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Cheddar Explains

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The best interviews with visionaries in technology, media, and entertainment

The best interviews with visionaries in technology, media, and en...More

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Is New York Finally Getting A Real High Speed Rail?

The U.S. has always lagged behind more than two dozen countries in building anything resembling high-speed rail. Many hope that part of Biden’s latest $2 trillion infrastructure plan would help fund construction for a decades-old proposal for a 20...

Why Europeans Hate the Taste of American Chocolate

There’s no visual difference between American chocolate and European chocolate - but there’s definitely a taste difference. Cheddar explains the scientific reason why American chocolate tastes “sour” to European consumers.

How Container Ships Are Causing A Frenzy At American Ports

There's an expensive and time-consuming fad sweeping America's ports: dredging. This is the process by which ports dig up the bottoms of their channels, either to maintain depth or go even deeper. In the last 5-10 years, dredging has taken...

The Surprisingly Legal World Of Ripoff Blockbuster Movies

You've heard of Ratatouille...but have you heard of Ratatoing? What about Little Bee, Metal Man, Atlantic Rim, or Snakes On a Train?

How The Flawed Fire Escape Took Over New York

You can’t separate classic New York City architecture from the fire escape. They’re all over. You’ve also seen them in classic movies like West Side Story.

Why Supermarket Lines Are Intentionally Getting Longer

There are a few certainties in life, death, taxes, and seemingly always choosing the slowest checkout line at the supermarket. Waiting in line sucks. But lately, supermarkets are switching to a new type of line and that line is much longer. Howeve...

The Real Reason Birth Control Has Placebo Pills

For the millions of women who take hormonal birth control pills, a continued monthly period is part of the deal. It’s been this way since the pill was originally designed in the 1950s, despite monumental advances in general biomedical knowledge of...

Why The U.S. Government Decides The Color Of Our Food

Unlike candy or cereal, we assume that the color of natural foods are a result of the environment. But some aren’t actually the color we assume. That’s because the government plays a key role in determining the colors of your food!. And for that, ...

Why So Many American Homes Are Flimsy

Have you ever wondered why houses in the U.S. seem so much less sturdy than houses elsewhere? You can hear through the walls, they’re constantly needing maintenance, and aren’t great at regulating temperature.

Why Dairy Is Losing The Milk Wars

If you walk over to the dairy section of a supermarket, you’ll find soy milk, almond milk, cashew milk, and oat milk nestled right next to dairy milks. Despite the dairy industry spending over $30 million dollars between 2005 and 2010 they may not...

How Steam Literally Shaped New York City

For over a century, 105 miles of pipes underneath Manhattan's streets have delivered steam to some of the city's oldest and tallest buildings.

How Tiny Uruguay Became an Unlikely World Cup Powerhouse

Uruguay is one of the smaller nations compared to other Latin American countries in the world of soccer, but its passion for futbol is one of the biggest. Experts say its history of racial inclusivity and early economic policies played a big role.

Why Drug Dealers Are Choosing the United States Postal Service

The United States Postal Service is the preferred method for shipping drugs across international borders. But why and how did the USPS become the #1 way to ship drugs? Cheddar explains...

What a World Cup Without the US Means for Fox

Fox took a gamble and got the coverage for the next 2 FIFA World Cups, however, without the United States qualifying what does it mean for the network, advertising, and viewership?

How Missile Technology Changed The Game of Basketball

Missile-tracking technology has been applied to sports such as soccer and basketball and, literally, it's a game changer. This technology has allowed teams to crunch analytics that lead to new game strategies and more wins.

Who Defends Earth From Asteroids?

The most important job on Earth is definitely Planetary Defense Officer. Lindley Johnson, from NASA's Planetary Defense Coordination Office, monitors all asteroids around Earth to make sure we find them before they hit us and have global consequences.

How the Lottery Is 'Rigging' Its Way into Higher Jackpots

Lottery jackpots have been increasing dramatically in recent years. This is not a coincidence, it is the result of deliberate actions by the lottos like Mega Millions and Powerball. And it's making it less likely for you to win.

How Your Browsing Behavior Affects What You Pay Online

'Personalized dynamic pricing' is a fancy way of saying that companies charge more to people who they think will pay more for the same product. Do you think it is fair to change prices based on data collected about consumers online?

How Lemons Led to the Rise of the Sicilian Mafia

In the mid-1850s to early 1900s lemon groves were extremely profitable in southern Italy. However, politically the Italian landscape was very unstable, which led to the need to protect the lemon groves from thieves and bandits...

How Virtual Horse Armor Paved the Way for Pay-To-Win in Gaming

Microtransactions and in-app/game purchases have reached a boiling point in smart-phone apps and video games. It's reached the point where you can pay to win. How did we get here and what does the future hold?

Robotic Exotic Dancers Prove No Job Is Safe

Robots are being integrated into every part of our lives from adult entertainment to nannies, and being given human rights such citizenship and marriage licenses. Would you go to a strip club with only robot strippers?

There's a Stock Car Driver Who Only Accepts Vegan Sponsors

Leilani Munter puts her beliefs before her career. As she puts it, she's an activist with a race car. Leilani Munter has walked away from huge sponsorships because they didn't align with her eco-friendly beliefs.

What Part of Space Should NASA Explore Next?

NASA's New Frontiers Program has to decide what area of space NASA should explore next. It's currently down to 4. Which program do you think should win?

How 420 Went From an Inside Joke to a Global Event

How did 420 come into existence? It started with a small group of friends and thanks to the Grateful Dead became a worldwide sensation.

The Life & Legacy of Stephen Hawking

In honor of Stephen Hawking's passing, Cheddar takes a look at some of what we've learned from this legendary physicist.

Apple Slowed Down Your iPhone, But Is It Planned Obsolescence?

Apple has already admitted to slowing down your iPhone, but is it on purpose? They haven't admitted to planned obsolescence, but it has been a business strategy used since the early 1900s.

Could Going Helmetless Solve Football's Brain Injury Problem?

CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is a disease closely associated with American football players due to repetitive hits to the skull. This leads to brain damage over time including, memory loss, aggression, impulse control, and more.

Do College Football Players Need Free Lifelong Heath Care?

The debate over whether or not college football players should get paid is not a new one. Add CTE, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, and other chronic ailments that college football players can develop and thing get even more complicated.

How Close Are We To Living Like the Jetsons? - Cheddar Explains

How close are we to living like The Jetsons? Although we are still 44 years away from when The Jetsons took place we already have a lot of the technology they predicted. Let's grab a progress report.

How Cord Cutting Is Signaling "Innovate or Die" To Traditional Media

Cord cutting has put pressure on traditional cable operators to innovate or die, and has lead to the rise of a new cohort of media companies.

How NASA Makes Money For America

The United States spends a lot of money on NASA. Tens of billions of dollars a year. Did you know that NASA is actually returning more in value to the American economy than we spend on it?

The Capitalistic & Religious Reasons Why Breakfast is the "Most Important Meal of the Day"

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day", we've all heard over the years. But is it really? The short answer is no. The long answer somehow involves masturbation.

The War For Your Internet Browsing Activity

For decades large technology companies have been locked in a battle to own the way you access the internet. From Netscape Navigator to Microsoft's Internet Explorer to Google's Chrome and everything in between.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

Investment fraud has been present throughout Wall Street history starting with Charles Ponzi himself. In more recent years you have heard the name, Bernie Madoff, for running one of the biggest ponzi schemes in recent history.

Why Are Fast Food Logos Red? And Why Are They Changing to Green?

Ever wonder why the majority of fast food chains use red in their logo? Many think it's because "red stimulates hunger" but that's not true. Turns out, the colors of fast food have more to do with fast than food.

The Hidden Economy Behind NYC Street Vending

Why You Should Care About The "Internet of Things"

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The best interviews with visionaries in technology, media, and entertainment

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