3 seasons available

Arrested Development

TV14SitcomComedyTV Series • 2003

In this critically acclaimed series, Michael Bluth is forced to help his wildly eccen...more

In this critically acclaimed series, Michael Bluth is forced to h...More

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3 seasons available (53 episodes)

3 seasons available

(53 episodes)

Season1 2 3
Episode 1

The Cabin Show

When Michael realizes that Oscar, not George Sr., is serving time in prison, he sets off to find his father while also trying to find time to reconnect with George-Michael.
Episode 2

For British Eyes Only

Michael falls for a British woman while investigating an outrageous claim by George, Sr. in which he says a British construction firm tricked him into doing business with the Iraqis.
Episode 3


The family's new attorney works on George Sr.'s defense even as George Sr. plans his escape and Michael tries to destroy all evidence that his family exists.
Episode 4


Michael volunteers to participate in the father-son triathlon with Gob's son, while George Sr. mistakenly delivers a "Scared Straight" lecture to a gathering of gay men.
Episode 5

Mr. F

Gob tries to trick the company's Japanese investors when they come to visit, but Tobias ruins everything after he mistakes a CIA agent for a talent agent from CAA.
Episode 6

The Ocean Walker

When Michael decides to marry his new British girlfriend, Rita, his family scoffs at the idea - until they find out she's worth millions of dollars.
Episode 7

Prison Break-In

Michael is worried when he finds out that the prison warden is dating his mother and that the Bluth Foundation dinner is being held in the prison's new wing.
Episode 8

Making A Stand

Tired that his father has once again found a way to pit Gob and him against each other, Michael decides to teach his father a lesson.
Episode 9


In order to get enough money to hire a new family lawyer, everyone has to pitch in and prepare for the upcoming company fundraiser, aptly named "Save Our Bluths."
Episode 10

Fakin' It!

Although George Sr. finally gets a new lawyer, Michael worries when he hears news of a surprise witness and Buster pretends he's in a coma so he doesn't have to testify.
Episode 11

Family Ties

Michael hires a woman who turns out to be his long-lost sister, Nellie, and who may be just what the company needs.
Episode 12

Exit Strategy

George-Michael's surprise birthday party for Maeby gets her in big trouble, and Michael and Buster make a startling discovery when they go to Iraq to rescue Gob.
Episode 13

Development Arrested

Michael is relieved to have all the charges against his father dropped and is also shocked to learn who holds the real power in his dysfunctional family.

Am I Nichael?

Are You Coming Out

At the Hospital

Attraction to Maeby

Baby Buster

Being Different

Birthday Party

Bud Cort

Buster's Acoma

Captain Hook

Crazy Nurse

Escape to Freedom

Fatherly Advice


George-Michael Comes Clean

George-Michael Has Something to Tell

Hitting It Off

Hot Sailors

In Iraq

Magnet and Coma

Michael Confronts His Father

My Name is Judge

A New Girl

No More Faking

The Result of Nelly

Rocking and Humming

Run Away Bride

Sexual Attraction

A Shot in the Dark

Slight Discomfort with Tobias

Truth About The Family

Discipline Daddy


Competing with Gob

Frozen Banana

A Lesson for Dad

Punking Dad

Gala Riot

Mom and the Warden


Warden Gentles Woos Lucille

Gob the Witness

Mentally Challenged

Mom Has Needs

Ocean Walker

Plastic Fruit Eating

She's After Our Money

Stood Up

Beauty Pageant


Michael in a Race

Flirting With Attorney

Hidden Camera

Meet the Parents

Michael on a Date

Seal Award

Telling the Truth

Feeling Understood

Magic Show

Making Fun of Michael

No More Cowardice

Secret Spy

Who Hired the Goons

George Hiding Out

Gob and the Cabin

I'm Oscar

Michael Takes His Son to the Cabin

Mom Off Meds

Moving Cabin

Tobias Found

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