1 season available

American Gothic

TV14 • Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Thriller • TV Series • 1995

In a small town in South Carolina, not everyone is as they seem.

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In a small town in South Carolina, not everyone is as they seem.

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1 season available (22 episodes)

1 season available

(22 episodes)

Episode 1


The rural community of Trinity, South Carolina, a postcard-pretty enclave of antebellum houses and manicured lawns, is a town tormented and seduced by the ominous presence of one man, Sheriff Lucas Black, in the season premiere of "American Gothic."
Episode 2

A Tree Grows in Trinity

Hiding deep in the woods, Caleb discovers one of Sheriff Buck's enemies dying from Selena's torturous treatment.
Episode 3

Eye of the Beholder

Sheriff Buck will stop at nothing to win custody of Caleb, even if it means destroying Dr. Crower in the process.
Episode 4

Damned If You Don't

Carter Bowen pays a heavy price when he refuses to return a favor requested by Sheriff Buck.
Episode 5

Dead to the World

When Gail discovers that Sheriff Buck was involved with her childhood friend just before the woman's death, she comes very close to reliving the tragedy herself.
Episode 6

Meet the Beetles

Sheriff Buck is implicated when the skeletons of two Trinity citizens are found at the old Temple farmhouse which is now his property.
Episode 7

Strong Arm of the Law

Sheriff Buck is involved in a murderous shakedown with four killers who terrorize Trinity's business community.
Episode 8


Merlyn experiences her first date and kiss.
Episode 9


A radio show host vows to bring Lucas down.
Episode 10


A series of inexplicable phenomena set the stage for a climactic showdown between Lucas and Merlyn, with the soul of Lucas' son, Caleb, at stake.
Episode 11

The Plague Sower

A plague of blood descends upon Trinity.
Episode 12

Doctor Death Takes a Holiday

Lucas' mother is admitted to the hospital and tries to convince Dr. Matt to kill Lucas.
Episode 13

The Beast Within

Caleb's dreams become a living nightmare when the strange man in his dreams turns out to be Ben's brother.
Episode 14

To Hell and Back

When Dr. Matt treats victims of a drunk driving accident, he is troubled by strange memories of his wife and daughter.
Episode 15

Learning to Crawl

Lucas empowers Caleb when the boy's life is endangered.
Episode 16


Gail decides that she has had enough of Lucas and Trinity, and announces that she will be leaving, taking Caleb with her.
Episode 17

The Buck Stops Here

Lucas has promised Yancy, the hospital pharmacist, that he will help his wife who has been in a coma for two years in exchange for some hospital files.
Episode 18


Lucas is buried while Caleb, Gail, Ben, and Selena are at the gravesite.
Episode 19

Potato Boy

Lucas gets upset when Selena reaches out to Caleb.
Episode 20

Ring of Fire

Gail is determined to learn more about her past and reluctantly enlists the help of Lucas.
Episode 21

Echo of Your Last Goodbye

Ben is on a date with a woman who he assumes is Cindy. His date turns out to be an incarnation of Merlyn who has now decided to haunt Ben.
Episode 22


Lucas Buck decides that he must fight a ghost (Merlyn) with a ghost.


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