4 seasons available


TVG • Family, Fantasy, Kids, Comedy • TV Series • 1991

Blue-collar dinosaur Earl Sinclair tries to cope with short-tempered boss B.P. Richfield of the Wesayso Corporation so he can put food on the table fo...more

Blue-collar dinosaur Earl Sinclair tries to cope with short-tempered boss B.P. Richfield of the Wesayso Corporation so he can put food on the table fo...more

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4 seasons available (65 episodes)

4 seasons available

(65 episodes)

Episode 1

Monster Under the Bed

After watching a horror movie on TV, Baby refuses to go to sleep, insisting there's a monster under the bed. When Robbie and Charlene take a look for themselves, they find that Baby is right.
Episode 2

Earl, Don't Be a Hero

When Earl falls into a toxic waste site and develops super powers, he is thrilled because Baby pays attention to him now that he's perceived as Captain Impressive. But Earl is faced with a moral dilemma when his boss, B.P. Richfield, expects Captain Impressive to endorse dangerous products.
Episode 3

The Greatest Story Ever Told

When Baby asks "Where do we come from?," the whole Pangaean culture is turned on its head to find an answer. Also, when the government starts to use its own special religion to dictate policies, Robbie rebels and is pronounced a heretic.
Episode 4

Driving Miss Ethyl

Earl is miffed when he has to drive his mother-in-law Ethyl to her 60th high-school class reunion -- it's an eight-hour trip. Meanwhile, the rest of the family has a problem posing for a group picture to present to Earl for his upcoming birthday.
Episode 5

Earl's Big Jackpot

When Earl is injured on the job, Robbie and Fran trick him into slapping Wesayso with the world's first worker's compensation suit. When the jury, won over by Baby's testimony, awards Earl $800 million, the entire economy comes unhinged.
Episode 6

Terrible Twos

When Baby turns two years old, he becomes an intolerable monster. Earl and Fran attempt to control the possessed child with everything from a German disciplinarian to an exorcist.
Episode 7

Changing Nature

The construction of a Wesayso factory throws a kink into the "ecosystem."
Episode 8

Scent of a Reptile

Charlene's scent gland comes in and Fran explains the one boy who is attracted to her scent is the one she's destined to marry. But Charlene puts out fumes of burning rubber and attracts the school janitor who aspires to be a tree pusher.
Episode 9

Earl and Pearl

Earl is forced to deal with his angry feelings toward his sister when she arrives for a visit. Voices of Stuart Pankin and Susan Norfleet.
Episode 10

Life in the Faust Lane

After seeing the TV show "Lifestyles of Those We Envy", Earl makes a deal with the devil for a Fernhill mug thinking it will make him happy. As a result he alienates himself from his friends, who he thinks are beneath him now, and his family, who thinks he's gone crazy.
Episode 11

Variations on a Theme Park

When too many overworked employees drop dead from exhaustion, businesses give dinosaurs two weeks off for a vacation; B.P. Richfield advises Earl to bring his family to WeSaySo Land, which is supposed to be a fun amusement park for the family. What the Sinclairs find is an overpriced, cow themed park that is newly under construction, and they have to stay for 14 days.
Episode 12

Working Girl

Charlene attempts to break into the male-dominated workforce and get a job to pay for her summer wilderness trip; but finds all businesses work under the Old Boys Network that is determined to keep females tied down. When her letter to the Chief Elder about equal job opportunities for females is chosen for an accepted requirement for all businesses with government contracts, B.P. Richfield hires Charlene as the new supervisor and Earl has to deal with having his daughter for a boss.
Episode 13

Into the Woods

Earl's game day is interrupted when he has to take Baby into the woods for a traditional ritual to show the Baby that the world doesn't revolve around him and that he needs his family. But when Earl, Roy and Robbie unknowingly step into a tar pit, they need the Baby to save them.
Episode 14

Georgie Must Die

When Earl dresses up as Georgie, an orange hippo that is the latest hit in children's television but the parents' latest nightmare, to put on a show for the Baby, he is arrested for copyright infringement. In jail, Earl finds out that Georgie has a sinister plan in mind for his merchandising empire and breaks out to join the Parents' Resistance and enlists Roy's help to take the evil hippo down.

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