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Dharma & GregDharma & Greg

TV14ComedySitcomTV Series1997

A half-hour comedy about the free-spirited daughter of hippies and the son of aristoc...more

A half-hour comedy about the free-spirited daughter of hippies an...More

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Episode 1

Ringing Up a Baby

Dharma has befriended the checkout girl at their grocery store, and when she finds out the girl is giving up her baby for adoption, Dharma volunteers herself and Greg as prospective parents.
Episode 2

It Takes a Village

Abby and Larry bring a literal village to the loft to raise the baby, just as Dharma was raised.
Episode 3

Turn Turn Turn

Dharma manages to accomodate everyone in her family for a baby-naming ceremony, when she receives news that the checkout girl wants her baby back.
Episode 4

The Paper Hat Anniversary

In order to get away for a romantic anniversary, Dharma and Greg tell their parents they're having marital problems and need time alone. Each takes to heart the excuses the other gives the folks, and they start bickering as soon as they get on the road.
Episode 5

Unarmed and Dangerous

Dharma realizes how decadent Pete is when she offers to care for him after he pulls muscles in both arms, so she sets out to rehabilitate him. Guest starring: Andrew "Dice" Clay.
Episode 6

A Closet Full of Hell

Dharma finds a secret room in their new apartment full of dolls and is spooked when two new dolls that look exactly like Dharma and Greg suddenly appear.
Episode 7

Valet Girl

Kitty's maid Celia is getting married, and she invites Dharma, Greg, Abby, and Larry, but not Kitty or Edward.
Episode 8

Like, Dharma's Totally Got a Date

A neighbor boy has a crush on Dharma, and asks her to the prom. Kitty sues Larry when his rock song causes her to fall out of her chair and bruise her tail bone.
Episode 9

Brought to You in Dharmavision

Dharma feels she's gotten away from her true nature since her marriage. She has a vision of the old Indian from the first season and is inspired to go on a vision quest without Greg.
Episode 10

Yes, We Have No Bananas

Dharma is drawn to an old storefront and starts to refurbish it without knowing what she's going to sell. Greg's boss gives him the same performance review ranking as Pete. The parents go boating and meet a greedy seal. Guest Starring: Kevin Nealon.
Episode 11

The House That Dharma Built

A land developer wants to buy Larry's property, and Dharma realizes she'll have to play by his dirty rules if she wants to get rid of him.
Episode 12

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Dharma is exposed to football for the first time and becomes a rabid fan, convinced that if she's not at the games, her team won't win. Guest starring: Steve Young.
Episode 13

Death and Violins

Edward's mother is dying, and Dharma wants her to make peace with Kitty, who Grandma has never accepted into the family. Grandma gives Dharma a Stradivarius, wanting to hear it played again.
Episode 14

Dharma & Greg On a Hot Tin Roof

Dharma drags Greg out shopping as Southerner, and they meet a real Southern gentleman who Greg meets again in the courtroom when he's revealed to be a judge.
Episode 15

Dharma & the Horse She Rode in On

Greg won't tell Dharma he's working late with his ex-girlfriend because he doesn't want to upset her on her birthday. Meanwhile, Kitty's horse falls in love with Dharma and follows her home.
Episode 16

See Dharma Run

Dharma's ticketed while feeding parking meters in a "random act of kindness," and her fight with city hall leads her to run for a seat with the Board of Supervisors. Jane and Pete marry for Valentine's Day.
Episode 17

Run Dharma Run

Greg's convinced he could whip Dharma's campaign into winning shape, but she insists on doing it her way. She fires Greg off her "staff," and he watches her floundering debate with another candidate. They make up by vowing to work together to win.
Episode 18

See Dharma Run Amok

Dharma follows Greg's lead and starts telling the people what they want to hear, but she gets sick with psychosomatic diseases when her body manifests her misgiving about lying to get ahead.
Episode 19

Everybody Must Get Stoned

All the couples go on a couples therapy retreat, where relationship analysis reveals that of all them, Dharma and Greg have the most problems.
Episode 20

Dharma Drags Edward Out of Retirement

Dharma invests in a clothing company and loses her shirt, so she asks newly-retired Edward to help her turn the company around. Kitty becomes angry when Edward starts spending all his time there.
Episode 21

It Never Happened One Night

Dharma reveals Kitty's impoverished upbringing while presenting her an award at the country club and Kitty retaliates with a cold war against Dharma, refusing to see her. Pete and Jane decide to divorce and Jane wants Greg to be her lawyer.
Episode 22

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Dharma notices a tile is loose and has Larry come over to fix it. He opens up the wall, creating construction problems that escalate until Greg has a blow-up with him and throws him out of the apartment.
Episode 23

A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

Dharma and Greg will be separated for the first time when he flies to Washington to try a case. Dharma dreams that his plane will crash, and she'll stop at nothing to prevent him from going.
Episode 24

The Dating Game

Dharma and Greg decide to "date" just for fun, but Greg ticks her off during their courtship and finds he has to really woo her to get her back.

About this Show

Dharma & Greg

A half-hour comedy about the free-spirited daughter of hippies and the son of aristocratic blue-bloods who meet, fall in love and get married on their first date, much to the dismay of both sets of parents.

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