1 season available

Cardfight!! Vanguard

TVG • Kids, Anime, Fantasy, Adventure, Animation, International, Action • TV Series • 2011

Aichi Sendou is a timid boy in his third year of middle school. He had been living his life looking backward but he had one thing that kept him going ...more

Aichi Sendou is a timid boy in his third year of middle school. He had been living his life looking backward but he had one thing that kept him going ...more

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1 season available (65 episodes)

1 season available

(65 episodes)

Episode 1

(Dub) Vanguard of Destiny!

Aichi Sendou is a shy junior high school student. There is something which has supported him all this time. A card, "Blaster Blade. That is a rare card from the card game, "Vanguard”. A class bully named Morikawa takes "Blaster Blade" away from Aichi.
Episode 2

(Dub) Ride to Victory!

In order to take back his "Blaster Blade", Aichi continues to fight Kai in the card game, "Vanguard". Aichi tries his best to beat Kai, and puts up the fight of his life. In the midst of all this, the fate between Aichi and Kai is finally revealed.
Episode 3

(Dub) Welcome to Card Capital!

The manager of "Card Capital", Shin Nitta stops Aichi from having another cardfight with Kai. Shin tells Aichi that he stands to gain something better by having a cardfight with Misaki. Misaki has never actually taken part in a Vanguard fight before.
Episode 4

(Dub) Assault! Twin Drive!

While visiting Card Capital, Aichi spots Morikawa having a vanguard fight with an unfamiliar boy. The kid even manages to beat Morikawa easily with overwhelming power! His name is "Kamui Katsuragi", a well-known elementary school fighter in the area.
Episode 5

(Dub) Whirlwind! Kamui, the Grade-School Fighter!

Aichi decides to visit a card shop in the city. Aichi was excited as he has never been to another card shop before. Morikawa seems to have forgotten the way and they have trouble locating it. Suddenly, a card shop appeared before Aichi.
Episode 6

(Dub) The Mysterious Card Shop!

Aichi has finally met Kai again after so many years. As Aichi wondered what might have happened to Kai over the years, they spot him along the streets by chance and decide to follow him. Little do they know that Kai has actually noticed...
Episode 7

(Dub) The Fearsome Soulblast!

Card Capital is holding a shop tournament. Aichi would like to participate, but cannot muster up the courage to do so. When he does find the strength to submit his entry form, he ends up having a vanguard fight with another player in order to secure the l
Episode 8

(Dub) The King of Knights Enters the Fray!

Aichi has managed to get the last spot in Card Capital's shop tournament. Besides the familiar faces, there are some surprising new faces as well taking part in the shop tournament. However, Aichi's only target is Toshiki Kai. Aichi's plan is to win as ma
Episode 9

(Dub) The Shop Tournament Begins!

The shop tournament heats up after first rounds. Among the victors, one particular table stands out. Aichi sees an adult dressed as a ninja defeating a kid. That Ninja happens to be Aichi's next opponent and reminds him of someone familiar...
Episode 10

(Dub) Enter the Ninja Fighter!

It is the second round of the shop tournament. The fight continues between Aichi and the mysterious ninja. He manages to keep Aichi at bay with the characteristic ability of his Nubatama deck. Slowly but surely, Aichi is getting cornered.
Episode 11

(Dub) Ninja Fighter Withdraws!

The tournament has reached the semi-finals, and Kamui stands before Aichi. These two have agreed not to go easy on each other and the fight begins amid all the anxiety. Will Aichi be able to show Kamui how much he has progressed as a Vanguard fighter?
Episode 12

(Dub) Aichi vs. Kamui

It's a revenge match as Aichi faces Kamui once again. The difference in strength was rather obvious during the previous encounter. However, Aichi is determined to face off against Kai again. As the tension builds up in the room, Kamui makes his move!!
Episode 13

(Dub) Shop Tournament Winner Crowned!

After the shop tournament, Aichi decides to visit other shops for training purposes. Kamui brings him along to a shop called 'Handsome', where the past winning team of the regionals hang out.
Episode 14

(Dub) The Fearsome Undead! the Granblue Deck!

With Aichi's influence, Emi starts to show interest in Vanguard. One day, while visiting Card Capital, Shin persuades Emi to give the game a try. The opponent for this memorable first fight happens to be Morikawa! This is going to be an interesting match!
Episode 15

(Dub) Thrilling! Emi’s First Fight!

The regional tournaments have begun. After a long ride in Shin's van, the group makes it to the venue, and poor Aichi is overwhelmed by everything around him. With Morikawa, Miwa and gang cheering them on, the first round begins.
Episode 16

(Dub) Team Q4 Heads for the Regional Tournament!

It's the first round of the regionals. Unfortunately, Aichi seems to be overwhelmed and can't focus on the fight at hand. With the relentless attacks from Kurosawa of the 'Three Blacks', Aichi reaches 5 damage. It seems like the end is near...
Episode 17

(Dub) New Allies

The crowd at the regionals go wild, as the victors start to emerge from the first rounds. Team Q4's opponents all seem to be made up of rather 'interesting' fighters. As the tournament heats up, which of the two teams will make it to the finals!?
Episode 18

(Dub) White-Hot Tournament!

Gouki was the one who showed Kamui the world of Vanguard. To repay Gouki for all he has done for him, Kamui would like to show him what a strong fighter he has become. The first fighter from Team Handsome turns out to be Gouki's sister, Nagisa!!
Episode 19

(Dub) Showdown! Nova Grappler!

After Kamui's match ends, Aichi begins feeling the pressure for his potential match against Gouki. While he contemplates running away, Kai begins the match against the second fighter from Team Handsome, Kaoru "Ka-boom!" Komatsubara.
Episode 20

(Dub) Hidden Message

It's finally time for Aichi to battle Gouki again. Aichi is determined to hold his own. However, Aichi is faced with a relentless assault from Gouki's deck's seemingly endless resurrection ability.
Episode 21

(Dub) Rematch in the Final Match!!

After getting through to the National Tournament, Aichi and the others head to the mysterious card shop PSY that they once visited in order to polish their skills. But what awaits them there…
Episode 22

(Dub) The Holy Dragon Descends

The final fight of the regional tournament reaches its pulse-pounding conclusion! If Aichi's beaten by the captain of Team Handsome, Aichi's team not only loses, but Kamui will be forced to wed Nagisa!
Episode 23

(Dub) Fateful Encounter

After getting through to the National Tournament, Aichi and the others head to the mysterious card shop PSY that they once visited in order to polish their skills. But what awaits them there…
Episode 24

(Dub) The Indelible Memory

Continuing to train in preparation for the national tournament, Aichi and the others notice Misaki's incredible memory. Aichi and Kamui are all excited to learn how to have such great memory ability, but…
Episode 25

(Dub) Beyond Memories

Aichi and the others are scrambling, at a loss, not knowing the reason Misaki suddenly tells them "I can no longer fight together with you". Worried about her brother, Emi visits Card Capital and…
Episode 26

(Dub) A Stormy Beginning! the National Championship!

The curtain rises on the Vanguard National Championship Tournament! Team Q4 had come together as one, but faced with their dream competition and the odds against them, cracks start forming between them…
Episode 27

(Dub) Jurassic Army

In the qualifying leagues of the national tournament, Team Q4's first match is decided to be against a team called the "Jurassic Army". Who will be standing against Aichi, nervous in his lead-off position?
Episode 28

(Dub) Aggressive Advancement! Tachikaze Deck!

The first match of the preliminaries is heating up, with offense and defense continuing for Aichi vs. Ryudou Genji. Genji's "Tachikaze" deck specializes in a fearsome power where you can sacrifice your allies to eliminate your opponents…
Episode 29

(Dub) When the Moon Is Full

The second matchup for Team Q4 in the preliminary rounds of the National Tournament is Team Muscle Brain who uses Nova Grappler decks. The tough battles continue... What is the path to victory?
Episode 30

(Dub) The Strongest Team, AL4!

It's the final match-up in the qualifying league, and the third opponent to face off against Team Q4. But it's none other than last year's champion team, and the ones favored to win it all this year too, Team AL4!
Episode 31

(Dub) Beautiful Assassin

The first battle with Team AL4 is over, and the fight moves into the middle round, between Team Q4's Misaki and Team AL4's Asaka. How skilled really is Asaka, known as the "Assassin"?
Episode 32

(Dub) Demon World General

The final fight with Team AL4 is here at last. Aichi is pitted against Tetsu Shinjou, a fearsome opponent nicknamed the "General". Aichi brings all of his experience, but is it enough?
Episode 33

(Dub) Blaster of Darkness

It's the last match of the National Vanguard Championship Finals! The long-awaited Ren Suzugamori of Team AL4 arrives on the scene and in his fight, unleases a unit that no one's ever seen before!
Episode 34

(Dub) It's Summer! It's Camp! It's Vanguard!

Team Q4 and friends have a Vanguard training camp at a beach, but they're surprised to meet the powerful team that actually invited them. Will Aichi and his teammates actually learn and improve, or be distracted by fun-in-the-sun beach activities?!
Episode 35

(Dub) Results of the Training Camp

Kamui subjects Aichi and the others to a rigorous "special training" regimen at camp, but it doesn't do anything to help Aichi prepare a "winning deck". For that, Aichi seems to get a hand... from the cards themselves?!
Episode 36

(Dub) The King of Underground Fights

Dissatisfied with the training camp, Kai goes to the wrong side of the tracks for an edgier kind of Cardfight. Kai gets what he wants and then some, going up against the King of Underground Fights, with Miwa as a hostage!
Episode 37

(Dub) The Return of the Ninja Master

Card Capital is hosting a tournament for teams. Team Q4 makes short work of the other players, but then they go up against Team Overthrow. The players are familiar and seem to be pushovers, but Overthrow has a couple of secret weapons up its sleeve!
Episode 38

(Dub) Miwa's Ability

It looks like the hopes of the members of Q4 will be dashed at the Card Capital Shop Tournament, when Aichi fights Miwa, Kai's old fighting partner. This one match will decide which team goes to regionals, Q4 or the upstart Team Overthrow!
Episode 39

(Dub) Vanguard of Destiny!

The reigning regional champions, Team Q4, return to the tournament that propelled them to nationals. The bar is higher than before, with strong new teams poised to take the crown and Team Handsome determined to win it back!
Episode 40

(Dub) Dangerous Scent

In the first round of the regional tournament, Q4 fights Perfume, the team that can smell their every move!
Episode 41

(Dub) Kyou's Revenge

To get revenge against Ren and AL4 for kicking them off the team, Crusher Kyou and his Avengers first have to beat Team Q4 at regionals! But Aichi, cocky for the first time, tells Kyou in no uncertain terms that that isn't going to happen!
Episode 42

(Dub) Psyqualia

In the last round of the regional championship, Aichi's battle with Kyou rages on! But his friends and teammates begin to get concerned, as it seems something strange has gotten into Aichi…
Episode 43

(Dub) The Black Vanguard

Ren Suzugamori gives Aichi a Shadow Paladin deck, saying it will make him stronger. But Kourin challenges him with a Royal Paladin deck of her own. Will Aichi be taught a lesson or will the new deck bring out his dark side even more?
Episode 44

(Dub) Unexpected Visitor

After her defeat at the hands of Aichi, Kourin seeks out Kai on the eve of the national tournament. She finds him playing Vanguard in a back alley and challenges him to a fight. But what does Kourin really want from Kai and why is she so angry?
Episode 45

(Dub) Shadow Paladin

The next Vanguard National Championship begins here! Spurred on by Ren, Team Foo Fighter Brilliant Stars has targeted Aichi -- but first, the one-time mild-mannered fighter has to survive his encounter with the Jurassic Army.
Episode 46

(Dub) The Coiling Thread

With Aichi laid up in the infirmary after his latest post-game spell, it's up to Kamui and Misaki to get through the elimination round. But their first effort as a duo is against Spyder, the team that knows all about them, including their Achilles Heel!
Episode 47

(Dub) Another Asteroid

Kamui and Misaki both fight desperately against members of the Brilliant Stars, AL4's strongest "farm team". If they fail, it means Aichi has to fight, which could lead to him getting sicker as well as being engulfed further by the dark side.
Episode 48

(Dub) Lonely Fight

It's Dark Paladin Aichi versus Bidou, the candidate for the open position of AL4! Will Aichi finally be knocked off his high horse by a fighter who's even stronger than Crusher Kyou?!
Episode 49

(Dub) Kai's Battle

Kai arranges a fight with the power-mad Aichi before it's too late. As the two square off in an alley, Kai recalls the last time he encountered the power of Psyqualia... years before, when he was Ren's friend and teammate!
Episode 50

(Dub) At the End of the Battle…

The back-alley battle between Aichi and Kai comes to a pulse-pounding conclusion! It's the moment Aichi's been waiting for, but is this the fight he really wants?
Episode 51

(Dub) Golden Glow

Aichi goes to Card Capital, He finds a shop tournament going on. The miracle of the day is Morikawa, whose delusions of grandeur have suddenly come true, as he beats opponent after opponent! Does Aichi even stand a chance?!
Episode 52

(Dub) Songstress of the Sea

At the Card Capital shop tournament, while Aichi gets back into his groove, Morikawa is still on a winning streak! Meanwhile, Kamui is in a jealous rage because Reiji is fighting his "goddess", Emi.
Episode 53

(Dub) The Battle Begins! Tournament Finals

The Tournament Finals begin, and Team Q4's goal is defeating Ren's Team AL4, but they'll have to face the other strongest teams from around the country first, including their friends in Team Caesar!
Episode 54

(Dub) Gladiator

Team Q4 battles the powerful Team Caesar in the semifinals! First up is Kamui versus the "Gladiator", who'll do everything in his power to protect the "Emperor"! Then it's Misaki's turn against the "Empress", who's no longer playing nice!
Episode 55

(Dub) Caesar's Empress

The epic battle between Misaki and the "Empress" of Team Caesar concludes here! Misaki is great at memorizing cards, but Yuri seems intent on teaching her that there's more to winning a Vanguard fight than relying on probabilities.
Episode 56

(Dub) The Man They Call "The Emperor”!

Aichi is in the middle of the most challenging match of his life against Kenji Mitsusada, the "Emperor", a former national Vanguard champion! While Aichi is on the ropes, Ren tries to bring him back to the side of Psyqualia and a guaranteed win.
Episode 57

(Dub) Fateful Showdown!

We finally learn how and why Ren received his power, Psyqualia! Kai challenges Ren to a desperate battle. Kai was able to bring Aichi back from the dark side of Psyqualia. Can he do the same for Ren... or is it too late?!
Episode 58

(Dub) Clash! Overlord

Kai's desperate battle with Ren continues! Kai has brought out his ultimate card, Dragonic Overlord The End, but Ren also has an ace in the hole!
Episode 59

(Dub) Fighting for the Top Spot

The final round of the Vanguard National Championship Finals Tournament begins at last! The first match is between Kamui and Tetsu. Will Kamui be able to earn the attention, respect, and maybe even victory from AL4's number two fighter?!
Episode 60

(Dub) Wall of the General

Can Kamui break through the wall of Team AL4's General?! He has skill, a great deck, and teammates who are behind him all the way, but is it enough? What if Kamui breaks his promise to Emi and loses?!
Episode 61

(Dub) Feelings Towards Asteroid

The rematch between Asaka's fearsome Pale Moon circus and Misaki's Oracle Think Tank rages on. Meanwhile, Asaka's backstory is finally revealed, from her very first day at Foo Fighter and first meeting with Ren!
Episode 62

(Dub) Lord of the Fight

It's the "final act" of the battle between Asaka with her Pale Moon Circus and Misaki! The last time they fought, Asaka was two steps ahead of Misaki's game, but what about now? If Misaki doesn't avenge herself here, AL4 wins the championship yet again!
Episode 63

(Dub) Two Powers, Side-by-Side

The decisive battle between Aichi and Ren is here at last! Is Aichi strong enough to even last long against Ren, who has no such qualms about using the power? Or will Aichi give in to Psyqualia's siren call?
Episode 64

(Dub) The Truth of Psyqualia

The final battle for the national championship continues between Aichi and Ren! What happens when they use Psyqualia at the same time?! Can Aichi be saved a second time or will his darker side take control for good?!
Episode 65

(Dub) Awakening of the Twin Blades

The season finale brings the conclusion to Aichi and Ren's epic Cardfight! For them, it's a matter of which team is going to win the national championship, but little do they know that the outcome is tied in to the fate of the real planet Cray!

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