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Big Windup

TV14ComedyAnimation • AnimeBaseball • Sports • InternationalTV Series2007

Most guys can’t wait for baseball to start. But not Mihashi. For this kid, the crack ...more

Most guys can’t wait for baseball to start. But not Mihashi. For ...More

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Episode 1

(Sub) The Real Ace

Most guys can't wait for the start of baseball season. But not Mihashi. For this young pitcher, the crack of the bat is the sound of yet another failure.
Episode 2

(Sub) The Catcher's Role

Mihashi wants to be an ace, but he's got no confidence. That's where Abe comes in. Every pitcher needs a good catcher, and Mihashi's new teammate is magic behind the plate.
Episode 3

(Sub) The Practice Match

Mihashi still doubts himself, and Abe always has to be the boss. If the Nishiura nine want to beat Mihashi's old team, pitcher and catcher must learn to trust each other.
Episode 4

(Sub) The Play

Mihashi takes the mound, but he's shaking in his stirrups. His old teammates weren't his biggest fans, and they can't wait to take some vicious cuts against him.
Episode 5

(Sub) Don't Cut Corners

The game is scoreless through three innings, and Mihashi's locked in a pitcher's duel with his old backup. As usual, Abe is at the center of all the action.
Episode 6

(Sub) Requirements for Pitchers

Mihashi's mowing down batters until an error by the left fielder gives his old team new life. With their lead cut in half, the Nishiura players start to tense up.
Episode 7

(Sub) I Want to Play Baseball!

Abe and Mihashi get back on the same page, but not before giving up the lead. As the game enters the final innings, Mihashi must trust his teammates.
Episode 8

(Sub) An Amazing Pitcher

Mihashi should be fired up about beating his old team, but instead he's obsessing over Haruna - the star pitcher at Abe's old school.
Episode 9

(Sub) The Past

When the Nishiura nine attend a tournament, Mihashi gets a chance to see Abe's old pitcher light up the radar gun.
Episode 10

(Sub) Bit by Bit

When Coach Momoe and Abe discuss the need for a second pitcher, Mihashi sees his dreams - and his special day - going up in flames.
Episode 11

(Sub) The Summer Starts

Team Nishiura is stoked about playing in the prestigious summer tournament, but there's a catch - they have to play Tosei, the defending champs, in the first round.
Episode 12

(Sub) The Cheering Squad

They may be facing the toughest game of their lives, but the Nishiura nine aren't gonna roll over and die. This team has plenty of fight left in it!
Episode 13

(Sub) The Summer Tournament Begins

The summer baseball tournament is about to begin, and the players are itching to get on the field. Now, if only Mihashi can just stay cool.
Episode 14

(Sub) Challenge

Play ball! The game starts with a surprise as Nishiura gets the lead-off hitter on base against their talented opponents.
Episode 15

(Sub) The First Run of the Game

A Nishiura rally in the second puts runners in scoring position, but it means Mihashi's gonna have to step into the batter's box - the one place Abe can't help him.
Episode 16

(Sub) Don't Underestimate

Despite a base-running blunder, Nishiura draws first blood! Staked to a one run lead, Mihashi just has to keep the other team in check.
Episode 17

(Sub) The Third Runner

A close game quickly becomes a chess match with both coaches anticipating the other's next move. Mihashi's hitting his spots, but the opposing team's strategy leads to crowded base paths.
Episode 18

(Sub) Another Score

Tosei put some serious pressure on Mihashi in the bottom of the fourth, but stingy defense and Tajima's instincts help them escape without allowing a run.
Episode 19

(Sub) Tosei's Real Power

He's pitching a good game, but Mihashi's starting to wear down. Tajima and Abe have noticed he's not quite right, and Tosei's getting closer to figuring out his pitches.
Episode 20

(Sub) Turning the Tables

When a pitcher doesn't have great stuff, he has to be crafty. But even with Abe's game plan, the momentum shifts to Tosei in the bottom of the seventh.
Episode 21

(Sub) One More Run

Tosei rallies to take the lead, but Tajima comes to the plate determined to put his team back on top.
Episode 22

(Sub) Defense!

Tied 3-3 in the last of the eighth, Tosei will do anything to avoid losing to a bunch of first years - even they have to bunt their way home.
Episode 23

(Sub) Precisely

As the final inning begins, things look bleak for Nishiura. They've fought and clawed and left everything they've got on the field, but Tosei leads by a run.
Episode 24

(Sub) The End of the Game

Heading into the bottom of the ninth, Nishiura clings to a one run lead, and Mihashi and Abe are ready to bring the victory home!
Episode 25

(Sub) After One Win

While his teammates celebrate their amazing and unexpected victory, poor Mihashi can only sleep and sleep and sleep some more.
Episode 26

(Sub) The Basics of Basics

Abe wasn't a fan of Haruna, but there's a lot to like about the guy. He's tall, good-looking, has a one-in-a-million arm, and he wants to win no matter what.

About this Show

Big Windup

Most guys can’t wait for baseball to start. But not Mihashi. For this kid, the crack of the bat is the sound of failure. Every summer he gets caught between wanting to stay on the mound and watching his pitches get blasted out of the park. But this year, Mihashi’s at a new school with teammates that don’t know how bad he used to be. Most importantly, he’s got Abe – a real superstar behind the plate. If Mihashi can learn to trust his new catcher, this could be the year he falls in love with the game all over again.

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