1 season available

Below the Surface

Drama, International, Thriller • TV Series • 2017

15 innocent people are held hostage underground in a subway train.

15 innocent people are held hostage underground in a subway train.

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1 season available (8 episodes)

1 season available

(8 episodes)

Episode 1

(Sub) Episode 1

One early autumn morning three heavily armed men hijack a subway train taking 15 hostages. Philip Norgaard, leader of PET's Terror Task Force, spearheads the negotiations on getting the hostages set free. The news quickly spread to the Danish media, and as TV anchor Naja Toft works on gathering information, she gets contacted by the hostage taker "Alpha'', who offers her a direct line to the hostages.
Episode 2

(Sub) Episode 2

Naja, who was fired for her unauthorized interview, starts a blog and thousands of people begin reading it - and giving money to the national fundraiser Naja has started to get the ransom to the hostage takers. At TTF Philip is haunted by flashbacks from his time as a hostage in the middle east, and he fears that Ahmad, who held him hostage back then, is behind this hijacking. He promotes Louise Falck to head the negotiations in an attempt to get control of the situation.
Episode 3

(Sub) Episode 3

Following the first hostage execution the public and the press gets frustrated, and the politicians are on high alert Philip is urged to plan an armed response with SWAT, but the mission is risky and the decision creates a rift in the negotiating team. Naja is at the tail end of a shitstorm on the social media, where she is accused of being partly responsible for the death of Adel, and she considers whether her involvement actually helps.
Episode 4

(Sub) Episode 4

In spite of the failed armed response TTF is getting closer to the hostage taker's identity. A bullet that was shot at the SWAT team turns out to be from a specialized type of rifle, that was stolen from a army depot a couple of years before. Louise discovers Philip’s flashbacks and starts asking questions. Is he suffering from PTSD? Naja gets cold feet with regards to her role in the fundraiser, but Jonas, the hostage, Leon's son, convinces her to carry on, and their relationship quickly develops into something more than friendship.
Episode 5

(Sub) Episode 5

With a hostage killed and another one wounded, distress spreads like wildfire among the hostages in the metro, where they talk about taking a stand. At TTF the focus is now finding the identity of the hostage takers, and Philip and Louise suspects that the wall with the photographs of Philip is not just about thorough prep-work. Naja is to interview another hostage, and TTF considers whether an alliance with Naja may be a way to solve this.
Episode 6

(Sub) Episode 6

Bodil is killed by the hostage takers, and the public's frustrations with the situation and the police's work keeps growing. The pressure on Philip and Louise is enormous. TTF's investigation leads them to sources in the Danish military, and they seem to be close to a breakthrough in identifying the hostage takers. Naja's fundraiser still receives money, but she’s beginning to doubt Jonas - if he's not Leon’s son, then who is he?
Episode 7

(Sub) Episode 7

Philip learns the identity of the main hostage taker and is choked about his personal involvement in the case that leaves a role for Naja to play as well.
Episode 8

(Sub) Episode 8

As a TTF agent delivers the money to a go-between for the hostage takers, Philip goes into the metro hoping to free the last three remaining hostages. Below the surface Philip is confronted by the man he thought was dead, while Naja slips away from TTF and readies one last interview - this time with Philip. Now the real story will come out and the whole world will be watching.

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