1 season available

Angela Anaconda

TVYAdventureComedyAnimation • KidsFamilyTV Series • 1999

'Angela Anaconda' uses a unique style of cutout animation to tell the story of eight-...more

'Angela Anaconda' uses a unique style of cutout animation to tell...More

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

Pet Peeves / Rat Heroes

Angela and friends organize a pet wash to raise money; the class visits a space museum.
Episode 2

Ice Breakers / You're So Vain

Angela breaks her arm while ice skating; Mrs. Brinks misunderstands Angela's poem.
Episode 3

The Substitute / Model Behavior

A substitute teacher takes a liking to Angela; Angela becomes Nanette's servant when Geneva is hired to carve a sculpture for Mr and Mrs Manoir.
Episode 4

Touched by an Angel-A / Puppy Love

Josephine persuades Angela to be nice to Nanette in order to break a curse of bad luck; Nanette's poodle Ooh La La goes missing and is found in Angela's yard with King.
Episode 5

Who's Sari Now? / Saving Private Gordy

Angela and Nanette fight for the attention of a Prince visiting the school; Coach Rhineheart enlists others when Gordy shows interest in football.
Episode 6

Fairweather Friends / Turtle Confessions

When Nanette is bedridden with the flu, January and Karlene want to help; Angela loses Gina Lash's pet turtle Sheldon and tries to replace him with a look alike.
Episode 7

Cloak and Dagger / The Dog Ate It

Angela accidentally finds Nanette's diary; King eats Angela's math homework, so she makes up a story about her Dad being really sick with some kind of a brain disease.
Episode 8

Hot Bob and Chocolate / Pizza Wars

Nanette spreads a rumor that Angela likes someone named Bob; Uncle Nicky and Nona Abatti have a feud with the people from Sabatto's Pizza.
Episode 9

Stuck on You / Hard to Swallow

Angela and Nanette become stuck together by bubble gum in their hair; Angela lures Nanette's poodle away to test whether being a purebred makes her more loyal.
Episode 10

Gone Fishing / 100 Yard Lash

Average girl is more interesting than she appears.
Episode 11

My Fair Lulu / Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore

"My Fair Lulu"; "Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore."
Episode 12

Bathroom Blues / Garbage Swingers

Angela gets herself trapped in the boys' bathroom; Angela and the gang get to ride around in a garbage truck.
Episode 13

Mapperson's Daughter / Big Ho Down

A new face is chosen for the Mapperson's delivery truck; Angela and her father compete in a hoedown contest.
Episode 14

Rough Times Tables / Works of Art

Mrs. Brinks' class learns multiplication; Angela accidentally turns in an unflattering picture of Mrs Brinks instead of her test.
Episode 15

Angela Who? / Rockabye Abatti

Angela has many qualities that none of her family members do, causing her to feel alienated from the Anaconda family; Johnny gets a new bunk bed.
Episode 16

Green With Envy / Two Can Play

St. Patrick's Day in Tapwater Springs; the school play ends up being a lesson in manners.
Episode 17

Cut to the Chase / Dirty Work

Angela barters with friends to keep from being grounded; iIt's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.
Episode 18

Super Mom / Skipping Lessons

Geneva gives up art and devotes herself to being the perfect mother; Angela takes Nanette's place as Mrs. Brinks' favorite student.
Episode 19

View to a Brinks / Injury to Insult

Curiosity killed the cat; Angela comes down with a case of Pink Eye.
Episode 20

The Martyrdom of St. Nanette / The Crossing

The class decides to make sacrifices for Lent in order to live for eternity; Angela helps Mrs Jenerette get re-hired after she is fired for helping to catch the escaped class chicken.
Episode 21

Labor Pains / Cyrano D'Angela

Angela goes on a chore strike when she realizes that her allowance is the lowest in town; Gina becomes interested in Jimmy Jamal because of what he brings for lunch.
Episode 22

Crazed and Confused / Strange Bedfellows

Angela is too slow for the fast-paced world of fads; Angela and Grandma Lou are roommates for the weekend.
Episode 23

Everybody Loves Gina / Halls of Justice

Gina is a favorite at a sleepover at Angela's house; Angela regrets doing hall monitor duty.
Episode 24

Cabin Fever / Don't Overdue It

"Cabin Fever"; "Don't Overdue It."
Episode 25

Kar-Lean on Me / Slice of Life

"Kar-Lean on Me"; "Slice of Life."
Episode 26

The Nanette Lock / Gordy Floats

"The Nanette Lock"; "Gordy Floats."

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