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Catfish: The TV Show

TVPGDocumentaries • RealityTeenTV Series • 2012

Catfish: The TV Show brings together couples who've interacted solely through LCD sc...more

Catfish: The TV Show brings together couples who've interacted s...More

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Catfish Keeps It 100: The Young and the Catfished

In another "Catfish Keeps It 100" special episode, Nev and Max count down the Top Ten crazy "Teenage Episodes" in Catfish history, as well as share hilarious and embarrassing stories from their own mischievous teenage years.
Episode 1

Sheklia & Talli

A concerned son reaches out when his mom's mysterious online boyfriend seems too shady for comfort. But Mom is hiding secrets of her own, and once Nev & Max find their man, things take a bizarre turn that leave them shocked.
Episode 2

Alyssa & Tyler

Alyssa's friend Mary urged her to sign up for a dating website and that's where Alyssa met the love of her life, Tyler. As Nev and Max help Alyssa, they begin to wonder who lurks behind the Tyler profile. Could Tyler be Mary?
Episode 3

Kim & Matt

After five years of talking to Matt, Kim is ready to meet up with her online love. As Max and Nev try to bring the two together, they uncover buried secrets that threaten to drive a wedge between the two lovers.
Episode 4

Lawrence & Cierra

After a number of near-death experiences, Lawrence survived through it all with the assurance of Cierra's online love. But with Cierra blowing Lawrence off whenever they try to meet, Nev and Max must find the truth behind the suspicious profile.
Episode 5

Mary & Adam

A former catfish turns to Nev and Max for help when they fall hard in love online. Could this catfish be playing Nev and Max…or worse, will the catfish have to pay for their crimes with a broken heart?
Episode 6

Zak & Garrett

When Zak met Garrett online he fell hard, but suspicious video calls and curious disappearances has Zak worried about who he really fell in love with. Will Nev and Max be able to find Garrett before he vanishes for good?
Episode 7

Traves & Candy

When Traves asks for help with his internet girlfriend Candy, it looks like a classic case of catfishing. But after more pieces of the puzzle come together, the guys realize they may have caught a bigger catfish than expected.
Episode 8

Mandy & Jose

Mandy is in love with a guy that gives her everything except the truth! Mandy's son has had enough and calls in Nev and Max for help. But following a trail of clues only takes them all deeper down the rabbit hole.
Episode 9

Infiniti & Dave

Nev and Max head to NYC to help Infinti, a 19-year-old dancer who is certain that her online romance is the real deal. But when Nev and Max dive deep, they find Infiniti's bae is far shadier than they ever imagined.
Episode 10

Dylan & Savenia

Dylan's desperately fallen for a beautiful model with an elusive secret. With all the standard red flags, Nev and Max assume it's an open and shut case… but the truth is something stranger than fiction.
Episode 11

Kiaira & Cortney

Kiaira and Cortney had a baby…The only catch is that Kiaira's never met Cortney nor the baby! Nev and Max are called in to bring her family together, but they worry this could be the greatest manipulation in catfish history.
Episode 12

Nina & Jon

Nina is a sexy webcam model, who's considering leaving her husband for a big spender client she's fallen in love with online. Nev and Max investigate this high stakes case to determine if his big tips come with bigger lies
Episode 13

Angel & Jordan

A match on Tinder ignited a fire for Jordan that caused Angel to end a real-life relationship to pursue him. When Nev and his wife Laura get on the case they uncover dark truths that could lose Angel everyone close in her life.
Episode 14

Breana & Josh

Breana has waited to marry Josh for 11 years, but her love fades when the boys uncover the man behind the profile. Now, Josh's past catches up with him as Nev and Max launch a multistate manhunt to uncover the dark truth.
Episode 15

Chelsea & Charles

Nev and Max agree to help Chelsea finally meet her online boyfriend, Charles, in person. While Chelsea has only spoken to Charles once, on the phone, the guys soon show her that a picture speaks a thousand words.
Episode 16

Nae & Brandon

Nev and Max attempt to help a young woman named Nae track down her elusive internet celebrity crush and soon find themselves embroiled in a Catfish conspiracy!
Episode 17

Derek & Annabelle

A mystery email leads Nev and Laura to help Derek track down his online love Annabelle. After digging, they uncover a sexy Snapchat scandal, betrayal, and a conclusion that hits closer to home than Derek could have ever dreamed.
Episode 18

Nick & Jasmine

Nev and Max try to help Nick determine if the person he kissed during a mysterious blindfolded rendezvous is actually his online love, Jasmine, or someone entirely different altogether!
Episode 19

Mike & Joey

Nev and co-host Jane Carrey help aspiring sugar baby Mike choose between his Los Angeles life of leisure and his deep affection for the mysterious Joey, a broke mechanic he fell in love with on Grindr.
Episode 20

Rachael & Vance

Nev and co-host Kamie Crawford fly to Iowa to help Rachael meet Vance, her decade long Myspace romance. But as they dig into Vance's past, Rachael is left wondering if he really is the man she spent half her life in love with.
Episode 21

Sheila & Rich Dollaz

Nev and co-host Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, are hot on a case to help Sheila figure out if she's being romanced by LOVE & HIP HOP's Rich Dollaz. Is it just a fan girl crush or is Sheila really talking to the bad boy reality star?
Episode 22

Chelsea & Lennie

Nev and co-host Tallulah Willis help Chelsea, a young woman who's fallen for a reality TV star. But digging for the truth only reveals Chelsea has her own secrets. Will her search end in true love or will she lose everything?
Episode 23

Truth & Ray'Quan

L.A. fashion designer Truth is hot for his online crush Ray'Quan despite the fact he's in a relationship IRL. The drama deepens when Nev and co-host Zeke Thomas find out who's behind the profile and Truth can't handle the truth.
Episode 24

Shakinah & Chris

After chatting for years with Chris, Shakinah needs to move forward with her love life. But when Nev and co-host Kamie Crawford find out that Chris is a huge pop star, they know Shakinah needs their help in more ways than one.
Episode 25

Dallas & Safari

Instafamous model Dallas has his sights set on sexy Safari ever since she slid into his DMs – but despite flirty promises, she won't meet. Nev and co-host Tallulah Willis take Dallas on a wild ride as they hunt for Safari.
Episode 26

Aubri & Brian

Nev and co-host Slick Woods help 19-year-old Aubri find her Snapchat love, Brian. Brian says he lives at Aubri's college but has shady excuses not to meet. With little to go on, Nev and Slick hit the campus in search of answers.
Episode 27

Nique & Alice

Co-host popstar, Elle King joins Nev to help Nique find her Tumblr love, Alice. Digging deep leads to more questions than answers as Nev and Elle have concerns about who Alice could be and what her true intentions are with Nique.
Episode 28

Deven & James

Nev and NFL star Rashad Jennings help Deven find his mysterious online love James. James won't videochat yet he invites Deven to fly across the country to meet him! Hopeful for love but prepared for a trap, Deven needs answers.
Episode 29

Mathan & Leah

Nev and co-host Kamie Crawford help Mathan find Leah, a girl he's been talking to for a decade yet can never meet! But Leah has shocking secrets beyond their wildest imaginations that will lead them on one of their toughest chases ever!
Episode 30

Kristina & Faith

When Kristina met Faith in a chatroom, she didn't intend to fall in love and betray her IRL fiancé. Now Nev and co-host Tallulah Willis navigate a treacherous love triangle as they embark on an epic hunt to find the truth.
Episode 31

Oceanna & Nelly

Nev and Slick Woods investigate the mystery of Oceanna and her enigmatic, online stalker, Nelly. When Oceanna's ex-girlfriend Kira becomes involved though, the team are left wondering who is a victim and who is the perpetrator.
Episode 32

Angel & Remy

Nev and co-host Elle King help Angel find her online love Remy. But the closest Angel has ever gotten to Remy was when he was creepily watching her from outside her car! Angel needs answers but will she be ready for the truth?
Episode 33

Kaden & Adriana

Nev and co-host Kamie Crawford help lovestruck Kaden figure out if his four-year relationship with sexy Adriana is real. What's crazy is - Kaden actually met Adriana IRL! Has a catfish hijacked his connection with the real Adriana?
Episode 34

Taylor & Christian

Taylor needs help after falling for a guy that claims to have gone to her high school but whom she doesn't remember. Nev and co-host Tallulah dig in to Taylor's tale only to uncover secrets more shocking than they ever expected.
Episode 35

Matthew & Chance

Kimiko Glenn joins Nev in helping Matthew find his elusive Instagram love, Chance. But as they search for answers, they run into unsurpassable roadblocks that make them question whether we'll ever have a chance to find Chance.
Episode 36

Shirlene and James

Nev and co-host Kamie help a lovestruck Navajo girl on her vision quest to find the Zuni man she loves, a man who not only admitted to being a drug smuggler but also claimed to have died, leaving everyone desperate for answers!
Episode 37

CJ & Shana

Justin Combs joins Nev to help CJ find Shana, a woman that CJ's been having a steamy relationship with for 8 years and has never met! But as they close in on the hunt for Shana, Nev and Justin discover that she is lurking on their every move.
Episode 38

Tristyn & Lara

Tristyn is head over heels for Lara, a mystery girl who he's been talking to for years, but can never meet IRL! As Nev and Kamie investigate, facts surface leaving everyone wondering if anything about Lara and her love is legit.
Episode 39

Cherie & Avion

Sexy Avion swayed Cherie to send him explicit photos, but Cherie's worried she has trusted the wrong man with her pics. Nev and Justin Combs try to help, but when they get an angry call from Avion's wife, things go south fast!
Episode 40

Angel & Antonio

Laura joins Nev to help Angel find her online love, Antonio. He claims to live in Angel's small town, yet is never able to meet her! It's clear Antonio is keeping a major secret, but will the truth be more than Angel can handle.

Sneak Peek: Nev and Jane Meet Mike

Is It a Scam?

A Mug Wall

Cherie's Roommate

Fifty Shades of Gray-vion

Back from the Dead

The Michigan Expert

Tough Times

When Nev Met P Diddy

Fry Bread House

James Loses His Keys

Nev's Medal

Rap Battle

Long Lost High School Sweetheart

A Nice Stroll

A Classic Catfish Move

Paul's Home

The Catfish Song

Ready to Fight

Web of Lies

What's a Trade?

Fudge Fishing

Nev's Family Photos

Kamie's Riddle

Mathan Gets Ghosted

Sneak Peek: Getting To Know Deven

Sneak Peek: Nev and Rashad Find James!

Deleted Scene: I Don't Know

Sneak Peek: Nique Nique

Deleted Scene: Slick's New Born Baby!

Sneak Peek: Asking For A Friend

Deleted Scene: Marathon Tips!

Deleted Scene: Norma Calls Nev and Norma

Sneak Peek: Nev & Kamie Meet Shakinah!

Sneak Peek: She's Got Me Running In Circles

Deleted Scene: More About Zeke

Sneak Peek: Getting To Know Ray'Quan

Deleted Scene: Getting To Know Each Other

Sneak Peek: Pierce Calls Nev!

Deleted Scene: Fun Ride With Nev

Sneak Peek: Sheila Is In Love... and Hip Hop!

Deleted Scene: Mom's Radar

Sneak Peek: The FBI Is In The House!

Deleted Scene: Front Facing Camera Broken!

Deleted Scene: How Young People Date

Sneak Peek: Top Suspect

Sneak Peek: We Got A Witness!

Deleted Scene: Where is Charles' phone number?

Sneak Peek: Getting More Info About The Case!

Deleted Scene: Humor Me!

Sneak Peek: Getting To Know Breana

Deleted Scene: Mean Angel

Sneak Peek: Nev and Laura Receive An Interesting Call

Deleted Scene: Crumbs & Whiskers - A Cat Cafe Experience

Deleted Scene: Master Plan

Sneak Peak: Past Hurts

Sneak Peek: Facebook Wall

Deleted Scene: Lucky Tattoo

Sneak Peek: Bounce Back

Deleted Scene: Corduroy Twins

Sneak Peek: Nelly's Take On Dave

Deleted Scene: The Selfie Verification Method

Sneak Peek: Quentin Needs a Hail Mary

Deleted Scene: Derek's Grandma!

Deleted Scene: Traves' Family

Sneak Peek: Max and Nev meet Traves

Deleted Scene: Oscar, The Ultimate Catfish

Sneak Peek: Nev & Max start investigating Zak's case

Deleted Scene: Hot Date

Sneak Peek: Nev & Max get an email with the sender anonymus!

About this Show

Catfish: The TV Show

Catfish: The TV Show brings together couples who've interacted solely through LCD screens. Over the course of months they've supposedly fallen in love -- but what will happen when they meet in real life for the first time?

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