1 season available

Blast of Tempest

TV14 • Anime, Fantasy, Animation, International, Adventure • TV Series • 2012

The Kusaribe family is a family of sorcerers under the protection of the ‘Tree of Origins.’ Their princess, Hakaze Kusaribe, was the greatest sorceres...more

The Kusaribe family is a family of sorcerers under the protection of the ‘Tree of Origins.’ Their princess, Hakaze Kusaribe, was the greatest sorceres...more

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1 season available (24 episodes)

1 season available

(24 episodes)

Episode 1

(Sub) The Mage in the Barrel

A princess left to die, a brother out for revenge, and a student is caught in a conspiracy.
Episode 2

(Sub) He Said She Was Very Beautiful

Mahiro has told Yoshino to leave the city while he can, before he can Evangeline stops him and Yoshino has to make a life or death choice.
Episode 3

(Sub) There Are Things Even Magic Cannot Do

Against Hakaze sound advice, Mahiro continues his battle against the mage Natsumura. Hakaze has to help Yoshino save Mahiro’s life.
Episode 4

(Sub) The Cursed Pair

Just after arriving at the next town another fruit has appeared. While waiting out the storm, Yoshino and Mahiro take shelter in an abandon house, sharing the tale on how they became friends to Hakaze.
Episode 5

(Sub) Everything Happens for a Reason

Following the Fruit of Exodus should lead Mahiro and Yoshino to Samon, but along the way they still must find a talisman to obstruct the summoning ritual.
Episode 6

(Sub) The Paradox of the Skull

After discovering that Hakaze might be dead, Mahiro and Yoshino start to question their goal. But before they could ask Hakaze any questions, they are attacked, but not by the mages.
Episode 7

(Sub) First Kiss

While Hakaze sleeps, Yoshino thinks back to the time he, Mahiro, and Aika spent time at their summer house looking at the stars.
Episode 8

(Sub) The Hour to Suppress the Princess

As the joint military strike begins against the barrier protecting the Tree of Exodus, Mahiro and Yoshino heads straight to the tree, but before they make it, Samon is there to greet them.
Episode 9

(Sub) Boyfriend

With Hakaze dead, her usefulness has ended. Mahiro offers the same deal he made with Hakaze for Aika killer. Seeing that Mahiro is willing to destroy the world, Yoshino finally makes his stand.
Episode 10

(Sub) How to Make a Time Machine

Convincing Mahiro to give him a chance was the easy part. Yoshino now has to prove the time difference is a myth in hopes of bringing Mahiro back to Hakaze’s side.
Episode 11

(Sub) Girl of Time

The mystery of the cage is solved, but how can the paradox of time travel confirmed to logic of the Tree of Genesis. Samon has underestimated Hakaze allies and knows it’s just a matter of time before all is revealed.
Episode 12

(Sub) Absent Thee from Felicity Awhile

The Tree of Exodus has revived, but Hakaze is still trapped on the island.
Episode 13

(Sub) The Reason of Dreams

Mahiro knows he is dead, but he is at home having a conversation with Aika. He relives the moments of his life leading up to the return of Kusaribe Hakaze and his last moments.
Episode 14

(Sub) Happy New Year

Mahiro has been asked to do the impossible, meanwhile Yoshino and the Princess continue to tour the land and the effects the Tree of Genesis had. Along the way they meet a peculiar young man…
Episode 15

(Sub) You Seem to Be Plotting Something

As Mahiro interrogates the alleged mage of Exodus, Jun meets with the Princess to question her true feelings of Yoshino.
Episode 16

(Sub) The Wandering Apparition

The mage of Exodus has finally made his flashy debut destroying a tree in front of millions. During the performance, Hakaze mind is elsewhere as information of a spy infiltrating the Kusaribe village and reporting of a ghost sends her heading home.
Episode 17

(Sub) Marine Snow

Hakaze tries to learn more about Yoshino girlfriend to talk herself out of liking him. At the same time Samon and his team are trying to determine who Yoshino’s girlfriend is.
Episode 18

(Sub) The Dancing Princess

From love comes the birth of the Dancing Princess, but what will anger lead Mahiro to do when he finds Yoshino?
Episode 19

(Sub) The Object of Desire

As Eva explains to Hakaze what she believes where the Trees come from, Yoshino lays it all out for Mahiro.
Episode 20

(Sub) Whodunit

Hakaze plans to the impossible twice and if she survives it could change Mahiro and Yoshino's lives forever.
Episode 21

(Sub) Femme Fatale (Woman of Fate)

Fuwa Aika's killer is...
Episode 22

(Sub) Fuwa Aika

Hakaze has explained everything to Mahiro and Yoshino and as Aika predicted, they have taken it quite well. Hanemura, on the other hand, can’t believe what he is hearing and rages.
Episode 23

(Sub) Battle of Genesis

The team assembles to take on the world’s governments and the tree. Everything hinges on the performance of the Dancing Princess and the mage of Exodus.
Episode 24

(Sub) To Each, Their Own Tale

Aika lived according to the script of the mage of Exodus; Yoshino refuses to live by such foolishness.

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