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Ancient Aliens

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If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For...more

If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearanc...More

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Episode 1

Pyramids of Antarctica

Antarctica is Earth's most remote and least explored continent. It is buried under as much as three miles of ice in some places, but recent satellite imagery has revealed what appear to be the tops of man-made pyramids scattered throughout the landscape.
Episode 2

Destination Mars

Within 20 years, we are expecting to send the first colonizers to the Red Planet. Astronauts will brave the six-month journey to become the first extraterrestrial visitors to Mars--where they are expected to live and die there, never to return to Earth.
Episode 3

The Next Humans

In the 21st century, technology is heading in a radical new direction--the merging of man and machine. Smart drugs, nanorobots, and machine-printed organs are just a few of the cutting-edge innovations catalyzing the evolution of humankind.
Episode 4

The New Evidence

Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if it were true? This is the question Ancient Astronaut theorists have posed since Erich von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods.
Episode 5

The Visionaries

Scientists theorize that when mankind encounters extraterrestrials, we'll need to speak to them through the universal language of mathematics and binary code.
Episode 6

Decoding The Cosmic Egg

A "Cosmic Egg" -- in which the universe, or some primordial being comes into existence by the hatching of an egg -- is found in the creation myths of many cultures. Why is this concept so pervasive throughout the world?
Episode 7

The Wisdom Keepers

The Aborigines of Australia are the oldest, continuously surviving society on Earth. The stories preserved in their oral tradition are said to date back over 60,000 years.
Episode 8

The Mysterious Nine

In 2013, former Canadian Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer, made a shocking claim--that there is a federation of extraterrestrial beings monitoring and guiding humanity. But why would such an esteemed politician make such a controversial announcement?
Episode 9

The Hidden Empire

Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest that evidence of extraterrestrial visitation exists in every corner of the Earth, but some say the most compelling can be found in one of the world's least accessible places--China.
Episode 10

The Prototypes

Recent archaeological discoveries reveal a very different picture of what life on Earth looked like in the remote past. It was a real-life version of "Lord of the Rings," where humans shared the planet with various types of intelligent human-like species.
Episode 11

Space Station Moon

It was mankind's finest hour, the greatest technological achievement of the 20th Century--the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. But the Apollo program was short-lived, and after Apollo 17 in 1972, we never went back.
Episode 12

Russia's Secret Files

Russia is a vast country, spanning over 6 million square miles of some of the most rugged terrain on Earth, much of which is uninhabited and largely unexplored. It is also the home of 'cosmism' -- a belief that human civilization originated in the cosmos.
Episode 13

Beyond Roswell

The U.S. military has long denied that the infamous 1947 Roswell crash was anything other than a weather balloon, but FBI files released in 2011 include a memo to J. Edgar Hoover regarding the recovery of not one, but three "flying saucers."
Episode 14

The Returned

Thousands of people from every part of the world have reported being abducted by aliens, including even a world leader – President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov of the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, who announced in 2007 that he had been taken.
Episode 15

Shiva the Destroyer

Of the millions of Hindu gods, none is more important than Shiva--the great destroyer. Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest this powerful being that possessed flying machines, incredible weapons, and had supernatural abilities.

UFO SIGHTING Inspires Holy Site

The Mayan Calendar Mystery

Chaco Canyon Petroglyphs

King Pakal's Spaceship

Mysterious Temples of Palenque

Alien Apocalypse 2012

Alien Hotspots

Ancient Death Rays

Ancient UFO Sightings

Ancient Underground City

Florida's Coral Castle

Hidden Caves of Tayos

Japan's Atlantis

Legends of the Anasazi

Mayan Underground

Mexico's Zone of Silence

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

Myths of Atlantis

The Nazi Bell

Operation Paperclip

Peru's Ancient Fortress

Peru's Gate of the Gods

Stonehenge of Armenia

Stones of Carnac

Turkey's Buried City

UFO Sightings on the World Grid

Walls of Jericho

Where was Atlantis?


Discovering the Next Earth

Foo Fighters

Frank Drake and the Founding of SETI


What Are the Pyramids?

About this Show

Ancient Aliens

If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For ancient alien theorists, the answer is a resounding yes. They believe that, by sharing their views with the world, they can help prepare future generations for the inevitable encounter that awaits them.

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