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Desperate HousewivesDesperate Housewives

TV14DramaTV Series2004

ABC's Desperate Housewives offers a deliciously juicy glimpse into the lives of every...more

ABC's Desperate Housewives offers a deliciously juicy glimpse int...More

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Episode 1

Remember Paul?

Paul Young, now out of prison, returns to Wisteria Lane with a new wife.
Episode 2

You Must Meet My Wife

Lynette is angry when Renee starts spending a lot of time with Tom.
Episode 3

Truly Content

Susan discovers that some of her best moves are being copied.
Episode 4

The Thing That Counts Is What's Inside

Gabrielle shares her secret; Renee tries to steal Keith away from Bree.
Episode 5

Let Me Entertain You

Susan upsets an important client; Renee and Gabrielle reveal secrets.
Episode 6

Excited and Scared

Susan must reveal her secret Internet side job to Mike.
Episode 7

A Humiliating Business

Susan agrees to be Paige's nanny; Lynette recieves a tempting offer.
Episode 8

Sorry Grateful

Bree invites Keith's parents to her house for Thanksgiving.
Episode 9

Pleasant Little Kingdom

Gabrielle tries to keep Grace around; Renee shares a secret with Susan.
Episode 10

Down the Block There's a Riot

Paul's plan for Wisteria Lane is put into effect; Juanita discovers Gaby's secret; Bree invites Keith to move in with her; Tom is confronted about his past indiscretion.
Episode 11


Susan fights for her life after being trampled by the horde of rioters.
Episode 12

Where Do I Belong

Susan's mother (Lesley Ann Warren) and aunt (Valerie Harper) visit.
Episode 13

I'm Still Here

Lynette tries to talk her mother out of marrying an obnoxious man.
Episode 14


Stella tries to force the Scavos to pose for a family portrait.
Episode 15

Farewell Letter

Preston and Porter move out; Gaby and Carlos visit her hometown.
Episode 16


Susan learns she will die soon without a kidney transplant.
Episode 17

Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed

Paul stands in the way of Susan receiving a kidney transplant.
Episode 18

Moments in the Woods

Bree tries to stop Andrew from making a confession.
Episode 19

The Lies Ill-Concealed

Susan has inappropriate dreams about Paul.
Episode 20

I'll Swallow Poison On Sunday

Tom hires Renee and Lynette to renovate his office.
Episode 21

Then I Really Got Scared

Paul suspects Susan is causing his health problems; Lynette and Tom argue about their vacation; Juanita won't sleep in her own bed after watching a horror movie; Bree goes on a date.
Episode 22

And Lots of Security...

Gaby learns her stalker's identity.
Episode 23

Come On Over for Dinner

A dinner party results in a shocking murder.

I Invented This Move!

Another One Bites the Dust!

Fans Favorite Show Moments!

If the Push up Bra Fits!

Lynette and Greg

Mama Needs a New Pair of Everthing!

Photo Bomber!

Baby Sophie

3 Glorious Days!

Six Months

This Isn't Over!

We Are Not Ready Yet!

You Have a Lovely Home!

Honey, Where's Your Car?


A Scary Halloween Story!

Maybe Obvious Isn't So Bad!

Susan Goes to Art Class!

Bree Gets a Sex Swing!

Gabrielle Is in the B-Lot!

Lynette Bursts Lydia's Bubble

Sneaky Van

Girl On Girl Action!

Carlos' Confession

Kiss Them Goodbye!


Gabrielle Gets a Gun

Susan Moves Back In!

Lynette's Teensy Changes

Gaby and Bree Take a Break!

The Party's On!

Bree's Donation Brunch

Outdoor Activities

Susan at Treatment


Food Fight!

I Slept With Tom!


A Preview of Retirement?

Bree Has Guns?

I Have Guns

Trick or Treat!

Gaby's Secret Exposed!


Little Person


I Think Juanita Might Be French!

Bree Tears Down the Walls

Companions and Co-Stars Desperate

Party Girls



Ask Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Part 11


Ask Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Part 10


Vice President


Hot Syrup Dream

Ask Desperate Housewives!

Ask Desperate Housewives!


Recap: How About a Friendly Shrink?

Ask Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Part 6



Sneak Peek: Silent



Meaningful Moment: Desperate Housewives

About this Show

Desperate Housewives

ABC's Desperate Housewives offers a deliciously juicy glimpse into the lives of everyone's favorite housewives. On the surface, the ladies of Wisteria Lane appear to be the picture of suburban America. But underneath lay bigger mysteries - infidelity, deceit, blackmail, and even murder. And with not-so-honest husbands, complicated relationships, family drama and meddling neighbors adding to the turmoil, it's no wonder things aren't always as they seem.

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