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TVMAActionDramaFantasyAnimation • AnimeAdventureInternationalScience FictionTV Series2005

Twenty ninjas must fight to the death for possession of a scroll.

Twenty ninjas must fight to the death for possession of a scroll.

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Episode 1

(Sub) Destiny

The peace between the Kouga and Iga is broken. The outcome of the battle will determine the next Shogun. Passions of the past reignite as two scrolls are sent out into the night.
Episode 2

(Sub) Last Rendezvous

Gennosuke and Oboro foresee a lasting peace once their romantic intentions are made public - but the Iga have already set their first trap.
Episode 3

(Sub) The Onslaught of War

The Iga set out to intercept the second scroll. The path to victory will lie open before them if they can keep the news of war from reaching the Kouga.
Episode 4

(Sub) The Horned Owl

Gennosuke and Udono feast with the Iga clan, who hide fatal intentions behind false smiles. Inspired by drunken lust and blinded by loyalty and trust, forgiveness will bring the end of one ninja's life.
Episode 5

The Surprise Attack

Tenzen arrives at the Kouga stronghold, claiming to carry a message from Gennosuke. A brutal battle erupts when the suspicions of the Kouga prove warranted.
Episode 6

(Sub) Longing in the Rain

The Iga raiders take Okoi captive while the Kouga attempt to understand why they were attacked. Meanwhile, Gennosuke remains in the Iga village - unaware that a war has begun.
Episode 7

Blood-Sucking Seductress

Okoi is bound and questioned by Rousai, but the vicious treatment she receives pales in comparison to the brutality of her vengeance.
Episode 8

(Sub) Cage of Blood

Mortally wounded, Okoi reveals the scroll's location to Saemon. With the list in his hands, Saemon maintains his ruse just long enough to avenge his sister's death.
Episode 9


After the Iga deception is revealed to Gennosuke, he takes advantage of Oboro's love in order to escape. Alone and pressured to fight, she makes the ultimate sacrifice.
Episode 10

Divine Mandate

Lord Ieyasu and the nobles tally the deaths after only two days of conflict. They remain detached from the pain and suffering, but for the Kouga and the Iga, the war is growing far more personal.
Episode 11

(Sub) On Their Own

Asked to stand with her clan against the Kouga and her beloved Gennosuke, Oboro sacrifices their most valuable weapon. But as one lover turns to the light, the other chooses to look away.
Episode 12

(Sub) Remembrance

Both clans take to the road, allowing for reflection on a time before the war. Some have accepted the battle as right, others feel regret - all know it must end.
Episode 13

A Swarm of Butterflies

As the Kouga prepare to set off for Sunpu Castle, Tenzen leads the Iga across the ocean to stop Gennosuke and his people from reaching their intended destination.
Episode 14

(Sub) Fallen Flower

Oboro is convinced her life will end by Gennosuke's hands. Tenzen seeks to inspire his leader to live, determined to force himself into the void left by Gennosuke.
Episode 15


When Tenzen rises from the dead and attacks, Gyobu's obsession with spilling Iga blood leads to a painful and familiar catastrophe.
Episode 16

First Impressions

During a simpler time, a plan was laid to ensure lasting peace between the Kouga and the Iga - the arranged marriage of Gennosuke and Oboro. During a simpler time, there was hope.
Episode 17

Wandering Hearts

On the path to Sunpu Castle, the Kouga spy a hawk carrying a scroll. Two depart to track the bird and two stay behind. With their ranks divided, Tenzen readies his attack.
Episode 18

A Dawn Without Light

Hyoma directs Gennosuke to flee with Kagero. To ensure their escape, Hyoma engages Koshiro in a violent duel that neither may survive.
Episode 19

(Sub) Conspiracy

As the Kouga prepare to attack Oboro and Akeginu, a stranger arrives with staggering news. Both Kouga and Iga learn the reasons behind the horrors they have endured.
Episode 20

(Sub) River of Mercy

Tenzen encounters Oboro and Akeginu, revealing the truth of Kagero's role in Koshiro's death. Akeginu sets out to have her revenge.
Episode 21

(Sub) With All Her Heart

Tenzen's secret is revealed at last, leading to the death of a Kouga in disguise. Tenzen's lust for Kouga blood finds more satisfaction after a trap places Kagero into his torturous clutches.
Episode 22

(Sub) The Haunted

Gennosuke is drawn from hiding by Oboro’s public challenge, and when he arrives to face Tenzen, he joins all of the surviving Iga and Kouga in the same room.
Episode 23

(Sub) Emancipation

Oboro begs for death, unable to stand against her beloved Gennosuke. But Kagero and Tenzen, each with their dying breath, set the final confrontation in motion.
Episode 24

(Sub) Requiem

On the very grounds where the horror began, Gennosuke and Oboro are forced to fight the final conflict of a war that was not of their design.

About this Show


Twenty ninjas must fight to the death for possession of a scroll.

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