5 seasons available

Divorce Court

TV14 • Legal, Reality • TV Series • 1999

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

Television’s longest-running court show “Divorce Court,” presided over by Lynn Toler, allows viewers to experience the drama firsthand as couples squa...more

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5 seasons available (151 episodes)

5 seasons available

(151 episodes)

Episode 50

Hamiel vs Hamiel

Kodijah and Wayne have both cheated during their marriage, now Wayne questions whether he’s the father of their daughter and is demanding a DNA test. Will he get the answers he’s searching for in court?
Episode 51

Frye vs Frye

Cherise and Rodney Frye are back before Judge Lynn Toler and things have gone from bad to worse. The couple’s business failed and they were evicted. Rodney blames Cherise for not budgeting properly. Cherise says finances aren’t their only troubles.
Episode 52

Hugle vs. Weldon

Monica and Joshua were just looking for a fling when they first met on a dating app. Six years and two kids later this interracial couple is still together, but battling major cultural differences, including his usage of the N-word!
Episode 53

Shippy vs. Green

Kiyah suspects Christopher is leading a double life. She says he has several phones and she caught him booking a trip to the Bahamas even though he doesn’t have a job. He says Kiyah is being paranoid and needs to stop watching every move he makes.
Episode 54

Canada vs. Canada

Kathy and Nicci are ready for their rocky relationship to come to an end. Allegations of infidelity and arguments have taken a toll on the marriage, now Kathy says she’s in love with another woman who is more family oriented.
Episode 55

Lee vs. Russ

Tyrice has given Tarvoria the world, a new house, car and a beautiful ring, but she refuses to get married. Tarvoria says she loves Tyrice, but she can’t trust him after she caught him cheating with a man.
Episode 56

Upchurch vs. Upchurch

Kay says her husband Dwayne has been pulling a disappearing act on her and their 11 kids. She’s fed up with his infidelity and being embarrassed in their community. Dwayne admits to cheating, but says he’s not ready to throw away 16 years of marriage.
Episode 57

Robinson vs Williams

James and Wisda have been together 18 months and Wisda is ready for a ring. James feels it’s too soon to talk marriage and worries Wisda’s two failed marriages are a sign things won’t turn out well.
Episode 58

Grant vs. Grant

Danielle says husband Michael is a serial cheater, especially with prostitutes. Michael says he’s a ‘pimp’ and prostitutes are a part of his life. He wants Danielle to stop being so jealous and hiding in cars to catch him with other women.
Episode 59

Miller vs. Brown

It’s been 13 years and Mapeasta is ready to walk down the aisle, but her fiancé Gerry wants to stay engaged as long as possible. He says Mapeasta’s jealous paranoia and bad temper are giving him cold feet.
Episode 60

Barge vs. Tate

Charles is fed up with handing over his paycheck every week to Alicia and claims she’s constantly calling him names. Alicia says Charles needs to stop being so insecure and accusing her of cheating.
Episode 61

Armstrong vs. Banks

baby mama drama has taken a toll on Charita and Reginald’s relationship. Charita feels like she isn’t a priority and craves more attention. Reginald says Charita’s bad attitude and aggressive nature are pushing him away.
Episode 62

Morrison vs Jones

Sara and Branden met online and drugs soon became a major factor in their relationship. Now that they’re both clean and sober, fighting over family issues is tearing them apart.
Episode 63

Singleton vs. Lewis

Rodney and Melissa have been through a lot of ups and downs in the eight years they’ve been together. Rodney gave Melissa a promise ring six years ago, but recently took it back because he says she’s not fulfilling his needs.
Episode 64

Spence vs. Spence

Saquala and Lawrence’s marriage was a rollercoaster ride that ended in divorce. Saquala says Lawrence cheated throughout the relationship and she can’t trust him. Now, Lawrence wants her back and is ready to get married again.
Episode 65

Toor vs. Joseph

Jasmee and Erby met on a business trip in Montreal. Jasmee moved across the country to be with Erby with big dreams of becoming successful entrepreneurs. But, diva behavior and financial troubles are taking a toll on their relationship.
Episode 120

Williams vs. Williams

Bryan originally reached out to the show to save his marriage to Jordan. The couple met on a dating app , but fights over a lack of trust and affection followed. Recently, Bryan says he found out Jordan was planning a group sex session.
Episode 131

Gore vs. Lewis

Ten is the magic number for Heather and Rodney who have a 10 year age difference and moved in together after dating for only 10 days. 20-year old Heather wants a fairytale wedding, but Rodney says Heather still has some growing up to do.
Episode 132

Turner vs. Rose

Tapeka thinks her partner Stacy is stealing from her and no longer trusts him. Tapeka is legally blind and Stacy has been her caregiver for the past 15 years. Stacy wants Tapeka to stop the accusations and treat him like her man, not the hired help.
Episode 133

Davis vs. Dunbar

Fights over money, raising the kids and infidelity have pushed Christina and Bobby’s marriage to the verge of collapse. The couple are behind on rent and can barely pay their bills. To make matters worse, Christina says Bobby destroys their belongings.
Episode 134

Rice vs. Peoples

Jeffery says Jennifer needs to stop flirting with other men and look for a full-time job to help support their baby. Jennifer says Jeffery’s jealousy is hurting their relationship and accuses him of talking to other women.
Episode 135

Brader vs. Given

Brittany and Greg’s love for animals is hurting their relationship. They brought a fixer-upper and have 15 pets. Greg says he’s the one cleaning up after them while working multiple jobs. Despite stress, he still wants to start a family, but shedoesn’t
Episode 136

Burress vs. Burress

Best friends Janelle and Cecily both dumped their boyfriends and decided to have a same-sex relationship. Now the BFFs are struggling to get along just two months after their wedding. Will the pair be able to save their friendship & marriage?
Episode 137

Bruner vs. Bruner

tragedy has rocked Elneta and Trae’s 15 year marriage. Trae’s brother was murdered last year and the loss plunged Trae into a deep depression. Elneta says Trae doesn’t communicate with her and has stopped being the family man he once was.
Episode 138

Castro vs. Lopez

Raul claims Crystal is involved in porn, but he can’t prove it. Crystal is tired of Raul constantly accusing her of cheating and things that aren’t true. She believes he’s punishing her for leaving him and the kids twice during their 13 year marriage.
Episode 139

Gilcrease vs. Mitchell

Aaron says girlfriend Kaylin is the woman of his dreams and he wants to settle down and have a family. Kaylin doesn’t want any more kids and is fed up with Aaron’s clingy and overbearing ways. Will Aaron get his heart broken in court?
Episode 140

Strouble vs. Raphael

Raphael and Kirsten decided to have an open relationship after Raphael cheated on Kirsten with 3 different women. But, Raphael is having second thoughts now that the tables have turned and Kirsten is doing more of the dating.
Episode 141

Jackson-Presley vs. Jackson-Presley

Samara gave up her career to let husband Marquis be the man of the house, but says his bad financial decisions are hurting their bottom line. Now, the father of four wants to quit his job to become an actor and model.
Episode 142

Moragne vs. Pierce

Lucille is ready to kick Tony to the curb if he doesn’t start bringing in more money. Tony admits he’s not much of a breadwinner, but says Lucille needs to stop flirting with other men to get back at him.
Episode 143

Crandell vs. Crandell

Kurt says Kimberly’s family forced them to get married to keep her out of prison. The legal troubles have passed, but the couple is dealing with another marriage crisis. Kimberly says even though she loves Kurt, she’s sexually attracted to women.
Episode 144

Living vs. Living

Robin says husband Blake spends money on trips with his family and friends, but won’t take her out for her birthday or celebrate their anniversary. Blake says Robin needs to contribute more to the household and step it up in the bedroom.
Episode 145

Townsend vs. Cobbs

Sandra thought Damon was her knight in shining armor with no children, but later found out he had nine kids with eight different women. Sandra also says Damon has a drinking problem and she won’t marry him until he gets it under control.
Episode 146

Tijerina vs. Tijerina

Mercedes and Jonathan have returned for more relationship advice. Mercedes says Jonathan treats her more like a business partner than a wife and the mother of his child. She believes he’s keeping secrets and cheating on her.
Episode 147

King vs. Wheeler

Porsha says fiancé Parish didn’t emotionally support her after a series of miscarriages and has anger issues, especially when he drinks. Now that she’s pregnant again, Porsha wants Parish to get his temper under control and help pay the bills.
Episode 148

White vs. Warren

Rikki and Becky met in prison as inmates and struggles with sobriety have plagued their relationship from the start. Rikki says Becky is unfaithful when they’re apart. Becky claims Rikki can’t be trusted and cheated on her with an ex-boyfriend.
Episode 149

Gibson vs. Gibson

Deshawn suspects husband Derick is messing around behind her back and she’s ready to call it quits. Derick admits to flirting with other women, but denies having an affair and says Deshawn is the one who cheated on him.
Episode 150

Alcedo vs. Alcedo

Wendy says she no longer loves husband Richard and their son is the only reason they’re still together. After losing thousands of dollars on Richard’s failed business ventures, Wendy is ready to move on.
Episode 151

Rivera vs. Coley

V discovered husband Terry was having a relationship with another woman the day before their wedding, a week later she found out that woman was pregnant. Within six months, a different woman was also pregnant by Terry.
Episode 152

Jones vs. Jones

A major age gap isn’t the only problem plaguing the marriage of 28 year old Khmari and 52 year old Tyrone. The couple both have addiction issues. Khmari got sober after the birth of their baby, but says Tyrone won’t stop drinking.
Episode 153

Bremer vs. Goff

Kelsey and Steven’s May-December romance has gone off the rails. Steven is tired of people thinking they’re father and daughter and he no longer trusts Kelsey after she cheated on him with her ex. Will Judge Lynn Toler get this marriage back on track?
Episode 154

Jackson vs. Holden

Ezell claims Laticia is a mean drunk and he wants her to clean up her act. Laticia says Ezell doesn’t take care of her in the manner she’s accustomed to, and she’s sick of him running away every time they argue.
Episode 155

Seniseros vs. Seniseros

High school sweethearts Tyler and Alex have two kids, but Alex has doubts he’s the father of the older child. He says Tyler dated someone else during a break up and her ex may be the dad. The DNA test results will reveal the truth!
Episode 156

Doyle vs. Martin

Bartley and Britney have different parenting styles and it’s creating a rift in their relationship. Britney says Bartley is too strict and punishes the kids for small things. Now that Bartley is out of work, their arguments have gotten worse.
Episode 157

Horton vs. Pyburn

Randal is pregnant and wants William to get a full-time job and stop playing video games all day. William says Randal is overbearing and won’t stop calling him names. Will their frustrating finances keep this couple from tying the knot?
Episode 158

Efford vs. Robinson

Mistrust is ruining Billie and Bianca’s relationship. Billie claims Bianca is sneaky and refuses to follow a rule they both agreed on, answering their phones on speaker. Bianca says Billie is paranoid and he’s the one doing the cheating.
Episode 159

Maycox vs. Jones

Venetta wants Maceo to stop talking to other women online and start saving money to buy her a ring. Maceo says Venetta needs to start trusting him and stop being so mean. The couple are also at odds over how to discipline the kids.
Episode 160

Brown vs. Jackson

Tyresha and Usif have been together for 11 years, but don’t have children due to infertility issues. Tyresha says Usif doesn’t support her and she caught him cheating online. Usif says Tyresha’s infertility makes her insecure.

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