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Big Top Academy

TVYDramaLifestyle & CultureKidsFamilyTV Series • 2018

Imagine a school where every day you get to learn cool acrobatics, test your strength...more

Imagine a school where every day you get to learn cool acrobatics...More

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Episode 1

Hanging by a Moment

Nicholas Zolta is one of many students invited to audition for Big Top Academy, a prestigious boarding school for circus performers. It's his chance to prove he can follow in his father's footsteps a legendary daredevil who mysteriously disappeared!
Episode 2

Common Ground

Nicholas is determined to figure out what his amulet is trying to tell him. New roommates Phoenix and April are not getting along; while Ella struggles to make friends. Luckily her sister Celeste helps her realize Big Top Academy will soon feel like home.
Episode 3

Lean on Me

During their first assignment, Nicholas regrets trusting Max with his biggest secret, April struggles to open up to Ella, and Axel and Celeste try to pull off the greatest prank in Big Top Academy history!
Episode 4

Welcome to the Jungle

After receiving the same spirit animal as his father, Nicholas feels pressure to live up to his legacy, while April gets in trouble when she tries to swap her spirit animal and Ella's told she can't reuse a Piccolo routine.
Episode 5

Fight for It

With the Creation showcase just a day away, April competes against Max for the coveted spot in the grand finale, while Phoenix struggles to perform without her skateboard, and Nicholas tries to save Chase from being kicked out of Big Top Academy.
Episode 6


Max confronts his father after learning surprising details about his past, while Celeste, in order to be there to calm Ella's stage fright during her performance, volunteers backstage.
Episode 7

Fake It Till You Make It

Max deals with the consequences of having blacked out the showcase, as Nicholas digs further into Sir Rayne's past, and Phoenix decides to put her own personal spin on a classical routine.
Episode 8

Far From the Tree

Max confronts Sir Rayne about his past, Axel desperately tries to convince his dad he belongs at Big Top Academy, and April and Chase butt heads while preparing for a Cook-Your-Own-Dinner party.
Episode 9

Catch 22

While auditioning for the mid-term student showcase, Nicholas pushes himself too hard, Axel ventures outside of his comfort zone, and Chase is told he can't participate until he improves his academic grades.
Episode 10

Bad Vibes

April comes up with a plan to get Nicholas and Phoenix to make amends, Max lies to Miss G to get extra time in the gym, and Celeste becomes jealous of Axel's friendship with Chase.
Episode 11

Open Book

As the mid-term student showcase approaches, Nicholas struggles to embrace his role as a stagehand, Ella begins doubting her skills as a circus artist, and Phoenix tries to repair her friendship with Nicholas.
Episode 12

Little Lies

Nicholas uses his amulet to uncover his father's mysterious past, as Celeste struggles to hide her feelings towards her dad when he makes a surprise visit to Big Top Academy.
Episode 13

The Show Must Go On

Crisis ensues during the mid-term student showcase when Chase goes missing, and April's old ballet school nemesis shows up to see her big performance.
Episode 14

Brave New World

Loyalties are tested when Sir Rayne's appointed headmaster of Big Top Academy and handpicks students to join his elite team, while Max goes against his father to pursue his Olympic dreams.
Episode 15

Balancing Acts

To figure out Sir Rayne's evil plan, Phoenix joins his elite team, Chase realizes Nicholas lied to him, and Rosa has trouble adjusting on her first day at Big Top Academy.
Episode 16

The Rebellion

To figure out Sir Rayne's evil plan, Phoenix joins his elite team, Chase realizes Nicholas lied to him, and Rosa has trouble adjusting on her first day at Big Top Academy.
Episode 17

David vs. Goliath

The Phenomenal Five try to up their game for a video submission, but Celeste struggles to master the bungee. Meanwhile, Sir Rayne's team deals with their own problems when April confronts Max about his sudden disappearances.
Episode 18

True Champions

Things go south during the qualifiers when Sir Rayne finds out about Max's Olympic training, Phoenix is hurt by Nicholas' betrayal, and Rosa can't perform without her lucky shoes.
Episode 19

The Weight of the World

April must convince Nicholas to unite their teams for the Championships and Chase discovers a secret about his mother, while Ella helps Celeste uncover her true self.
Episode 20

Pie Day

While Phoenix convinces Max to participate in Big Top Academy's annual Pie Day competition, April helps Chase stay out of trouble.
Episode 21

The Choice

Max contemplates leaving Big Top Academy for good, while Rosa realizes how much she misses Mexico. Celeste on the other hand attempts to complete all the challenges in the Secret Book of Circus Secrets.
Episode 22

Under Pressure

Rosa feels pressured to go back to Circo Gran Malabar. Meanwhile, Celeste forgets Ella's birthday.
Episode 23

Catch Me if You Can

Nicholas' new winning-above-everything attitude pushes away his teammates, Chase participates in a charity juggle-a-thon, and Phoenix helps Max develop a routine for the Championships.
Episode 24

We Need to Talk About Nicholas

When BTA United turns their back on Nicholas, Ella comes up with a new way to unite the team. And Phoenix, along with Chase and Max, figure out what's really going on with Nicholas.
Episode 25

Father of Mine

As Phoenix, Max, and Rosa try to help Nicholas, Axel's father shows up to tell him he's out of circus school.
Episode 26

The Marble and the Violin

With Sir Rayne on the hunt for the Marble of Invincibility, and the North American Circus School Championships about to begin, Big Top Academy's students must band together to save the day… and the world.
Episode 27

Gotta Have Faith

Now that the marble's been destroyed, Nicholas and Max struggle to adjust to new father/son dynamics, as Chase fights for Miss G to stay at Big Top Academy.
Episode 28

True Colors

A Violetta Firth invention, the Mirror of True Reflections, sends April, Rosa, and Chase on a quest to discover what their mysterious reflections truly mean.
Episode 29


Celeste is forced to make a difficult decision about the Piccolo Family Circus, while Phoenix struggles to confront Sir Rayne, and Max connects to his vulnerability.
Episode 30

Feel So Small

When the truth comes out, Phoenix's friendship with Max is tested, Celeste finds a vintage memory drive that opens up a world of secrets, and April doubts her trampoline skills.
Episode 31

Great Minds

Celeste bonds with a virtual version of Violetta Firth, Axel's return from a professional circus gig spurs April's jealousy, and Max insists on erasing all traces of his dad from Big Top Academy.
Episode 32


The pressure's on for Nicholas as he gets ready to perform with his dad, Chase gets to the bottom of a mystery involving Ms. Martel, and Max realizes his dad might be in danger.
Episode 33

Too Little, Too Late

Max desperately tries to unshrink his dad, April's on edge when her frenemy from ballet school visits Big Top Academy, and Ella avoids her sister in catch-up class.
Episode 34

Sisters are Doing it for Themselves

To save Celeste, Ella turns to an unlikely source, as Phoenix struggles to take on a leadership role, and Max has trouble accepting his dad's plans for the future.
Episode 35

Catch Me if You Can

Max explores the tragic story of Mimi Martel to help his dad, as Axel revels in his sudden celebrity, and Rosa goes to great lengths to save Circo Gran Malabar.
Episode 36

The Greater Good

The past resurfaces for Nicholas as his dad prepares to cross the Great Gorge, Max comes up with a plan to draw Mimi out, and Ella and Chase butt heads while working on a Diabetes Awareness video
Episode 37

Reflections of the Past, Part 1

A story about Max and Nicholas' dads brings up troubling truths, as Chase's suspicions about Ms. Martel come to a head, and April prepares to perform a mythical move for the Showcase
Episode 38

Reflections of the Past, Part 2

It's a Big Top Academy showdown as the students band together to catch Mimi in time for their Reflections of the Past Showcase.
Episode 39

The Goodbye Girl

As April prepares to leave Big Top Academy, memories of her friends bubble up, and she struggles to say goodbye.
Episode 40

Get Up! Stand Up!

Phoenix stages a protest to bring April back, Max is shocked when a cat arrives at his doorstep, and Ella's lie to Nicholas puts her in a difficult position.
Episode 41

You Can Always Get What You Don’t Want

Phoenix has a lock on Student Council President until Ella joins the race, Max discovers why he wasn't nominated for a Circus School Achievement Award, and Rosa feels invisible when Axel's comic book is published.
Episode 42

Work it Out

Max and Ella clash during an escape room challenge, Phoenix struggles to replace April in Girls Rocking the Circus, and Axel auditions to be emcee at the Circus School Achievement Awards.
Episode 43

Sticky Situations

Celeste and Ella experiment to recreate a Violetta Firth invention, Axel and Chase solve a case for Ms. Martel, and Max struggles to keep his secret about the award nominations from Nicholas.
Episode 44

I Want a CSAA

As the Circus School Achievement Awards begin, Erica tries convincing April to leave her Big Top Academy family behind, Nicholas learns the truth about his nomination, and Axel's nerves get the best of him.
Episode 45

The People vs. April May Cartier

Phoenix stages a trial to prove April is worthy of being at Big Top Academy, Ella struggles to fulfill her promises as President, and Nicholas distracts himself by helping Axel train for Jacques Laroque.
Episode 46

Light My Fire

Nicholas questions his future in the circus, Ella stresses over her presentation, and April goes overboard to prove she's changed since being expelled.
Episode 47

That’s What Friends Are For

Erica's sudden arrival at Big Top Academy ramps up the race to destroy the marble, Phoenix and Nicholas' friendship is tested, and Axel enlists Max to help him prepare for the showcase.
Episode 48

Mission: Invincible

Nicholas and Erica set out to steal the marble, April discovers why Max turned down a major role in the Showcase, and Celeste is so over-extended she's in danger of failing - of all things -science.
Episode 49

Times They Are a Changin’

Celeste struggles to destroy the marble, Nicholas is put in an impossible situation while trying to help Phoenix, and Chase struggles with a decision that impacts his friendship with Ella.
Episode 50

Circus in My Soul, Part 1

Before Big Top Academy's students step on stage for their End of Year Performance, they'll have to join forces with a rival school to save the show and their friends.
Episode 51

Circus in My Soul, Part 2

Before Big Top Academy's students step on stage for their End of Year Performance, they'll have to join forces with a rival school to save the show and their friends.
Episode 52

Holiday Special: Holidazed and Confused

When Max rebels against the holiday spirit, he finds himself in a heightened reality that forces him to confront what the holidays are truly about.

About this Show

Big Top Academy

Imagine a school where every day you get to learn cool acrobatics, test your strength and flexibility, clown around, and sing your heart out! Add to that intriguing mysteries, a book filled with circus secrets, and an amulet with unknown powers and unforeseen consequences and you have BIG TOP ACADEMY.

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