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TV14Medical • DramaCrimeMysteryTV Series2005

Inspired by the real-life forensic anthropologist and best-selling novelist Kathy Rei...more

Inspired by the real-life forensic anthropologist and best-sellin...More

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Episode 1

Yanks in the UK

When Brennan and Booth go to London to guest-lecture at Oxford and Scotland Yard, local officials ask them to help investigate the murder of a young heiress; Angela's long-estranged husband returns.
Episode 2

Yanks in the UK, Part 2

Season four begins all the way in England, with Booth speaking at Scotland Yard and Brennan guest-lecturing at the prestigious Oxford University.
Episode 3

The Man in the Outhouse

When the body of the host of a popular reality-TV show is found in an outhouse, Brennan and Booth must identify the killer from of a large pool of suspects.
Episode 4

The Finger in the Nest

When Booth's son finds a finger in a bird's nest, the team launches an investigation.
Episode 5

The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

A dismembered body is found lying in a pool of purple water, except the head is missing.
Episode 6

The Crank in the Shaft

The remains of a despised office manager are discovered in an elevator shaft and Booth and Brennan must figure out which employee killed her.
Episode 7

The He in the She

Booth and Brennan investigate a body found in the Chesapeake Bay. After the arrive, they find only the upper torso, giving the team very little to work with. Brennan and Booth discover that the victim was a pastor.
Episode 8

The Skull in the Sculpture

When the skull of an artist is found in a sculpture, Booth and Brennan begin investigating. They suspect the artist's assistant, Roxie Lyons, is the murderer.
Episode 9

The Con Man in the Meth Lab

A body is found during a practice police raid and Brennan and Booth go in to investigate. A second body is found, leading the team on a trail of deception as they search for the killer.
Episode 10

The Passenger in the Oven

While Booth and Brennan are en route to Shanghai, a body is found in the airplane's oven; they try to solve the case before the plane lands in China.
Episode 11

The Bone That Blew

The skull and various skeletal remains of a long-missing ex-Marine lead to the investigation of an elite private school, and the powerful families there.
Episode 12

Double Trouble in the Panhandle

Booth and Brennan must infiltrate a traveling circus to investigate the death of conjoined-twin jugglers; and they do so working undercover as a knife-throwing act.
Episode 13

Fire in the Ice

Booth is a suspect in the murder of a hockey player he fought with during a recent game, so Brennan must work on the case with FBI Agent Payton Perotta; and as Booth gets back onto the ice, he receives some advice from one of his hockey idols.
Episode 14

The Hero in the Hold

The Grave Digger serial killer returns and abducts Booth, demanding that evidence that would lead to his capture - evidence Hodgins has secretly been gathering without turning over to the FBI.
Episode 15

The Princess and the Pear

The body of woman wearing a medieval princess dress leads to the investigation of a sci-fi/fantasy convention, with Agent Perotta filling in for an incapacitated Booth.
Episode 16

The Bones That Foam

While bungee-jumping, a couple discover a corpse at the bottom of a gorge; the lab goes into lockdown when an unknown substance begins oozing from the cadaver.
Episode 17

The Salt in the Wounds

The body of a pregnant 16-year-old athlete found buried in a mound of salt in a city de-icing truck leads Booth and Brennan to the discovery that many of her teammates are pregnant or have babies after a pregnancy pact.
Episode 18

The Doctor in the Den

The murder of Cam's former fiancé is investigated by the team, whose body was found in the tiger habitat of a safari park.
Episode 19

The Science in the Physicist

Shattered, pulverized human remains contain a meteorite shard, which leads the team to a physics lab in DC; the victim was engaged to the lab's founder, and had been working on an extremely controversial project.
Episode 20

The Cinderella in the Cardboard

A flattened body is discovered in a bale of compressed cardboard; Booth and Brennan get suspicious when they see Sweets' girlfriend with another man.
Episode 21

Mayhem on a Cross

Brennan and Booth enter into the world of death metal music to discover who killed the bassist of an underground death metal band, whose skeleton was found being used as a stage prop by a black metal band in Norway.
Episode 22

The Double Death of the Dearly Departed

While attending the funeral of a Jeffersonian employee, Brennan realizes the cause of death wasn't a heart attack-it was murder.
Episode 23

The Girl in the Mask

Brennan and Booth investigate after Sachi, the sister of Booth's friend Ken from Japan, goes missing, only months after arriving in the U.S. After Sachi's decapitated head is found, Ken joins Brennan and Booth to help solve her murder.
Episode 24

The Beaver in the Otter

Booth and Brennan investigate the case of a fraternity brother named "Beaver," his body was found inside a rival school's mascot uniform. Meanwhile, Booth decides to help his brother Jared look for a new job.
Episode 25

The Critic in the Cabernet

Booth and Brennan search for answers when a body turns up in a barrel of wine; Booth experiences hallucinatory visions involving Stewie Griffin from the television series "Family Guy."
Episode 26

The End in the Beginning

In this dreamlike episode, Booth and Brennan, now married nightclub owners, become suspects in a murder.

About this Show


Inspired by the real-life forensic anthropologist and best-selling novelist Kathy Reichs, BONES is a darkly amusing investigative drama centered on Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist who writes novels on the side.

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