1 season available

Counterfeit Cat

TVG • Comedy, Animation, Sitcom, Kids • TV Series • 2016

Gark is not a real cat, he’s a Counterfeit Cat. He’s a small blue alien in a purple cat costume. Max is a real cat: fat, fluffy, yellow and constantly...more

Gark is not a real cat, he’s a Counterfeit Cat. He’s a small blue alien in a purple cat costume. Max is a real cat: fat, fluffy, yellow and constantly...more

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1 season available (52 episodes)

1 season available

(52 episodes)

Episode 1


Max decides to regale everyone with a story of his own, about how he and Gark became international singing stars. They are quickly established globally as “Cat-a-tonic'” and perform to sell out stadiums and even have a freeway named after them.
Episode 2

Where Do All the Cat Toys Go?

Max is teaching Gark how to play with cat toys when he accidentally bats his favourite toy, Charles Anthony, under the couch. Max is absolutely distraught and explains to Gark that once a cat toy goes under the couch, it has gone forever.
Episode 3

Max vs Machine

When Betty buys a new automatic cat feeder. Gark uses his powers to bring the King Feeder to life but Max’s disdain for the machine causes the King Feeder to awaken all the other machines in the apartment.
Episode 4

Heart of Garkness

Max is seriously reluctant and this only worsens as Gark’s reckless attitude causes them to argue and the scenery around them get spookier the deeper their argument gets. Will they make it out alive? And if they do will they still be friends?
Episode 5

Go Viral

Betty has bought herself a computer and becomes obsessed with watching cat videos online. When Max can’t attract her attention, he fears he’s no longer cute enough for her so he enlists Gark’s help in mimicking all the cat videos.
Episode 6


Max wants to join The Sunshine Circle, a group of cats who lie on warm concrete in the park, but to do so they have to pass a cat initiation test set out by the leader, Ranceford.
Episode 7

Betty Laser Eyes

Gark He gives Betty laser eye surgery which unfortunately means she’s now shooting lasers out of her eyes. This not only threatens the safety of Earth but also starts a war with a tea-loving race of googly eyed aliens in galaxy far away.
Episode 8

Furst Born

Max has started coughing up furballs, he can’t stop. He’s forced to admit to Gark what he did when all the furballs come alive and join together to make one giant furball baby, who they call Phlegmy.
Episode 9


Gark's brand new wormhole arrives in the alien mail and he's super excited to show Max. Unfortunately for Max, he’s too busy being terrified by Anton, a very aggressive dog who’s new in town.
Episode 10


Max’s inner tiger is unleashed when Gark accidentally discovers a cat nip toy. Despite knowing that he shouldn’t go near the toy because of it’s effects on him, Max can’t help himself and before you know it, his catnip fuelled rage has set in.
Episode 11

Hang in There

Max tells Gark all about the famous Hang in There cat so they decide to go and pay their respects to the cat, who they find still hanging from the same tree after all these years.
Episode 12

Wart Attack

When Gark notices a huge wart on Betty’s face that seems to have appeared overnight, he’s terrified that it must be Zaxos, an intergalactic criminal who’s out to get him.
Episode 13

Nightmare On Cat Mountain

When Max discovers a luxurious hotel for demons, he convinces the Tiny Demon to turn them into demons too so he can enjoy all the hotel luxuries. They soon discover that being a demon isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Episode 14

Jackson 5

Jackson was Betty’s first cat, and was there when Max first arrived. Unfortunate accidents keep befalling Jackson for which he blames Max. He’s miraculously back from the grave for the fourth time and he’s out for revenge.
Episode 15

The Scarlet Mark

Max is having a nap when a piano nearly lands on his head. Luckily Gark has been watching a lot of detective shows on TV and knows exactly what to do. After closer inspection, Gark sets about investigating.
Episode 16

The Last Yogi Standing

Max and Clement were yoga doubles partners back in the day but Max hasn’t competed since he tried to do an impossible move and was humiliated. He doesn’t want to talk or have anything to do with yoga again.
Episode 17

No Prank Thanks

Max, inspired by a TV prank show, starts playing pranks on Gark, who has no idea what a prank is let alone why anyone would find it funny. Max decides that this is the perfect opportunity to showcase his prank talents.
Episode 18

The Vet

Max chokes on Gark’s alien cat treats .Betty is convinced he's sick and needs a trip to the vet. Max manages to deceive Gark into believing that the vet is actually a spa for cats and that he should go in Max's place.
Episode 19


It's Valentine’s day and Max has a secret date lined up. That's no problem for Gark as he plunges his tentacle into Max’s ear to read his mind, revealing he has a date with none other than Ranceford.
Episode 20


Betty is lonely and Gark convinces Max that they should find her a man. However, Max's plan to lure in a random guy with a hotdog as bait and take him captive fails miserably so Gark comes up with an even better idea.
Episode 21

Staring Dog

Staring Dog has come to stay in the apartment while Wilma is away but his presence is freaking out Max. Gark tries to convince Max that Staring Dog stares at everyone but he’s proved wrong when Staring Dog will only stare at Max.
Episode 22

28 Seconds Later

When Gark eats a gross looking hot dog he finds on the floor, he gets really sick. His face goes furry and black ooze drips out of his nose and mouth, setting fire to whatever it touches.
Episode 23

Kitty Latte

When Betty is late for their magical “de-worm night”, he finds a black cat hair on her coat, he is convinced she must be seeing other cats behind his back. Max and Gark tail Betty and discover something far worse.
Episode 24

The Big One

Following an ominous message on Gark's codex, he knows that something bad is going to happen today. He turns to Max for help, but Max is busy practising his staring so he can beat Staring Dog in a stare-off.
Episode 25

Fat Cat

Max’s nemesis, The Cat Toy God, is on the war path again and enters Max and Gark’s universe to try and fight Max to prove once and for all that he’s the best.
Episode 26

Bathtub of Terror

It’s bath night and Max is terrified of the 'Bathtub of Terror'. He explains to Gark that if you look into the bath, the most terrifying version of what you see will rise from it. Gark is naturally enthralled.
Episode 27

9 Lives

Gark’s newfound interest in video games prompts him to turn on the video game graphics on himself and Max to show how many lives they have left
Episode 28

Breaking Bread

Gark's friends are all too distracted by an old lady, Doris, who has been feeding them breadcrumbs. When Doris humiliates Max, he vows to beat Doris at her own game and get Gark’s friends back!
Episode 29

Fun in the Sun

Betty is taking a vacation and is leaving Max and Gark with her cat-obsessed daughter, He can’t handle the humiliation so he suggests to Gark that they take their own vacation to somewhere bright and sunny.
Episode 30

Sardonians of the Galaxy

The planet Sardon is on the brink of war with the Ham Star Warriors, and The Sardonian Ambassador was on his way to negotiate a peace deal before his spaceship was damaged and he had to activate his escape pod which looks rather like a tin of sardines.
Episode 31

Merry Christmax

It’s Christmas and Max is explaining to Gark about how mean Santa is. Convinced Santa is evil, Gark takes matters into his own tentacles and transports them both to Santa’s planet to destroy him!
Episode 32

Low Resolutions

It's New Year’s Day and Betty’s already struggling with her resolution. She enlists Wilma in trying to kick her cat video habit. Meanwhile, Throckmorton is winding up Max, saying that he couldn’t go a whole day being nice.
Episode 33

Cat Box of Fear

Max is terrified and is doing everything in his power to avoid Betty who is trying to put him into his cat box. Just as Max thinks he’s off the hook, he hears the second scariest thing in the world revving up - the vacuum cleaner!
Episode 34

Max Me No Questions

Max is fed up with Gark’s constant questions about Earth. So when the doorbell rings and a helpful box with an emoji interface called Omni arrives to answer all of Gark’s questions Max is thrilled that he can finally be left alone to sleep.
Episode 35

Happy Earthday

Max and Throckmorton throw Gark a surprise party to celebrate his one-year anniversary of being on Earth – his first Earthday. The adventure begins as Gark and Throckmorton re-live their crash landing into Betty’s apartment.
Episode 36

Zaxos Returns

A giant wart has appeared on Betty’s nose and Max deduces this can only mean one thing. Zaxos is back! After a quick prod they realise it is just a wart but just then, Zaxos appears.
Episode 37

Virtual Insanity

Max and Gark are in the midst of an epic virtual reality laser battle game but Max isn’t really into it and just wants to go home. He exits the game, leaving Gark to continue playing for days and days, eventually fusing himself completely to the couch.
Episode 38


It’s Max’s birthday and as ever his expectations are sky high so when Betty and Gark surprise him with a birthday party that involves a furball sculpture and a ukele serenade, he’s super disappointed.
Episode 39

The Cat Crib

When a call for contestants for a new reality show, The Cat Crib, pops up on a TV commercial, Max is so excited and signs him and Gark up immediately. Once on the show, Max’s cheating ways turn the other contestants against him.
Episode 40

Lost in Throckmorton

Max, Gark and Throckmorton are playing an alien board game but Max and Throckmorton aren’t playing nice and are both trying desperately to make the other lose.
Episode 41


Gark feels very left out when he realises everyone else dreams and his species do not, so he devises a way to experience a dream for himself. With the help of Throckmorton.
Episode 42

Room of Panic

Max is in a panic! Betty is going away for a long weekend of extreme sports, leaving Max and Gark alone in the apartment for three whole days! To calm his fragile nerves, Max enlists Gark to help him build a panic room.
Episode 43

Mere Mortals

Max wanders into the park and is horrified to find Gark in full personal trainer mode, exercising frantically with all the park animals. He has challenged his nemesis Flargle to a football match to prove Earth isn’t the pathetic lump of stinkdung Flargle.
Episode 44

The Garkest Timeline

Gark and the park animals are all doing some warm up exercises to play ‘Trash-Ball’, which involves running around kicking a ball of trash. Max outright refuses to get involved, saying that games are stupid and that he doesn’t need friends at all.
Episode 45

The Gark Knight Rises

Max introduces Gark to his favourite superhero TV show, Wombatman. Gark thinks it’s a very inspiring documentary and soon there are reports about a masked superhero, ‘Cat Man’, fighting crime all over the city.
Episode 46

Any Takers?

Max is regaling the park crew with a story when Anton trumps him by boasting that he’s friends with a celebrity dog. Panicking, Max blurts out that he knows an alien!
Episode 47

I, Maxine

When Gark saves Nelson from certain death, he is hailed as a hero by the townsfolk. Max doesn’t think it’s fair that Gark gets all this respect because of his powers
Episode 48

Gark's Got Talent

Gark is super impressed when he sees Max performing as a living statue in the park and wants to give it a go himself. Unfortunately for Max, Gark is so impressive that he steals all of Max’s business.
Episode 49

Mirror Mirror

Max’s constant teasing of Gark rattles him so much that he keeps transforming into Psycho Gark. When Max complains about Gark’s aggressive outbursts and suggests he ought to take a long hard look at himself in the mirror.
Episode 50


When Max makes fun of Gark’s inability to lie, Gark makes up the biggest lie he can think of. He has an invisible girlfriend called Arugula. Gark really commits to the lie, sharing jokes and romantic moments with Arugula.
Episode 51

Gone Gark, Part 1

Gark appreciates Max’s unique brand of training but desperately wishes Max would teach him how to tackle the big stuff. Max fobs Gark off, giving him an apparently impossible task - moving the moon.
Episode 52

Gone Gark, Part 2

Gark and Baa-Boo-Raar arrive at the saviour training base and to Gark’s delight, he’s not the only saviour of the universe. He’s part of a team!

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