9 seasons available

Ancient Aliens

TV14 • Science Fiction, Documentaries, Supernatural, History • TV Series • 2010

If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For ancient alien theorists, the answer is a resounding yes. They be...more

If aliens visited Earth in the past, could they make an appearance in the future? For ancient alien theorists, the answer is a resounding yes. They be...more

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9 seasons available (99 episodes)

9 seasons available

(99 episodes)

Episode 1

The Alien Hunters

In the 21st century, mainstream scholars, scientists, and world governments have for the first time openly joined the hunt for intelligent life beyond Earth. But while such an effort has never been made public before, in reality, the search for proof of extraterrestrial life has been underway for decades.
Episode 2

Forged by the Gods

Metallic objects dating back hundreds of thousands of years; Mysterious metal spheres defying the laws of physics. Could these artifacts be physical evidence of extraterrestrials visiting Earth?
Episode 3

The Mystery of Rudloe Manor

In the southwest corner of the Wiltshire, England countryside lies the mysterious structure known as Rudloe Manor. On the surface, it appears to be nothing more than a quaint English manor house, but researchers have argued for years that it has been the epicenter of British research into UFOs since World War II.
Episode 4

The Alien Architects

Many of the architectural marvels of the ancient world bear striking similarities to one another, even though they were built by civilizations that were separated by thousands of miles and are believed to have had no contact with one another. Separated by more than 7500 miles, the Giza pyramid complex in Giza, Egypt and the Avenue of the Dead in Teotihuacan, Mexico contain pyramids that are aligned with the constellation of Orion's belt. An ancient pyramid temple in Cambodia known as Baksei Chamkrong is an almost identical match for the Temple of the Jaguar in Guatemala. Many structures built using stone slabs that weighed over a hundred tons. But how did primitive people achieve such extraordinary feats? And why do we see such similarities? Could these sites have all been designed by alien architects?
Episode 5

The Pharaoh's Curse

According to legend, an ancient curse was placed upon the tomb of King Tutankhamun, and when that tomb was opened in 1922, a series of terrible events occurred.
Episode 6

The Science Wars

Could clues about our extraterrestrial origins be hidden in these discarded pieces of our past? Shocking evidence has recently been revealed that challenges the accepted dating of the Great Pyramid.
Episode 7

City of the Gods

The ancient site of Teotihuacan in central Mexico--which the Aztecs called the "City of the Gods"--is one of the world's greatest mysteries.
Episode 8

The Alien Frequency

The use of mantras and chanting to connect with a higher plane has existed in cultures all over the world.
Episode 9

The Majestic Twelve

In 1984, a roll of 35mm film surfaced from an anonymous source that contained pictures of what is now known as the Eisenhower Briefing Document.
Episode 10

The Akashic Record

Throughout history, prophets and visionaries have claimed to be able to telepathically access knowledge and information that would ultimately steer the course of human history. But if true, where do these individuals get their visions?
Episode 11

Voices of the Gods

India's Sanskrit texts are filled with incredible stories about advanced technology in the ancient world. Highly complex building techniques, brain surgery, flying crafts, and even nuclear physics are described with uncanny accuracy.
Episode 12

The Animal Agenda

Extraterrestrials are almost always envisioned as humanoid, but is this an egocentric concept?
Episode 13

The Replicants

Across the globe, over 1.5 billion people believe in reincarnation, the belief that a soul can be reborn into a different body after death.
Episode 14

A Spaceship Made of Stone

In Honshu, Japan, stands one of the country's oldest and holiest Shinto shrines--the Ishi-no-Hoden megalith.
Episode 15

The Alien Disks

Strange disks are discovered in a cave in China that appear to tell the story of an ancient extraterrestrial crash on Earth. The disks are confiscated by the Chinese government and dismissed as a hoax.
Episode 16

Return to Gobekli Tepe

The ancient site of Gobekli Tepe challenges everything modern archaeologists believe about mankind's past.

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