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Brooklyn Nine-NineBrooklyn Nine-Nine

TV14ComedySitcomTV Series2013

An ensemble comedy about a talented-but-carefree detective, a by-the-book police capt...more

An ensemble comedy about a talented-but-carefree detective, a by-...More

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Episode 1

The Big House, Part 1

Jake and Rosa assimilate to their new lives behind bars, but both are coping in very different ways.
Episode 2

The Big House, Part 2

When the warden (guest star Toby Huss) asks Jake to investigate Romero's (guest star Lou Diamond Phillips) drug smuggling operation, Jake and Caleb find themselves caught between the loyalty Jake has sworn to both of them.
Episode 3


Desperately hoping to solve an actual case, Jake discovers a loophole to let him temporarily get out of his desk duty.
Episode 4


The Nine-Nine embarks on its fifth annual Halloween Heist and, as usual, everybody has a plan and no one is safe.
Episode 5

Bad Beat

To track down the infamous arms dealer Dan "Daniel" Valdano (guest star David Figlioli), Jake and Terry go undercover at an illegal gambling club, but when Holt gets involved to coach the two in the art of poker, his addiction resurfaces.
Episode 6

The Venue

The always unwelcome Vulture (guest star Dean Winters) pops back into Jake and Amy's lives, and threatens to swoop something important away from them.
Episode 7

Two Turkeys

Jake and Amy attempt to get their parents to bond over Thanksgiving dinner, but their first holiday together as a family does not go well.
Episode 8

Return to Skyfire

When Terry's favorite author, DC Parlov (guest star Fred Melamed), returns to the precinct because his latest manuscript was stolen, Terry and Jake convince Rosa to go undercover with them at a fantasy fiction convention to find the culprit.
Episode 9


While the entire precinct attends a funeral in LA, Holt learns that he is in the running to become Chief Commissioner of the NYPD - his dream job.
Episode 10

Game Night

Rosa begs Jake to help her break some big news to her parents, but her plan is thrown off when they wrongly assume the two are dating.
Episode 11

The Favor

While Seamus Murphy (guest star Paul Adelstein) returns to redeem the favor Holt owes him, the precinct searches for a loophole that will allow Holt to uphold his end of the bargain without breaking the law.
Episode 12

Safe House

After Seamus (guest star Paul Adelstein) threatens Kevin (guest star Marc Evan Jackson), Holt devises an elaborate plan to hide him in a safe house with Jake as his guard.
Episode 13

The Negotiation

Jake is called upon to negotiate a hostage situation with a jewel thief, only to discover that the culprit seems to be a familiar face.
Episode 14

The Box

Jake embarks on an all-night long interrogation in order to elicit a confession out of a suspect (guest star Sterling K. Brown).
Episode 15

The Puzzle Master

Jake surprises Amy with an investigation into a string of arsons connected to her favorite crossword puzzle author Vin Stermley (guest star David Fumero).
Episode 16


Jake and Charles realize that they've been suckered into the cult-like NutriBoom pyramid scheme, and must find a way to sever their contracts.
Episode 17


Jake invites his newly discovered half-sister to stay with him in New York.
Episode 18

Gray Star Mutual

When a fire destroys Charles' food truck, Pimento shows up to the scene as the insurance agent.
Episode 19

Bachelor/ette Party

Charles plans a scavenger hunt for Jake's bachelor party, but it goes awry when the guys take short cuts instead. Amy's bachelorette party escalates when the ladies realize she previously slept with a member of her soon-to-be wedding band.
Episode 20

Show Me Going

When Rosa responds to an active shooter alert, the rest of the squad is forced to stay back, desperately fearing for her safety. Feeling helpless, Jake frantically brainstorms ways to offer his assistance, Terry faces an existential crisis.
Episode 21

White Whale

Rosa and Amy team up to take down their "white whale" suspect, a ruthless killer who has managed to elude them for 7 years. Terry helps Jake with wedding planning chores. Captain Holt and his rival Olivia Crawford campaign for commissioner.
Episode 22

Jake & Amy

In the Season 5 finale, Jake and Amy's wedding day is threatened, and Charles and the whole squad rush to help save it. Holt hesitates to open the email that will indicate if he has won his campaign for commissioner.

Halloween IV

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2016)

The Slump

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2013)

The Jimmy Jab Games

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2014)

The Boyle-Linetti Wedding

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2015)


TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2015)

Yippie Kayak

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2015)

Skyfire Cycle

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2016)


TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2018)

Four Movements

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2019)

Return of the King

TV14 • Comedy, Sitcom • Episode (2019)

Captain Knows Best - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Doug Judy Plays The Hits - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It's Over, Disco Man! - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Loves All Things Die Hard - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The Nine-Nine's Going Out in a Blaze of Glory

The Nine-Nine's Cool, Cool, Cool Training Video - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A Bomb Threat and Amy's Ex at Jake and Amy's Wedding - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Holt Will Do Anything to Make the Office More Efficient - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn's Most Sinister Criminal - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Boyle's Jeans Have Gina Shook - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

All the Lewks to Catch the Crewks - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa Wants Holt's Nephew - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Raymond Holt and Kevin Cozner Are Perfect for Each Other - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Amy's First Date - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Every SNL Alumni Appearance

Amy's Butt Isn't the Only Bomb - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Captain Raymond Holt Remix

Amy's First Day as Sergeant - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Doug Judy Remix - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Andy Samberg's 2014 Win for Best Actor in a Comedy - The Golden Globe Awards

Jake Wins His Bet with Amy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy's Positive Affirmations

Pimento's Afraid of Only One Person - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Terry and Holt Take an Elevator Dance Break - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Life Lessons from Jake, Amy and the Squad - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Wants to Be a Movie Star - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Are You a Terry Jeffords?

Terry's Fantasy Might Come True - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Pimento Remix (Play with Caution)

Holt Meets His Hero

A ROSE FOR ROSA | Official Trailer - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Are You a Charles Boyle? - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Holt Tries to Keep It Together During a High-Stakes Inspection

Hitchcock and Scully: Foodies of the Nine-Nine - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It's Cheddar! Cheddar the Dog! - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Boyle Wants to Cook a Live Turkey for Thanksgiving

The Best Day of Terry's Life - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Are You a Raymond Holt? - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Holt's Bold New Look - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Boyle Gets Aggressive for a Parking Spot - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Five Seconds of Every Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode from Seasons 1-5

Cold Open: "I Want It That Way" by Jake and the Lineup - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Jake Helps a Pigeon - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Jake Knows Who His Secret Santa Is - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Amy's Baby Journey - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Melissa Fumero Talks About Amy's Pregnancy - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Amy's Last Shift Before Having Her Baby - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Terry's Ex Determines the Fate of the Nine-Nine - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Crew's Bathroom Shenanigans and Secret Rendezvous - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Meet Jake and Amy's New Baby - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Outtakes with Superstore's Lauren Ash and Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz

SCARY TERRY | Official Trailer - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Holt and Cheddar - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Hitchcock and Scully Get Fumigated

Holt Gets Vengeance for His Fluffy Boy

Rosa Diaz: Death Bish - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: A Six-Month Halloween Heist

Rosa Wins the Six-Month-Long Heist - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Boyle: The Bad Boy of Baking - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Jake and Amy Make Boyle Faint - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Unnecessary Censorship

Cold Open: Jake Wants In on the S.T.O.A.S.R.C.E.I.U.E.O.

Holt Calls Dillman the Best Detective Ever

Boyle's Best One-Liners - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Jake's Not Invited to Doug Judy's Wedding - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake and Doug Judy's Reverse Diamond Heist - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Madeline Wuntch's Best Captain Holt Insults - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Cold Open: Madeline Wuntch Is Dead

Holt’s Final Battle with Wuntch - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy Santiago's Best One-Liners - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

About this Show

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

An ensemble comedy about a talented-but-carefree detective, a by-the-book police captain and their precinct colleagues. While based in the workplace, the series is not really about the job – it’s about the men and women behind the badge.

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