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Boonie Bears: Spring into Action

TVGFamilyAnimation • AdventureKidsTV Series2018

Spring is in the air and the forest animals are planting fresh trees and flowers to c...more

Spring is in the air and the forest animals are planting fresh tr...More

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Episode 1

Spring Foolery

While the bears and their animals friends have a flower blossom party, Logger Vick must hatch a plan to clear the animals out of the forest.
Episode 2

Revenge of the Tree King

To protect the forest, the animals create a disguise as the Tree King to scare Logger Vick.
Episode 3

Sapling Survival

On Tree Planting Day, Briar and Bramble visit the trees they planted last year only to find that they've been cut down by Logger Vick. The bears work together to teach the woodsman a lesson.
Episode 4

Beware of Bird Flu

When Logger Vick hears about the recent outbreak of bird flu, he becomes paranoid because he accidentally touched Hoo Hoo the owl who happens to have caught a cold.
Episode 5

Stuck in the Mud

Tiki, Babu, and Warren catch sight of a scary "monster" when they are playing games in the forest.
Episode 6

To Bee or Not to Bee, Part 1

Logger Vick decides to take up bee-keeping in order to make honey. Briar and Bramble set out to free the bees from Vick.
Episode 7

To Bee or Not to Bee, Part 2

Logger Vick decides to take up bee-keeping in order to make honey. Briar and Bramble set out to free the bees from Vick.
Episode 8

Black Market Honey

Logger Vick takes his honey into town to try and sell it on the street. He runs into trouble when he doesn't have the proper certification to prove the honey is qualified.
Episode 9

The Canary Quest

Logger Vick's boss assigns him to catch a canary. But when Vick goes out to hunt, he accidentally catches Hoo Hoo.
Episode 10

Jungle Workout

Briar tries to engage the whole gang in a workout in order to shake off their drowsiness in springtime.
Episode 11

The Wishing Stone

Logger Vick makes a wish upon a shooting star and ends up with a magical wishing stone.
Episode 12

How to Brew Coffee

Bramble picks up a book on how to brew his own coffee.
Episode 13

Sweet Potato Daze

When Tiki and Babu are in the forest looking for food, they see Logger Vick eating roasted sweet potatoes, which inspires the two to find some potatoes of their own.
Episode 14

72 Hours

Logger Vick's boss promises him double pay if he delivers a 100-year-old pine to him in 72 hours.
Episode 15

Crop Circles

A TV news program tells the story of how a farmer becomes rich and famous because he discovers mystical crop circles believed to be left by aliens. Vick thinks if he makes his own crop circles, he too will become rich.
Episode 16

The Mountain God's Axe

The animals pick up a comic book about the power of the Mountain God's axe, and decide to act out the play.
Episode 17

Flower Shower

Logger Vick chases the bears to a field of flowers where Logger Vick begins to suffer from hay fever.
Episode 18

The Prank Master

Tiki learns a few tricks from Logger Vick's DVD called Prank Master and gives Vick a hard time. He then starts to prank the other animals who find it rather annoying.
Episode 19


Logger Vick slips on a banana peel that Bramble threw on the ground. In order to make it up to Vick, the bears agree to look after him.
Episode 20

Forbidden Fruit

Briar swallows some poisonous fruits by mistake and faints.
Episode 21

Buggin' Out

Logger Vick is troubled with the flies at his house and turns to Mr. Lee for help.
Episode 22

Pop Goes the Cannon

Logger Vick decides to make some homemade popcorn. Warren mistakes the popcorn machine as a devastating cannon and hurries to inform the other animals.
Episode 23

The Fable of the Moon Rock

Tiki flaunts a rock to the other animals, claiming it to be a moon rock which holds great power.
Episode 24

Track Me If You Can

Logger Vick's boss sends him a hi-tech tracking device to help him monitor the animals' movements.
Episode 25

Professor Cuddles, Part 1

Bramble is looking for someone to play with him, only to find everyone is too busy to keep him company.
Episode 26

Professor Cuddles, Part 2

Bramble dreams that his toy bear can actually talk and play with him.
Episode 27

The Power of Flowers

Vick's boss requires Vick to look for a rare and beautiful flower. When he promises to leave the forest for good once he gets his hand on the plant, the animals decide to help him out.
Episode 28

Mr. Lee's Visit

Mr. Lee plans to survey the forest and asks Vick to prepare dinner.
Episode 29

A Checkup from the Neck Up

Logger Vick intentionally lets the bears break his chainsaw so that he won't have to work.
Episode 30

Dance Off

Logger Vick learns that amber is worth a lot of money and spots one on a decorative tree. In order to get the tree, Vick lies to the animals and says he wants to join their tree-planting activity.
Episode 31

Seed No Evil

Tiki and Babu are wheeling a barrow across the road when an out-of-control truck drops a box of genetically modified seeds.
Episode 32

The Night of the Cat Monster

On a rainy night, a monster shows up in Warren's dwelling, breaks into the bears' home and steals Bramble's honey.
Episode 33

The Mysterious Scarlett

Bramble and Briar help Logger Vick prepare for his date with his classmate Scarlett.
Episode 34

New Old Job

After hearing about the success of his classmate, Logger Vick wishes to leave his job for higher paying position.
Episode 35

The Golden Ore

Logger Vick learns from the TV that gold ore is worth a lot and wishes to get hold of one.
Episode 36

Sausage Celebration, Part 1

Logger Vick arrives in town to buy some cat food but doesn't have enough money left to buy a sausage. Fabian finds out that he can earn money for sausages by selling scrap items.
Episode 37

Sausage Celebration, Part 2

Vick's life becomes inconvenient without Fabian and he begins to miss his pet.
Episode 38

The Battle of Honey Hive

In order to have free honey every day, Briar and Bramble disguise as bees in order to mix into their society.
Episode 39

The Fern Garden

When Tiki grows tired of eating fruit, Babu looks for other food and finds a fiddlehead field.
Episode 40

The Charm of Perfume

When Logger Vick has an accident when delivering lumber, the two bears work together to steal it back.
Episode 41

The Tale of the Stone from Space

Briar throws away the smelly stone pillow Bramble uses when he sleeps. Without the pillow, Bramble can't fall asleep, so he goes out to look for it.
Episode 42

Birthday Bonanza

Logger Vick's birthday is around the corner. He finds Fabian and the bear brothers preparing a party which he thinks is for him.
Episode 43

Use Your Noodle

Logger Vick's chainsaw is broken and he can't afford a new one. When he purchases a box of instant noodles, he finds a note in it saying that a chainsaw will be given to anyone who collects five different badges that come with the noodles.
Episode 44

Brain Versus Brawn

When Logger Vick is chased by the two bears for logging, Briar and Bramble accidentally fall into a cave.
Episode 45

Two Heads Aren't Better Than One

Fabian tries to help Logger Vick tackle the bears but gets in the way instead. Vick blames Fabian for the mishap and goes out to cut down trees alone.
Episode 46

Marshmallow Madness

Logger Vick is low on food, and Mr. Lee sends him some marshmallow. Bramble finds the sweet snack when Vick brings it to work.
Episode 47

The Forest Lecture Hall

When the two bears chase after Logger Vick, Bramble accidentally hits a tree and suddenly becomes obsessed with hygiene, healthy diet, and exercise.
Episode 48

Childhood Memories

When Logger Vick throws away an old box of childhood mementos, Bramble picks it up and shares the toys with all of the animals.
Episode 49

Vick's Last Days

Vick finds out that he has a fatal disease and makes a bucket list.
Episode 50

The Paw Print

When Mr. Lee sends Vick T-shirts as a payment of his wages, Vick tries to sell them in town but no one is interested.

About this Show

Boonie Bears: Spring into Action

Spring is in the air and the forest animals are planting fresh trees and flowers to celebrate. However, when Logger Vick comes around and threatens to chop down every tree in the forest, it will take the Bear Brothers - Briar and Bramble - to rally their forest friends and save their home.

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