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Desert Punk

TVMAFantasyScience FictionAnimation • AnimeInternationalTV Series2004

Desert Punk's usually the best man for any job, but his reputation is undone by his h...more

Desert Punk's usually the best man for any job, but his reputatio...More

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Episode 1

(Sub) The Demon and the Double D's

Desert Punk's got two vices: money and babes. Today both are on the line, as he tears apart the Kawazu Gang. But after a bait-and-switch, he'll have to salvage his reputation.
Episode 2

(Sub) Rock, Paper, Scissors

When Desert Punk discovers that he and the fierce Rain Spider are after the same guy, tempers begin to boil. With egos like these, who knows what'll happen.
Episode 3

(Sub) Fire Dragon Kong

After taking a job from Junko, Desert Punk learns he'll have to work with the Machine Gun Brothers and face the most powerful force in the entire desert - Fire Dragon Kong.
Episode 4

(Sub) An Ace in the Sand

Before Desert Punk can get in his first practice round with his awesome new M40, he finds himself targeted by the infamous Shimmer Sniper.
Episode 5

(Sub) The Price of Water

Desert Punk has been hired to protect Reclaimed Village No. 21, but his excessive behavior leads some of the villagers to suspect he doesn't have their best interests in mind.
Episode 6

(Sub) Wandering Lust

A lust for revenge - and Mariko - keeps Desert Punk's spirits alive as he traverses the endless sands to his final, humiliating destiny.
Episode 7

(Sub) Age Before Beauty

Things are looking brighter now that Desert Punk has a new apprentice. But will Kosuna become a killer mercenary? Or will she just send Desert Punk's reputation further down the toilet?
Episode 8

(Sub) A Dog in Heat

After Desert Punk and Kosuna are hired to blow up the supposedly cursed Inumeiwa Rock, they begin to think the curse might be real. Everything that could go wrong goes wrong. Sometimes twice.
Episode 9

(Sub) All That Glitters

Punk and his apprentice head to a desolate city with Junko and Kaizuka. Deep within the ruins, a menacing sentinel awaits. Will they join the other souls in the Treasure Hunter's graveyard?
Episode 10

(Sub) A Little Bit of Wisdom

Something dubious is afoot when a legendary treasure hunter hires Desert Punk to help him retrieve a ghost town's fortune.
Episode 11

(Sub) Compromising Positions

Desert Punk takes Junko prisoner and stashes her away in a top-secret hideout. After she knocks the exit code out of his memory, they may not get out of the tin can alive.
Episode 12

(Sub) A Change of Heart

Desert Punk's been hired to rescue a kidnapped young girl, but she's more of a handful than he hoped. And with the legendary Night Mist right on his tail, escape won't come easy.
Episode 13

(Sub) Opposites Collide

With an official IOU from Stryker, Desert Punk might finally land the big stack of dough he's always longed for - until a gang of creeps comes and messes it all up. It's a dog eat dog world.
Episode 14

(Sub) Kosuna: Fully Automatic

Kosuna's out to arm herself to the teeth after a brush with death. An old arms dealer teaches her a thing or two about Desert Punk and the ways of survival in the Great Kanto Desert.
Episode 15

(Sub) The Girl Next Door

Desert Punk and the Machine Gun Brothers go on a very important mission - hauling human feces across the desert. While the boys complain about their load, an old enemy waits to attack.
Episode 16

(Sub) A Load Of...

Desert Punk discovers that the load of crap he's hauling is a weapon of mass destruction. When Rain Spider's men attack, Desert Punk's plan might kill everyone for miles around.
Episode 17

(Sub) Perv in Pursuit

Junko and Desert Punk are on the run from a sniper who's sporting a state-of-the-art desert suit. There's nowhere to hide and the mysterious man on their tail isn't giving up.
Episode 18

(Sub) Too Close for Comfort

Desert Punk's trying to get Junko back after she's kidnapped by Tech. But all three end up on the same side of a fight against a group of armed mercenaries.
Episode 19

(Sub) Scratching the Surface

After Desert Punk teams up with the Machine Gun Brothers to find missing Natsuko, Ikeda takes them to a top-secret tunnel that holds many treasures.
Episode 20

(Sub) A Raw Deal

Desert Punk realizes that Stryker, Natsuko, and many others are all part of the Underground Mercenaries, a group bent on overthrowing the government. Punk has only one thing in mind-saving his own hide.
Episode 21

(Sub) Successor of the Desert

Kosuna's abusing Mitz the same way Kanta abused her. They find a job and discover that an old enemy of Desert Punk has returned - The Kawazu Gang!
Episode 22

(Sub) Hidden Agendas

Nothing can prepare Kosuna and Mitz for the secret the desert is about to reveal - or the mysterious man behind it all.
Episode 23

(Sub) Voices in the Wind

As Kosuna approaches the secret lab she's supposed to protect, a mysterious cloud appears on the horizon that hides a mind-blowing secret.
Episode 24

(Sub) The Demon Revealed

Desert Punk is back from the dead and ready to exact a little revenge on his former pals. He's got help on his side, but Kosuna's got muscle on her side, too.

About this Show

Desert Punk

Desert Punk's usually the best man for any job, but his reputation is undone by his hormones when curvy Junko uses her double-D charms to double-cross him. With debt hanging over his head, Desert Punk sets out into the wasteland to salvage his name.

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