1 season available

Charles in Charge

TVPG • Comedy, Sitcom, Family • TV Series • 1984

Scott Baio stars as Charles, a nineteen-year-old college student who, in exchange for room and board, serves as a live-in nanny to three energetic chi...more

Scott Baio stars as Charles, a nineteen-year-old college student who, in exchange for room and board, serves as a live-in nanny to three energetic chi...more

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1 season available (21 episodes)

1 season available

(21 episodes)

Episode 1


Charles' attempt to impress the campus beauty goes awry.
Episode 2

Extracurricular Activity

Charles steers the children into extracurricular activities.
Episode 3

Another Saturday Night

Mr. And Mrs. Pembroke are spending the evening out and Charles is babysitting. He is busy preparing for Gwendolyn's visit, with whom he plans to study. Buddy shows up unexpectedly and wants to go to The Lamplight to look at girls. After all, that is what guys should be doing on a Saturday night. Gwendolyn is enraged when she finds out that Charles occasionally hangs out there with his friends. Buddy and she argue heatedly and it just makes matters worse.
Episode 4


The Pembroke children declare war.
Episode 5

Trick or Treat

Buddy fears he won't impress his dream girl.
Episode 6

Cousin Elliott

Charles comes home triumphant from a softball game. He is so happy with life, his job, and school.Unexpectedly, cousin Elliot shows up at the Pembroke house. His ideas of how to deal with children, what is permissible and what is not, do not necessarily coincide with Charles' opinions. The children drink coffee, overeat on ice cream to the point of stomach aches, Elliot even plans to take Lila -- who is only fourteen years old -- to a dark, smoky night club.
Episode 7

Slumber Party

Lila throws a slumber party.
Episode 8

A Date with Enid

Charles has his hands full. It is pouring rain outside and everyone in the Pembroke household is confined to the house. Stan gave everyone assignments, and he is trying very hard to get caught up on all those things that get postponed. There is the fireplace that needs cleaning, the bathroom that has to be recaulked...however, all these projects get interrupted when Douglas thinks he has found the love of his life in Enid, Lila's friend.
Episode 9

Friends and Lovers

Charles and Gwendolyn decide that college itself puts enough pressure on them and they do not need the additional ones of a serious relationship. There will be plenty of time for that once they have graduated. Charles explains to Stan and Jill Pembroke that, since they are so secure in their relationship, it will only help them appreciate each other more if they go out with other people. Then Gwendolyn has to cut her chemistry studying time with Charles short because she has been asked out on a date that evening. Charles begins fighting the first symptoms of a very serious jealousy attack.
Episode 10

Home for the Holidays

It is Christmas Eve and the Pembroke household is buzzing with activity. Grandma Irene (guest star Rue McLanahan), Stan's mother, is expected for her yearly three-week stay with the grandchildren. Jill is cleaning an already immaculate house and wondering why her mother-in law's visit still upsets her in the manner it did fifteen years ago! Charles is trying to console Jason who is depressed and sad to see him go. Charles plans to go home for the holidays, he will spend his vacation with his parents in Vermont. The phone rings, and Charles' dad informs him that they are completely snowed in. This news makes Jason suddenly feel much better, but Grandma Irene becomes more and more jealous of Charles.
Episode 11

Accidental Puppy

Charles, Buddy, and Gwendolyn have just returned from two days camping out in line for tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert. They feel that it was a worthy life experience spending the night with fifteen thousand people sleeping with their heads on the curb, but it did not get them tickets to the concert. They still would give a lot to get the tickets -- but how? Charles is still occupied with his problem when Jason and Douglas come in the back door carrying the dog Jason accidentally ran over with his bike. They blame each other for "killing" the dog. All the while, the dog is very much alive, and both boys want Charles' permission to keep it.
Episode 12

The Commotion

Charles is pushed for time; the strain shows on his face; he has to meet a deadline for his school paper. His scholarship depends on it, and he has been assigned to write the paper with someone -- his friend Buddy Lembeck. He needs to concentrate, but the noise around him is deafening. Lila has a loud conversation with her girlfriend on the telephone. Stan and Jill are arguing, and Jason and Douglas are trying to put it on tape. Furthermore, Buddy shows up and tells Charles that he has finished with his part of the assignment. Gwendolyn wants to buy a used car and she would like for Charles to look at the car for her as soon as possible -- like that night!
Episode 13

Mr. President

Gwendolyn talks Charles into running for freshman class president against the children's cousin Elliot whose hard-to-beat slogan is "fun at all costs". Charles can't find anything wrong with having a little fun in college, but Gwendolyn has a different opinion. She feels that whoever becomes class president will have an effect on campus life for the rest of the year! Why should Elliot Pembroke be able to turn college into a "fun-till-you-drop" circus? Gwendolyn urges Charles to run for president against the fun-loving Elliot because he is running unopposed.
Episode 14

Jill's Decision

Jill Pembroke has a job promotion to arts and fashion editor, and immediately she finds out that she has more responsibilities that will keep her from spending precious time with her children.
Episode 15

Pressure from Grandma

Charles is in charge of the Pembroke children when their parents are off on a week's vacation in Jamaica, their first one without the kids. Grandma Irene (guest star Rue McClanahan) also arrives to help take care of things. She brings with her a very innovative sample of merchandise, a new kind of pizza which she plans to launch with Charles' assistance.
Episode 16

Snowed In

A snowstorm traps Charles and company in the house.
Episode 17

Charles 'R' Us

No matter how hard Charles and Buddy try, between them they do not have enough cash to even think about going out on dates. There has to be a way for them to make some extra spending money. Buddy's idea of finding household helpers and training them, then placing them for a small fee may be the answer to their cash shortage. What if they could offer somebody with the Good Charleskeeping Seal of Approval? Who would be better suited to find other Charleses than Charles himself?
Episode 18

Charles' Spring Break

Charles and his friends, Buddy, Gwendolyn and others, save and scrape together as much money as they possibly can to spend a few days of rest and relaxation in sunny Florida. But unfortunately, as it often happens, all sorts of unexpected problems come up just before they leave and it seems that, once in Florida, Charles cannot get off the telephone with Douglas.
Episode 19

The Wrong Guy

Charles and Buddy are excited about their very first bachelor party. At the same time, Lila has been asked out by a young man whom her parents cannot stand. Lila is quite desperate to date him and asks Charles for advice and for approval. Unfortunately, his support backfires on them.
Episode 20

Mr. Brilliant

Charles invites Jill's old high-school friend for dinner.
Episode 21

Meet Grampa

Charles and Buddy are getting ready to leave for summer vacation and are frantically looking for jobs, Jason is recovering from knee surgery, and Grampa "drops in" from Alaska, announcing to everyone that he is thinking of retirement, and for some reason he is having a very difficult time recognizing all the children in the Pembroke household.

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