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The creators of Death Note return with this inspiring tale about the power of dreams....more

The creators of Death Note return with this inspiring tale about ...More

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Season1 2 3
Episode 1

(Sub) Dreams and Reality

Student Moritaka Mashiro is whiling away his school days without much thought for the future when he is approached by the top student in his class, Akito Takagi. Takagi's request? "Team up with me and create manga!"
Episode 2

(Sub) Dumb and Smart

In order to marry Miho Azuki, the girl of his dreams, Mashiro decides to become a manga artist. But first he has to convince his family to let him try despite his manga-artist uncle Nobuhiro's death from overwork and exhaustion just three years prior.
Episode 3

(Sub) Parent and Child

Mashiro takes Takagi to uncle Nobu's old manga studio and shows the budding writer some of his uncle's storyboards. In an odd corner they also find a box of uncle Nobu's love letters.
Episode 4

(Sub) Time and Key

Mashiro becomes obsessed with mastering the use of the G-pen to draw, to the point of blowing off studying for exams. Takagi is worried, but also begins his own research project to aid him in creating manga stories.
Episode 5

(Sub) Summer and Storyboard

Mashiro and Takagi decide to finish up their first manga over summer vacation and bring it to an editor. Meanwhile, Takagi tries to explain to Miyoshi why he was asking her about Azuki, but only ends up making things more awkward.
Episode 6

(Sub) Carrot and Stick

Their first submission ready, the boys bring it to a publisher and meet one of the editors, Akira Hattori. His feedback has the boys wavering between ecstasy and misery.
Episode 7

(Sub) Tears and Tears

Class is a joy for Mashiro now that he sits next to Azuki, but one day he asks a question that makes her cry. Through her tears, though, Azuki gives Mashiro her text address, leaving Moritaka completely confused.
Episode 8

(Sub) Fear and Hope

Aiming to win the Tezuka Award, Mashiro and Takagi begin work on a new manga called "The One-Hundred Millionth." But when one of their classmates finds out about the boys' project and begins critiquing Mashiro's art, there's trouble afoot!
Episode 9

(Sub) Regret and Satisfaction

Though Takagi has been suspended, he's being positive and using the time to focus on his storyboards. Mashiro, on the other hand, is doubting himself. When Mashiro drops by his partner's house to check in, he finds a...delicate situation.
Episode 10

(Sub) 10 and 2

Mashiro and Takagi go to discuss "One-Hundred Millionth" with Mr. Hattori and get advice on their next project. After a false start or two, they pitch their next idea.
Episode 11

(Sub) Chocolate and NEXT

While working on their submission for NEXT! magazine, Mashiro and Takagi must make it through high school entrance exams. In the meantime, a gift from Azuki arrives for Mashiro.
Episode 12

(Sub) Feast and Graduation

The boys feel the need to redouble their efforts not just because of their growing rivalry with Eiji Niizuma, but to repay Hattori for his belief in them. As their graduation from middle school draws near, Mashiro finds out that Azuki will be moving away.
Episode 13

(Sub) Early Results and Final Report

After working harder than ever to complete their final draft, Mashiro sends his first text to Azuki. Later, Miyoshi helps the boys choose a pen name, and NEXT! goes on sale containing their first published work.
Episode 14

(Sub) Battle and Copy

In order to beat Eiji Niizuma, Mashiro and Takagi begin storyboarding a mainstream battle manga. Eiji is causing no end of trouble for his editor and is brought into the editorial department, giving the boys a chance to see their rival's talent firsthand.
Episode 15

(Sub) Debut and Impatience

While the boys work on their mainstream battle manga, Azuki hears about a casting call for a new TV show, though she worries about the requirement for being a strong singer.
Episode 16

(Sub) Wall and Kiss

Azuki passes her audition for Saint Visual Girls' High School, while the boys' newly completed "Angel Days" doesn't make the cut for Gold Future Cup. Meanwhile, Miyoshi decides on a dream to chase after herself!
Episode 17

(Sub) Conceit and Kindness

Mashiro takes a job working as an assistant at Eiji's studio and meets some other manga artists. With CROW falling in the surveys, the group discusses how chapter five might be fixed before the deadline.
Episode 18

(Sub) Jealousy and Love

Mashiro gets an idea from watching Eiji and quits his job as Eiji's assistant. Meanwhile, Takagi has been helping Miyoshi with her cellphone novels, but is still struggling to come up with a storyboard.
Episode 19

(Sub) Two and One

When Takagi isn't able to keep his promise to create a storyboard before the end of summer break, Mashiro faces a big decision. Hattori, seeing what's happening, comes up with a plan to make things right.
Episode 20

(Sub) Cooperation and Conditions

With Mashiro and Takagi a team again, they decide to go behind Hattori’s back and complete the storyboards for a new detective series much earlier than Hattori wanted. Meanwhile, Azuki makes her musical debut.
Episode 21

(Sub) Literature and Music

Mashiro and Takagi learn who their rivals are going to be in the Gold Future Cup. Though the competition is going to be fierce, the boys are excited at the thought of going up against such talented individuals.
Episode 22

(Sub) Coalition and Disagreement

When Koji Makaino is revealed to be popular musician KOOGY, Fukuda, Mashiro, Takagi and Nakai barge into the editorial office to complain about the singer's tactics.
Episode 23

(Sub) Tuesday and Friday

After trading opinions at Eiji's studio, everyone furiously polishes up their submissions for the Gold Future Cup. The manga then start being published and the contest finally begins!
Episode 24

(Sub) Phone Call and Night Before

After a fierce battle, the winners of the Gold Future Cup have been determined. After a phone call from Azuki creates an awkward situation, the boys begin work on a storyboard for the serialization committee.
Episode 25

(Sub) Yay and Nay

The serialization committee meeting begins and, with a number of competitive manga to choose from, goes on longer than normal. Mashiro, Takagi and the other artists await their fate, unable to hide their jealousy and anxiety.

About this Show


The creators of Death Note return with this inspiring tale about the power of dreams. Students Mashiro and Takagi aspire to become professional manga artists. As they team up to pursue their goal, the pair learns what it takes to make it in the manga industry, sharing laughs, tears, romance, the devastation of failure and the glory of success along the way.

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