1 season available


TV14 • Telenovelas, Drama, Music, Latino • TV Series • 2015

The story of the internationally renowned Cuban musical artist, Celia, Cruz. This is the story of Celia, the ungraceful, skinny and shy girl who never...more

The story of the internationally renowned Cuban musical artist, Celia, Cruz. This is the story of Celia, the ungraceful, skinny and shy girl who never...more

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1 season available (80 episodes)

1 season available

(80 episodes)

Episode 1

They Don’t Let Celia Sing Professionally

Young Celia faces the first of many obstacles, but decides to participate in a music competition. Ana, Celia’s aunt and second time mother, loses her baby. Celia is famous. Celebrates 50 years of professional activity in New York. Ollita’s spirit appears
Episode 2

Celia Listens to the Sonora Matancera

Celia attends a party without her father’s permission and achieves her dream of seeing her music idols live.
Episode 3

Celia meets Pedro Knight

Pedro, with his ability to conquer a woman’s heart, convinces Celia to dance. She falls into his net and abandons herself the entire night to Pedro unaware that her father has suffered a heart attack upon discovering she had left the house.
Episode 4

Celia wants to give up her dream

Alberto tells Celia the bad news. She leaves Pedro standing-up in the middle of the party. Celia feels responsible for what happened to her father, Simón; plans to promise him she will become a teacher, which is what he wants.
Episode 5

Celia will audition with La Sonora

Pedro acknowledges that his soft spot for women makes him irresponsible with regard to his job. The band goes to Pinar del Río. There Pedro and Celia run into each other and Celia meets Maestro Rogelio Martínez. He wants to listen Celia sing.
Episode 6

La Sonora looks for a replacement

Myrta Silva leaves the band; the opportunity of a lifetime opens up for Celia. Pedro Knight asks her to dance and convinces her to take advantage of the lead singer’s departure and take her place. Celia promises to try it.
Episode 7

Celia and Myrta sing together

Myrta is ready to become a mother and says she’s prepared to sing for her baby. Silva advises Celia not to abandon her dreams, thanks her for being a loyal fan that knows all her songs, and invites her to sing some of the most famous tunes.
Episode 8

Celia and Pedro close to kissing

Young Celia is very thankful and lets herself be carried away by her feelings. She gives Pedro a massage to alleviate his pain and, both alone, almost yield to the temptation of kissing. Alberto spies on them through the window.
Episode 9

Pedro fell in love with Celia

Knight is fascinated by Celia’s initiative. She is embarrassed. During one of their trysts, Pedro can’t get Celia out of his head. Celia practices movements while on stage. She will compete on Radio Progreso.
Episode 10

Celia declares her love to Pedro

Celia can’t hold it any longer and questions Pedro about his feelings for her. This way, she responds to the thrust Ana gives the relationship. They travel back to La Habana by train, Celia dedicates him a song. Lola hides; Ollita helps her.
Episode 11

Celia is confused

Alberto is called to participate in the Revolution to change the status quo. Lola advises Celia and encourages her to pursue her dream. Celia discovers that Noris is Pedro’s girlfriend. Lola confesses her love for Marcos, her uncle.
Episode 12

Pedro surprises Celia

Pedro is honest with Mario. Pedro is in love with Celia and pays her a surprise visit. Eliecer convinces Marcos to give Lola a goodbye card.
Episode 13

Celia wins the singing competition

Lola attends the Radio Progreso competition to please Eliécer in exchange to be taken out of the country. Simón storms the scene and threatens his daughter’s life. Celia receives loud applause in La Habana. Norys is eaten up with envy.
Episode 14

Celia’s Father is embarrassed

Alberto confronts Celia about Pedro Knight’s identity and false name, Martín León. She confesses she is in love with the man. The maestro asks Pedro to disappear when Celia auditions. Simón fights with his daughter.
Episode 15

Don Simón fumes

Celia’s father discovers that his daughter and Pedro are in a romantic relationship and he almost suffers another heart attack. Pedro threatens to stop seeing Noris if she tells Celia about their love affair. Gamita takes Noris to Pinar del Río.
Episode 16

Celia discovers that Martín is Pedro

Celia attends the Sonora Matancera’s audition directed by maestro Martínez and sees Pedro Knight playing the trumpet. Asks for a change of song, it is called “Love is so short”, a direct message aimed at her beloved Pedro.
Episode 17

Celia is the new voice of La Sonora

Celia’s charm and talent win over maestro Martínez and the youngster who used to be timid and nervous turns into the new singer of the famous band. Pedro asks Celia to forgive him for all his lies and resigns. René the choreographer will train Celia.
Episode 18

Celia looks for Pedro Knight

Pedro misses Celia. Plays the trumpet in a bar while sad and lonely. Mario asks Celia to stop Pedro from leaving the band. Gamita visits René at home and the choreographer and offers to be his assistant. He accepts and René comes out “of the closet”.
Episode 19

La Sonora welcomes Celia

Celia signs the contract and the band members welcome her to her first rehearsal. Knight abandons his wife and promises to take care of the girls. Myrelys swears she will make his life impossible. Gamita is not sure whether to work with René.
Episode 20

Pedro has a second chance

Pedro returns to the Sonora Matancera after promising he will not fail again. Celia wants to know the truth and confronts Lola about the abuse she suffered from her father and, if she discovers that to be true, she will report him to the Police.
Episode 21

Celia dedicates a song to Pedro

Celia warns Lola not to go on tour to México, without first making sure her friend is OK. Upon being asked, Celia sings officially for the first time with La Sonora and dedicates a song to Pedro. Celia is already considering buying a house for the family.
Episode 22

Celia’s tour is a great success

Celia’s professional career with La Sonora Matancera goes international at the same time that Cuba experiences severe political unrest. The revolution explodes. The band plays in Venezuela and the audience goes wild.
Episode 23

Celia is applauded in México

Celia sings in México for the first time and is well received. Daniel Santos, another super star singer will share the stage with Celia on tour. Noris aims high and chooses the parcel where to build the Cruz Family home. Lola goes on a date.
Episode 24

Pedro wants to be Celia’s boyfriend

Celia wants to know about Pedro’s family, the one he never talks about. He is madly in love with Celia and, without telling her the whole truth, asks her to be his girlfriend. Due to an insurgent attack, Batista’s regime declares a curfew in Cuba.
Episode 25

Pedro opens up his life to Celia

After so many lies, Pedro tells all about his personal life to Celia. Martínez shares with all the members of the band the high listenership they have achieved on radios broadcasting across Latin America. Celia begins to be known and admired.
Episode 26

Pedro is Celia's motivator

Pedro motivates Celia in difficult times. She must pass the difficult challenges both in her career and personal life, but the trumpet player is always there to encourage her to continue fighting. Celia is disappointed in her Father.
Episode 27

Celia faces Myrelys at the Tropicana

Celia and Myrelys face-off at the Tropicana. Pedro’s ex tries to provoke Celia with a dedication to Knight after her show. Pedro is jealous of the composer of Celia’s new song and rightly so because he catcalls Celia and invites her to dinner
Episode 28

Celia triumphs in sales and awards

Celia beats records. Sells one million copies of her single "Tu Voz" (Your Voice). She is recognized globally as the best singer of her time. Starts to win prestigious awards. Mario opens his heart and makes love to Raquel.
Episode 29

Pedro tells Celia he misses her

Pedro drowns in his feelings for the new superstar singer and tells her that her happiness is his happiness. He feels ousted by the new beau. Lola seeks a job with Juan David at bar La Berraca in New York.
Episode 30

Celia worries about Ollita

Celia’s mother is sick. After learning about Ollita’s health problems, Celia is anguished and wants to do whatever is necessary to help her mother get better. Ollita confesses she is afraid of death. Lola shows her attributes and talent.
Episode 31

Pedro and Celia have their first kiss

Pedro and Celia Kiss for the first time. After so many difficult moments, Pedro and Celia let themselves be carried away by their feelings. Celia meets the President and he notices she is not well.
Episode 32

Celia films her first movie

Celia expands her musical career with the filming of her first movie in Mexico along with big celebrities. The Cruz’s new House is still under construction. Celia is afraid her mother won’t be able to enjoy it. Ollita feels she will die soon.
Episode 33

Celia sings to the revolution

Forced by the regime, Celia and La Sonora play at Tropicana in front of the Cuban high military command. Raquel’s husband offers to take her and her mother out of Cuba. She asks him for a divorce. Celia receives a call from Ollita. The revolution wins.
Episode 34

Dictatorship and political prisoners

Celia gets in serious trouble at Tropicana for not acknowledging publicly the presence of the commander of the revolution. Everybody talks about the violence, the abuse and the unfairness. Journalist Armando Pérez Roura is kidnapped and tortured.
Episode 35

Celia loses her house

The revolutionaries take forceful possession of Celia’s house. The singer starts suffering reprisals for been against the revolutionary government. She calls the revolutions’ request for support, abuse. Lola and her new love enjoy the good life.
Episode 36

Ollita says goodbye

Ollita says goodbye to Celia thanking her for having always been a great daughter. Pedro Knight asks her wife to follow him to Mexico with his daughters. Tells her that after the musical tour, they will stay longer.
Episode 37

Celia seeks refuge in México

Celia arrives in México with no return date. Due to the situation in Cuba, Celia must make decisions and change her life direction. Ana and Noris warn Celia that each time she leaves, her mother has a relapse. The revolution hits Gamita.
Episode 38

Celia stays in México

Due to the situation in Cuba, Celia accepts the proposal of Mexico’s President to extend her stay there. Ollita is uneasy due to her daughters return to the island. Raquel disappeared. Mario is right, Raquel abandoned him.
Episode 39

Cuba closes its door to Celia

Celia will never be able to go back to her native Cuba. Alberto himself is in charge of keeping the diva of song from reentering the country and threatens to kill Pedro in México. Gamita has nightmares prompted by the torture.
Episode 40

Pedro and Celia walk around in México

Pedro invites Celia to tour México so that she may put aside, temporarily, her problems. Mario asks Myrelys to let him stay with her; they kicked him out of his house. She tells him to go back to México and, while there, look for his friend Pedro.
Episode 41

Celia declares her love to Pedro

Pedro dances with the love of his life. Celia cannot contain her feelings for Pedro any longer and, after ordering her thoughts, kisses him with passion. Myrelys has a romantic adventure. New York is a magnet for the Latin artists of the time.
Episode 42

Celia resigns from La Sonora

Following the accusations made by the gringo, Celia takes the drastic decision of resigning to the band as well as to the record label. Gamita will board a ship headed for Florida by way of Cancún. Shares the good news with Celia and René.
Episode 43

Ollita suffers a relapse

Celia learns that her mother is in bad shape. Ollita discovers that Celia will never return to Cuba so she will never see her again. The bad news impacts her delicate health. The revolution is looking for Gamita and pressures Celia and her family.
Episode 44

Celia manages to speak to her mom

After numerous obstacles, Pedro is finally able to put Celia in touch with her mom, Ollita, who is in the hospital. Gamita is at sea. Mario and Myrelys have a fight after she has welcomed him to her house. Mario is depressed.
Episode 45

Celia suffers a loss

Pedro and Celia dance as though it were their first time. They dream about enjoying the simple things in life. Since leaving Cuba, bad news keeps pouring in; now sadly, it’s her father Simon; he has died and she cannot be with her family.
Episode 46

Celia can't say goodbye

To her misfortune, the revolutionary government rules out Celia’s return to Cuba to attend her father’s burial. Noris gives Ollita the bad news. Celia’s heart is filled with sadness. They lose track of Gamita’s raft.
Episode 47

Pedro proposes to Celia

On his knees, Pedro asks Celia to be his wife. Wasting no time, he has decided to share the rest of his life with Celia. Mario and Myrelys make love. She asks him to leave the house. Pedro’s daughters want Mario back.
Episode 48

Celia confesses the truth to Ollita

Upon Ollita’s insistence, Celia tells her mom the whole truth; she will never be able to return to Cuba. Celia receives an interesting job proposal. On the raft, Gamita fights for her life. René will wait for him as long as needed.
Episode 49

Celia wants to help Lola

Celia tries to help Lola. She cannot believe what Lola has turned into and, although she tries to help her, Lola does not allow it. Inebriated, Lola speaks nonsense and offends her best friend. The scandal goes public.
Episode 50

Ollita bids farewell forever

In the middle of a concert in New York, Celia learns about her mother’s death and decides to continue singing in her honor. She is named Honorary Citizen of the world’s capital. Celia represents all Cubans who are exiled. She debuts as a solo singer.
Episode 51

Celia and Pedro announce their wedding

Just as she had promised, after the concert that served to pay tribute to her mother, Celia accepts the marriage proposal from her boyfriend for life. The couple announce their wedding plans. René threatens to report Fabian to the police.
Episode 52

Pedro says goodbye to Celia

Knight writes a farewell letter to Celia. To the famous singer’s disbelief, Pedro decides to leave her forever. Mario and Myrelys obtain a permit and continue with their plan. Pedro helps Raquel find Mario.
Episode 53

Celia and Pedro see each other again

Celia and Pedro see each other again. After much suffering and distrust, they reunite thus changing the future course of their lives. Mario travels to New York and after a long period of time, finally talks to Raquel. Something bad happened to Gamita.
Episode 54

Pedro and Celia marry

After enduring so many problems, Pedro and Celia decide to share the rest of their lives together. Mario and Raquel meet, but he doesn’t want anything more to do with her. Noris, from Cuba, tells Celia that because of her "the bearded ones" mistreat her.
Episode 55

A slump in Celia’s career

Celia and Pedro move to their new love nest. Celia goes through tough times in her career, unable to connect with her fans like before. The record label considers a re-launching with promotions and tours. René died.
Episode 56

Celia agrees to record with La Fania

Lola turns out to be Pedro and Celia’s worst enemy and defies the label to choose between her and Celia. Celia records with La Fania; this could reactivate her career. The revolutionary army takes possession of the money Celia sends to her Family.
Episode 57

Celia is able to get Noris out of Cuba

Noris is taken into custody by the authorities, but with the help of Mexico’s President, Celia is able to free her, first from jail and then from Cuba. Mario‘s heart is torn between Raquel and Myrelys. Mario wants to see his son.
Episode 58

Pedro and Celia will be parents

The couple is happy. They shall have the privilege of bringing a child into the world. Noris and Pedro fight in México where Celia’s sister decided to take residence. Knight complains about Noris’s extravagant expenses.
Episode 59

Celia loses her child

Since arriving in México, Noris has been a source of unpleasantness and criticism against Celia with respect to Celia’s life and relationship with Pedro. She insists that he manipulates and dominates her. Tries to convince her to stay in México.
Episode 60

Celia signs a contract with La Fania

Noris and Celia bid farewell. Filled with sadness, Pedro and Celia return to New York. After many failed attempts together with Tito Puente, Celia signs with the label; a new path opens in her professional career.
Episode 61

Celia meets the child of her dreams

Destiny brought Celia the child of her dreams bringing happiness into her life. Celia is anxious to advance her professional career. Lola is now with her baby and her partner is in a psychiatric facility.
Episode 62

To the conquest of the USA

After much fighting to sign a contract with La Fania, Celia is ready to conquer the English-speaking market of the USA. Mario asks forgiveness from Myrelys and her daughters. Lola is furious and curses the label. Myrelys wants to move to Miami.
Episode 63

Lola visits Eliécer in prison

Lola wants Billy back in her life but grows ever more aggressive inside the psychiatric hospital. After many years, Lola visits Eliécer in prison seeking consultation and help. Celia buys gifts for Oscarito; intends to spend more time with him.
Episode 64

Celia starts on the road to success

The label, La Fania and Celia are happy after the worldwide success of their first production. Celia and Pedro fight over Oscarito. He thinks the child and his family are getting close to Celia because of her money. Lola is ready to record again.
Episode 65

Celia sells-ou Yankee Stadium

Celia and Pedro declare their undying love. After so many roadblocks in the English-speaking market, Celia achieves her objective: her music is contagious and her fan-base keeps growing. Her husband christens her, The Queen of Salsa.
Episode 66

Celia offers a concert in África

Celia remembers and pays tribute to her roots in a concert held at the Statu Hai stadium, supported by her label and La Fania. Oscarito and Pedro grow closer. Oscarito’s mother confronts Knight and rejects any financial support for her son.
Episode 67

Pedro and Celia renew their vows

Celia takes her music to remote lands such as Finland and Sweden. She also goes to Tenerife. It took 25 years of obstacles to overcome, happiness and suffering but, above it all, what remains between Pedro Knight and Celia Cruz, is love.
Episode 68

Lola ruins Celia's party

Envy and hate make Lola lose control and ruin one of Celia and Pedro’s happiest moments with her best friends. They tell her she is wrong, but she says that in reality, they hate her. Billy returns to Lola’s side and meets his son.
Episode 69

Celia wins her first Latin Grammy

Celia’s dream becomes true and through effort and hard work receives a prestigious industry award, the Latin Grammy. Lola apologizes to Billy when he asks why she didn’t visit him. Eliécer gets out of prison and has Lola on his mind.
Episode 70

Celia and Pedro travel to Guantánamo

After many years away from Cuba, Celia arrives as a special guest to the US Naval base at Guantanamo. Oscarito and Pedro Knight are at her side. Celia receives the Honoris Causa and is an example to follow for all Latinos living in the USA.
Episode 71

Celia sings in Guantánamo

After 30 years in exile, Celia is able to sing in Guantánamo, Cuba, in spite of problems and obstacles imposed by the revolutionaries. Celia and Pedro Knight are sabotaged during their stay. Alberto is a repentant soldier of the revolution.
Episode 72

Celia takes home soil from Cuba

The super star singer comes out publicly with an act of profound spiritual meaning, takes with her a handful of Cuban soil. Upon her death, she wants to depart this world with a small piece of her native land.
Episode 73

Lola comes before the court

Lola faces the judge to fight for custody of her children. The State charges that she is not tending to their needs or have the necessary resources to care for them. Pedro tells Celia not to cling to a single musical style.
Episode 74

Noris asks Celia for her forgiveness

Noris confesses to Celia her malicious acts and asks for her forgiveness. Lola is resigned and calls for Eliécer’s death due to his betrayal. Celia receives an offer to sing with the Miami Sound Machine. La Fania plans to keep Celia from leaving.
Episode 75

Pedro follows his instinct

Celia’s musical career shines like never before, but now and because of the new label she is about to start recording with, she might be in danger. The Guarachera visits Lola and she tells her that Eliécer is the one responsible for all her misery.
Episode 76

Celia is the victim of a trap

Unaware, Celia records a song with her new label and La Fania reacts with dire consequences to Celia’s musical career. Ana, Celia’s aunt, died in Cuba. Lola escapes from the psychiatric hospital and Eliécer knows she wants him dead.
Episode 77

Celia and Pedro sign with another label

Celia’s new agent organizes a meeting with representatives of an important Japanese firm who want the singer to work for their label. Celia’s dignity is at play. La Fania demands the record to be taken out of circulation. Lola’s children are adopted.
Episode 78

Celia signs with the Japanese

Celia opens up to new business proposals and signs a contract with the Japanese multinational. Tito Puente is in precarious health. Lola escapes from the hospital and goes after Eliécer.
Episode 79

Celia at Madison Square Garden

Celia, the most famous woman in Latin music with over 80 records and 1,000 songs interpreted since the 1950’s, takes “ownership” of Madison Square Garden in New York; sells it out! Pedro suffers a diabetic coma.
Episode 80

Celia dies of a tumor

Eliécer betrays Gómez reporting him to the authorities and stealing most of the money earned by Celia during her tours. They aprehend him. The Guarachera has cáncer. Her health deteriorates and dies. She leaves a unique and unmistakable musical legacy.

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