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TVY7ComedyAnimation • KidsCartoons • TV Series2014

Chowder follows an aspiring young chef named Chowder and his day-to-day adventures as...more

Chowder follows an aspiring young chef named Chowder and his day-...More

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Episode 1

Panini for President / Chowder's Babysitter

Panini for President: Chowder finds himself used as a political pawn between Panini and Gorgonzola. / Chowder's Babysitter: When Gazpacho baby-sits Chowder for the night, the worst thing imaginable happens, he kills him!
Episode 2

The Fire Breather / The Flying Flinger Lingons

The Fire Breather: After ingesting some extremely hot peppers, Chowder can't stop breathing fire. Unable to help in the kitchen without destroying it, he must figure out where he now belongs in life./The Flying Flinger Lingons: When a bouncy group of circus acrobats visit the kitchen, Chowder becomes obsessed with the idea of joining them.
Episode 3

The Arborians / The Garage Sale

Chowder and the gang must appease a family of obnoxious trees; Chowder resorts to drastic measures to save all his precious junk .
Episode 4

Hey, Hey It's Knishmas

Chowder worries that he will not get the gift he wants; Mung works on making a Schmingerbread house.
Episode 5

Chowder's Catering Company / The Catch Phrase

Chowder's Catering Company: Against Mung's wishes, Chowder secretly starts his own catering company for a bunch of dirty, trash-dwelling vermin./The Catch Phrase: After a popular celebrity chef takes Marzipan City by storm, Mung must come up with a way to win Chowder's adoration back.
Episode 6

The Hot Date / The Shopping Spree

The Hot Date: The heat is on Sgt. Hoagie and the Marzipan City Police Department to solve a mysterious crime before it ruins his amorous evening plans./The Shopping Spree: Mung, Chowder, and Shnitzel go on a wild spending spree after Truffles comes down with a cold.
Episode 7

The Big Hat Biddies / The Deadly Maze

Truffles tries to impress an exclusive ladies club; Chowder is trapped within a maze by Mung's former apprentice.
Episode 8

The Party Cruise / Won Ton Bombs

The Party Cruise: Mung takes Chowder and Shnitzel on a fishing cruise, he gets more than he bargained for. / Won Ton Bombs: Mung's old cooking master shows up and embarrasses him, telling everyone about his greatest cooking failure.
Episode 9

The BLT's / The Trouble With Truffles

Worried that Chowder will not pass the BLTs, Mung stacks the odds; Truffles gets a more pleasing voice.
Episode 10

Dinner Theater

When Mung hosts a whodunit dinner theater night, Chowder thinks Gazpacho's villain character is for real. He springs into action to solve the case before it is too late.
Episode 11

Kid Shnitzel / Gazpacho Fights Back

Tired of adult responsibilities, Shnitzel decides to act like a child; Chowder and Gazpacho want to fight back against a bully.
Episode 12

Big Ball / The Brain Freeze

While catering a sporting event, Truffles and Mung argue over the rules of the game; Chowder is frozen in a block of ice after drinking a frosty drink too quickly.
Episode 13

The Snail Car / The Lollistops

Mung wants to get a new car, but Chowder wants to keep the old one; Chowder sabotages his teeth so he can visit the dentist.
Episode 14

Endive's Dirty Secret / Big Food

Ms. Endive suffers blackmail so that people can gain access to her pool; Chowder tries to prove the existence of Big Food while on a camping trip.
Episode 15

Paint the Town / The Blackout

Chowder creates a world on a canvas dimension; Chowder must brave the dark and an army of weirdos to restore power.
Episode 16

The Dice Cycle / The Chain Recipe

Chowder accidentally wrecks Mung's childhood dice cycle; Mung is cursed after refusing to cook a chain recipe.
Episode 17

The Garden / Sheboodles

Chowder decides to apprentice under Truffles; Miss Endive tries to cook herself a man-dish for a date.
Episode 18

Gazpacho Moves In / My Big Fat Stinky Wedding

Gazpacho moves in after an argument with his mother; Chowder visits Kimchi's home in the swamp for Kimchi's arranged marriage.
Episode 19

Apprentice Appreciation Day / The Grape Worm

Mung and Ms. Endive grandstand each other with their parties; Chowder's friends are driven away by a parasite.
Episode 20

A Faire to Remember / Tofu Town Showdown

Panini gets jealous when Chowder becomes friends with a girl; Chowder learns that Shnitzel used to be a samurai bodyguard.

Be Back Soon

All Grown up

Wild and / or Crazy

Chowder Wins!

Sugar Sapphires

Big Chicken

That's Too Much Pizzazz!

Mountain Mountin'

Precious Cargo

Over Appreciated

Shnitzel Fu

Banned Man

Fruitful Lesson

Unwelcome Guest

Working Man

In the Dark

Mine Meach Pie

Team Mung Daal

Two Enter, One Leaves

Dirty Rat

Hat and Home

The Legend of Big Food


Bluenana Baby


Let's Party!

Pee Shy

The Cellar

Taco Stand

Acting Bug

Play Ball!

Uneasy Squeeze

The Voice


Comedy Gold

Fishing Lesson

Rate My Nurples

Gum Shy

Knish Kringle

Shopping Therapy

Trust Your Gut

Adventures in Babysitting

Clabbage Cobbler

Fuzzy Love

Musical Fruit

Chowder's Favorite Things

Forever Is a Long Time

Hot Stuff!

Thice As Nice

About this Show


Chowder follows an aspiring young chef named Chowder and his day-to-day adventures as an apprentice in Mung Daal's catering company. Although he means well, Chowder often finds himself in predicaments due to his perpetual appetite and his nature as a scatterbrain. He is also pestered by Panini, the apprentice of Mung's rival Endive, who wants Chowder to be her boyfriend, which he abhors.

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