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Desperate HousewivesDesperate Housewives

TV14DramaTV Series2004

ABC's Desperate Housewives offers a deliciously juicy glimpse into the lives of every...more

ABC's Desperate Housewives offers a deliciously juicy glimpse int...More

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Episode 1

Nice Is Different Than Good

Mike Delfino's bride is revealed; Lynette faces another pregnancy; Bree tries to break free from her inhibitions; Carlos' niece puts Gaby to the test.
Episode 2

Being Alive

Lynette withholds a secret from Susan, Gaby gives niece Ana advice on how to get a guy's attention, Bree worries how her affair with Karl will affect her friendship with Susan, and Angie is determined to protect her son and her family's past.
Episode 3

Never Judge a Lady by Her Lover

A chance encounter reunites Gaby with her ex-lover and gardener, John; Bree contemplates a weekend getaway with Karl; Lynette and Tom tell their children that she is pregnant; Susan believes that Angie's son is responsible for her daughter's attack.
Episode 4

The-God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues

Losing Mike affects Katherine; Susan learns Julie has been keeping secrets
Episode 5

Everybody Ought to Have a Maid

Gaby tries to prove that she is a responsible parent.
Episode 6

Don't Walk on the Grass

Bree starts to fall for Karl; Katherine continues her attempts to seduce Mike, exacerbating her conflict with Susan; Gaby gets Juanita kicked out of school; Angie won't reveal the truth about her mother.
Episode 7

Careful the Things You Say

Susan believes that Katherine may be Julie's assailant
Episode 8

The Coffee Cup

Susan uncovers a surprising connection between Katherine and Mike.
Episode 9

Would I Think of Suicide?

Following another attack, Angie decides it is time for her family to leave Wisteria Lane; Bree's affair with Karl becomes increasingly difficult to hide; Lynette's pregnancy causes a rift with Gaby.
Episode 10

Boom Crunch

Susan comes up with a plan to help Katherine.
Episode 11


In the aftermath of the plane crash, the residents of Wisteria Lane think about what their lives might have been like had they made different choices.
Episode 12

You Gotta Get a Gimmick

Susan turns up the heat for Mike.
Episode 13

How About a Friendly Shrink?

Lynette doesn't like the idea of seeing a couples therapist.
Episode 14

The Glamorous Life

Bree fears Orson might take his own life; hostility grows between Angie and Gaby; Susan makes friends with a stripper.
Episode 15


Susan causes a stir when she invites Robin into her home; Bree tries to entice Orson; Gaby looks for help with Ana.
Episode 16

The Chase

Celia contracts chicken pox; Penny's birthday is forgotten; Bree hires a new employee; Katherine makes a discovery.
Episode 17

Chromolume No. 7

Gaby has an encounter with supermodels Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova.
Episode 18

My Two Young Men

Angie's ex-boyfriend visits Wisteria Lane.
Episode 19

We All Deserve to Die

Lynette discovers the truth about her future daughter-in-law.
Episode 20


The Fairview strangler's past is revealed.
Episode 21

A Little Night Music

Angie's ex, Patrick Logan, finally catches up with her.
Episode 22

The Ballad of Booth

Angie turns to Gaby for help when Patrick makes a threat.
Episode 23

I Guess This Is Goodbye

Gaby puts herself at risk in an attempt to help Angie.

I Invented This Move!

Another One Bites the Dust!

Fans Favorite Show Moments!

If the Push up Bra Fits!

Lynette and Greg

Mama Needs a New Pair of Everthing!

Photo Bomber!

Baby Sophie

3 Glorious Days!

Six Months

This Isn't Over!

We Are Not Ready Yet!

You Have a Lovely Home!

Honey, Where's Your Car?


A Scary Halloween Story!

Maybe Obvious Isn't So Bad!

Susan Goes to Art Class!

Bree Gets a Sex Swing!

Gabrielle Is in the B-Lot!

Lynette Bursts Lydia's Bubble

Sneaky Van

Girl On Girl Action!

Carlos' Confession

Kiss Them Goodbye!


Gabrielle Gets a Gun

Susan Moves Back In!

Lynette's Teensy Changes

Gaby and Bree Take a Break!

The Party's On!

Bree's Donation Brunch

Outdoor Activities

Susan at Treatment


Food Fight!

I Slept With Tom!


A Preview of Retirement?

Bree Has Guns?

I Have Guns

Trick or Treat!

Gaby's Secret Exposed!


Little Person


I Think Juanita Might Be French!

Bree Tears Down the Walls

Companions and Co-Stars Desperate

Party Girls



Ask Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Part 11


Ask Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Part 10


Vice President


Hot Syrup Dream

Ask Desperate Housewives!

Ask Desperate Housewives!


Recap: How About a Friendly Shrink?

Ask Desperate Housewives: Season 6, Part 6



Sneak Peek: Silent



Meaningful Moment: Desperate Housewives

About this Show

Desperate Housewives

ABC's Desperate Housewives offers a deliciously juicy glimpse into the lives of everyone's favorite housewives. On the surface, the ladies of Wisteria Lane appear to be the picture of suburban America. But underneath lay bigger mysteries - infidelity, deceit, blackmail, and even murder. And with not-so-honest husbands, complicated relationships, family drama and meddling neighbors adding to the turmoil, it's no wonder things aren't always as they seem.

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