Pajarote asks Celeste to leave him alone. Santos shows Antonio a picture of El Sapo and asks to watch out for him and warn him about Gonzalo.
Episode 154

Chapter 154

El Sapo believes that Barbara is weak due to her pregnancy. Gonzalo asks Marisela to be his wife. Pajarote sees Genoveva with Nestor. Santos is furious about Marisela and asks her how she could accept Gonzalo.
Episode 155

Chapter 155

Gonzalo finally understands how dangerous Fidel Castell is. El Sapo orders his men to take care of Barbara and take her to el Miedo. While searching for Marisela and Genoveva, Gonzalo finds blood in the group. El Sapo and his men begin to burn El Miedo.
Episode 156

Chapter 156

Barbara hides Eustaquia and his weapons to defend himself. Santos, the captain, Antonio and Pajarote arrive and begin a shootout. Santos tries to help Barbara. Barbara asks Juan Primito for help to flee away from Altamira.
Episode 157

Chapter 157

Barbara does not want Dr. Arias to see her, because she does not want anyone to find out her son is in danger. Celeste reveals to Genoveva that she was with Pajarote. Andres tells Antonio that Gonzalo has changed for the worst.
Episode 158

Chapter 158

Marisela can’t to see Santos touch Barbara’s pregnancy belly. Gonzalo tells El Sapo that Santos is coming after him, and that it’s getting harder to get rid of Santos. Barbara gathers Santos, Marisela, Antonio and Genoveva for a family toast.
Episode 159

Chapter 159

Eustaquia asks Barbara to try to comprehend that she’s lost the pregnancy. Barbara is still in shock and denial. Gonzalo brings Santos a newspaper article where Santos is accused of corrupt schemes.
Episode 160

Chapter 160

Eustaquia tells Marisela that Barbara lost her pregnancy. Genoveva catches Pajarote with Celeste.
Episode 161

Chapter 161

Marisela tells Santos about Barbara’s current mental state. Gonzalo finds the documents on Barbara, El Sapo and her rapists.
Episode 162

Chapter 162

Barbara is still nervous about coming face to face with El Sapo. Lucia is taken to surgery. Antonio must decide if he’d save Lucia or his daughter in case of any complications during the surgery.
Episode 163

Chapter 163

Lucia’s funeral is very moving. Everyone is present except for Cecilia, who had promised Lucia to stay with the baby. Barbara comes back to her senses and promises to continue seeking revenge.
Episode 164

Chapter 164

When Santos tells Barbara to leave his home, Marisela defends her. Barbara calls Gonzalo to El Miedo and threatens him at gunpoint for betraying her and handing her to El Sapo.
Episode 165

Chapter 165

Barbara convinces Gonzalo to take Marisela away from Altamira urgently. Santos finds Marisela close to the sea; their passion rekindles.
Episode 166

Chapter 166

Barbara finally arrives to the beach, but there is nothing left for her to do. Barbara talks with his daughter, and threatens to commit suicide if Santos does not love her back.
Episode 167

Chapter 167

Gonzalo warns Santos about Marisela. Barbara tells Gonzalo that if Santos and Marisela do not decide to go through with their goodbyes, Melquiades will do it for them. Marisela asks Santos to forget about her.
Episode 168

Chapter 168

Santos asks the nurse to bring a rope and help him hold Barbara. Arias tells Santos that Barbara is no longer pregnant. Marisela tells Antonio and Cecilia that she is leaving to Altamira.
Episode 169

Chapter 169

Santos tells Marisela that Barbara said she was her allied, and he banned her from Altamira. Facundo tells El Sapo that Barbara promises to take him through hell before killing him. Marisela discovers that Fidel is Barbara’s fifth rapist.
Episode 170

Chapter 170

Marisela tells Genoveva that Fidel Castell is around and everyone is in danger. Antonio informs Gonzalo about the fire at Fidel’s. Santos fights with Gonzalo. Santos asks Marisela to leave with him but she refuses.
Episode 171

Chapter 171

Marisela continues to refuse to return to Altamira with Santos. Barbara orders Melquiades to track down El Sapo’s every move.
Episode 172

Chapter 172

Barbara finds out that Gonzalo and Marisela have agreed to get married in a week. Marisela admits that she knows Gonzalo has been working with El Sapo, and that she is only getting married to protect Barbara and Santos.
Episode 173

Chapter 173

Pajarote tells Nestor that Genoveva and her future child are his. El Sapo warns Gonzalo that he has their money. Barbara kills the spy that was sent to El Miedo, and begins to call her Gods.
Episode 174

Chapter 174

Santos believes that Marisela is marrying Gonzalo to punish him. Santos tells Antonio that Gonzalo is dealing drugs with El Sapo. Two agents visit Antonio. El Sapo kidnaps Juan Primito.
Episode 175

Chapter 175

Santos believes that Barbara is manipulating Marisela. Gonzalo pressures the judge to keep Antonio in jail. Juan Primito escapes.
Episode 176

Chapter 176

Santos attempts to bring Carmelito back to live. Barbara is furious about what was done to Juan Primito. Cecilia tells Antonio that Marisela has taken care of his expenses. Altagracia realizes that Maria Nieves is still unconscious.
Episode 177

Chapter 177

Santos begs to get justice for Carmelito’s death. Marisela tells Genoveva that Barbara wants to publish the photos to diffuse these to El Sapo. Gonzalo finds Marisela with the pictures in her hands.
Episode 178

Chapter 178

Gonzalo realizes that Marisela went to take her picture away. They argue and he hits her and locks her up. El Sapo tells Gonzalo to kill Marisela.
Episode 179

Chapter 179

Santos rescues Marisela from the government. Cecilia, Genoveva and Marisela are worried that Gonzalo might kill them. Santos says he will take care of them. Gonzalo takes Barbara and threatens to shoot if she does not let him go.
Episode 180

Chapter 180

Gonzalo goes to jail. Inspector Mortens thinks that Fidel was trying to run away in the plane that exploted.
Episode 181

Chapter 181

Facundo celebrates when he reads a newspaper article that says El Sapo died in a plane accident. Maria Nieves tells Gervacia Carmelito’s final words were for her.
Episode 182

Chapter 182

Santos and Leon have a shootout. Santos is angst by the memories that haunt him. Antonio receives a telegram from the capital confirming that the bodies in the plane did not belong to El Sapo and Fidel.
Episode 183

Chapter 183

After Antonio receives the telegram, Barbara suspects that El Sapo is at Pernalete and Eustaquia is in danger.
Episode 184

Chapter 184

Eustaquia wants to say goodbye to Marisela. The inspector talks to Antonio and makes connections between Danger, Barbara and the newspaper.
Episode 185

Chapter 185

Barbara tells Santos to think about who the real Barbara Guaymaran is. The inspector wants to talk to Barbara, but Antonio tells him that the current priority is finding Fidel.
Episode 186

Chapter 186

Barbara tells Melquiades that she wants everyone to go away and leave her alone. Barbara and Melquiades see el Sapo in the ruins by the church. Tigre tries to rape Marisela but escapes.
Episode 187

Chapter 187

El Sapo kidnaps Barbara and Santos and takes them to the cemetary. Santos tells Barbara this is her last chance to escape, but Barbara refuses to leave consumed by her desire for revenge. .
Episode 188

Chapter 188

Barbara escapes the crime scene. Santos refuses to talk about the topic.
Episode 189

Chapter 189

Barbara points towards Santos and Marisela, but Marisela asks Santos to help her escape. Santos gets to El Miedo and hands Barbara a suitcase full of cash. Barbara attempts to commit suicide but Marisela saves her.
Episode 190

Chapter 190

Barbara and Marisela share a mother and daughter moment, where they finally talk about the things they have never discussed. Marisela and Santos finally get married. They give Asdrubal’s earrings to Barbara.

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