2 seasons available

Divorce Court

TV14RealityLegal • TV Series • 1999

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler,...more

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided...More

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2 seasons available (86 episodes)

2 seasons available

(86 episodes)

Season21 22
Episode 56

Janai Marsh vs. Mark Thompson

Mark confessed to cheating on Janai twice, leaving Janai devastated. She found out both women Mark had an affair with are now pregnant and is questioning whether to stay in the relationship or leave.
Episode 57

Gerald Greaves vs. Tempestt Durham

Gerald says Tempestt is immature and her childish behavior is ruining their relationship. He says when upset, she resorts to throwing food at him during an argument, including recently squirting an entire bottle of mustard on him.
Episode 58

Jordan Nollie vs. Taquan Long

Jordan thought she found the man of her dreams until she uncovered evidence of Taquan living a double life. Jordan says Taquan never told her he had 2 children during their 2-year relationship.
Episode 59

Isaiah Ward vs. Sarah Morgan

Sara suspects her man, Isiah is mounting more than TV’s when he’s at work. Isaiah says its strictly business and that he’s ready to end it all if Sara doesn’t stop accusing him of cheating!
Episode 60

Kayla Hodges vs. Simeon Alexander

After two years of being separated, Kayla and Simeon come face to face to see if Judge Faith can help salvage their broken marriage.Kayla Hodges vs. Simeon Alexander
Episode 61

Grady Vera vs. Kaysie Vera

after three years of marriage, Grady says he’s ready to call it quits and move on with his life. He says he’s had enough of his wife's hostile behavior and suspects she may be lying about being pregnant in order to keep him from filing for divorce.
Episode 62

Tabatha Raudabaugh vs. Thomas Raudabaugh

They’re back in Divorce Court because Tabatha says Thomas is back to his old, gambling ways. He says he’s sick and tired of Tabatha finding excuses to end their relationship and claims his gambling isn’t a problem because he uses his own money.
Episode 63

Veronica Dillard vs. Denisa Clark

Veronica suspects Denisa is nothing but a liar, user, and cheater. She says she had enough of Denisa’s lies, from claiming to being a doctor to lying about her financial status.
Episode 64

Khalela Dixon vs. Christopher Greer, Part 1

Khalela first became suspicious after she received an anonymous call from a woman claiming she was in a relationship with her fiancé. Her fiancé, Chris denies it all and says he’s tired of being constantly accused.
Episode 65

Khalela Dixon vs. Christopher Greer, Part 2

On part 2 of Dixon vs. Greer, Khalela discovers just who the mystery woman is and what her fiancé has been up to while working over the road.
Episode 66

Jessica McDaniel vs. John McPhillips

Jessica says her boyfriend, John, is insecure about her webcam modeling career. She says he believes she doing more than entertaining and wants her to stop immediately and get a real job.
Episode 67

Lashika Drinkard vs. Demario Scott

Lashika says Demario cheated in the beginning of their relationship causing her to never fully trust in him since the incident. Demario feels Lashika is only with him to further her career and now questions her loyalty.
Episode 68

Adrian Cueva vs. Zachary Da Silva

Adrian says his boyfriend Zach’s family is too involved in their relationship and even claims that his cousin tried to set him up with a friend. Zachary is sick of the constant interrogation and accusations of cheating.
Episode 69

Wakisha Thomas vs. Kelvin Thomas

Wakisha believes her husband has fallen out of love and given up on their marriage. She believes he is entertaining other women. Her husband, Kelvin argues he’s not cheating and the accusations are beginning to be too much to handle.
Episode 70

Angel Sticka vs. Carlo Earl

Angel says her husband’s lazy and unromantic ways have led their marriage astray. Carlos says his wife is always complaining about something while he’s at hope with the kids being #SuperDad.
Episode 71

Rachel Hanzlovic vs. Alton Hanzlovic

Rachel says her husband’s reckless behavior and poor financial habits has caused serious damage to their marriage. Alton says his wife’s controlling behavior has led to a power struggle and indicates his wife may have an excessive drinking problem.
Episode 72

Robyn Barron vs. Terrace Felton

Robyn says she caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman and doesn’t know if she can trust him moving forward. Terrace says he is trying to make up for his past mistakes, but Robyn won’t give him a chance.
Episode 73

Dominique Trenae vs. Joseph Dittus

Nyfesha says she’s ready to end her marriage of 5 years due to her husbands lack of ambition and financial problems. Michael says if Nyfesha would encourage him more, he could succeed.
Episode 74

Teresa Williams vs. Garrett Patterson

Teresa turned down Garrets proposal because the ring was too small. Garrett says Teresa’s constant accusations and high maintenance lifestyle that has him one foot out the door.
Episode 75

Robert Reed vs. Theresa Moore

Robert believed his problems with Theresa would be fixed if he proposed, but sadly, he says her manipulative and insecure behavior have only gotten worse.
Episode 76

Amelia Taylor vs. Alan Whitaker

Amelia says Alan’s new “act” as a rapper has taken a toll on their relationship and believes he’s being unfaithful with “groupies.” Alan feels he can pursue his dreams and still be a good role model to his son.

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