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TVYAdventureAnimation • KidsActionTV Series • 2019

Laugh, learn and play with our adorable little friends, as they explore their world a...more

Laugh, learn and play with our adorable little friends, as they e...More

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Episode 1

Seesaw / the Toy Boat

Rosy and Wally both want to play on the seesaw and try to do it on their own, but it doesn't work. / Krashy and ChiChi go to the seaside for a walk and find a boat they want to go on.
Episode 2

Drawing Pictures / Rocket Ride

Krashy and ChiChi are drawing with markers. / Krashy and Wally decide to play on a "springy" rocket.
Episode 3

Footprints / Tower

Krashy finds unknown black footprints and decides to follow them. / ChiChi wants to build a tower from toy blocks.
Episode 4

The Hat / Christmas Tree

Rosy can't find her favorite hat and Wally tries to help her look for it. / The Baby Riki learn about the festive Christmas tree and decorate their own. Christmas Holidays come to BabyRiki!
Episode 5

The Sun / Hopping

Rosy is very sad and the morning is gloomy as they cannot see the sun today. So Rosy and ChiChi decide to draw the sun. / Krashy teaches Rosy and Wally how to jump. For Wally it is not so easy and he does not succeed at first.
Episode 6

The Stream / Car

Playing with a paper boat on a shallow stream is suddenly disrupted by strong wind, blowing the boat far away. / ChiChi is playing with a pull back car, but it moves so fast that he loses it. It's a good thing he has friends!
Episode 7

Hide and Seek / Small Houses

BabyRiki are all hiding somewhere! To find them, we must remember each character's traits, and what he or she likes to do. / Krashy and Rosy are building houses, and only need to add the roof.
Episode 8

Bucket / Play Time

Pandy, Krashy and Rosy all want to play in the sandpit with a blue bucket but none of them want to share it. / Rosy, Wally and ChiChi are playing in the playground. But Rosy is playing so hard that she doesn't realize she has upset the others.
Episode 9

The Scooter / Games

Krashy decides to take Rosy's scooter to ride even though Rosy told him not to. Krashy rides around fast and ends up crashing into a cactus. / ChiChi and Pandy come across a picture of a goal keeper catching a ball and decide to play soccer.
Episode 10

Good Night, Little Star! / Bounce

BabyRiki are getting ready to go to sleep. But Wally doesn't want to sleep. He wants to play. / Krashy has a new toy – a sticky bouncy ball!
Episode 11

The Flower / Let's Move!

ChiChi is trying to be a magician. He has a wand and some sprinkles, but it doesn't seem to be working out. / ChiChi can’t wake up, while all the other BabyRiki are playing.
Episode 12

Paper Plane / the Horsie

Krashy, ChiChi and Wally are playing with a handmade paper plane and Rosy decides she wants to join them. / Krashy and Chichi start out playing with a horse. They are ready to play all day, but all their games create quite a mess.
Episode 13

Fishing / Mosaic

Krashy decides to go fishing at night, but fish sleep at night and he decides to wait. / ChiChi, Pandy and Rosy are playing when Pandy finds a mosaic picture inside a box made up of little square pieces.
Episode 14

Krashy's Ears / Friends

Krashy and Pandy are playing hide-and-seek. Whenever Krashy hides, Pandy always finds him. How does she do it? / Rosy, Pandy and ChiChi decide to play with horses. And every horse must have a name.
Episode 15

Hula Hoop / Colourful Treasure

Pandy has a new toy – a bright green hoop and she likes to play gymnastics with it. / Krashy, ChiChi and Wally are playing pirates. They are looking for treasures.
Episode 16

Crocodile / Beads

Pandy and Wally have played all the games. They are bored now. ChiChi wants to amuse his friends and finds a new toy. / Rosy and Pandy both find a string of orange beads in a box. But it is the same string of beads and each one want it.
Episode 17

Fairy Tale / Apple Pie

We learn about what kids do in the mornings and in the evenings. / Pandy and Rosy are playing princesses, and having tea with treats.
Episode 18

Let's Go! / What Is It?

Pandy has a birthday today! BabyRiki hurry to the party and learn about different ways of getting there. / ChiChi and Wally come across a mysterious object. They want to understand what it is.
Episode 19

A Secret / Chimney

ChiChi is sculpting something out of clay but does not want to tell anyone what it is as it's a secret! / Krashy and Rosy are both constructing things using building blocks, but both need to build a chimney stack. However, there's only enough for one.
Episode 20

Pandy's Sea / Who Is It?

ChiChi accidentally spills black paint on Pandy's white mat. ChiChi has to wash it many times in order to clean it. / BabyRiki decide to play a game of tag and they have to choose who will lead?
Episode 21

Helicopter / the Tree

Krashy jumps very high and lands on top of a shelf. And now he can't get down. ChiChi and Wally try to help him. / All the BabyRiki characters are busy constructing trees. Each of them create a different tree with different colors.
Episode 22

Balloon / Brown Bear

Wally has a beautiful new balloon. He does not want to share it with anyone, so he hides the balloon. / Pandy is trying to pull something from under a stack of blankets all by herself. When the other BabyRiki offer to help her, she refuses.
Episode 23

Bees / Let's Play

While playing, the BabyRiki find something amazing. It's honey! It is delicious and sweet! Where did it come from? / Wally is very sad. He wants to play with a ball, but it is popped. Rosy decides she will be sad with him, but she does it her own way.
Episode 24

Biscuits / Windmills

Krashy finds some cookies and wants to share them with his friends. But as more kids come, the less cookies there are. / Wally has a surprise for Rosy. He got her paper windmills. In fact he got her three windmills, but is that too much!
Episode 25

Wally's Special Gift / Pyramids

Wally has a surprise for Rosy -- it's a hat. But Rosy is not surprised by it, so he tries and tries again. / Krashy sees ChiChi building a pyramid with magnets and tries to do the same. But he can't do it even though he tries many times.
Episode 26

Excited! / the Cap

Pandy is awake, but the others are all still sleep. Pandy can't play with anyone and therefore she is bored. She decides to play on her own. / Krashy, ChiChi and Pandy find a fallen star that has lost its cap and they help find it.

About this Show


Laugh, learn and play with our adorable little friends, as they explore their world around them, discover new adventures and learn new things along the way. Combining 3D CGI and live action, the Baby Riki’s are guided by a narrator, who is a motherly figure that encourages new challenges and problem solving through creativity, critical thinking and communication… it’s Baby Riki time.

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