1 season available

Amar y Temer

Drama, Latino • TV Series • 2011

Alicia Aragón, una líder de las luchas femeninas de los años 50, sueña con cambiar las injusticias y anhela estudiar en la universidad, pero es obliga...more

Alicia Aragón, una líder de las luchas femeninas de los años 50, sueña con cambiar las injusticias y anhela estudiar en la universidad, pero es obliga...more

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1 season available (90 episodes)

1 season available

(90 episodes)

Episode 1

Chapter 1

Unlike other women of her age, Alicia Benitez dreams of receiving a college education. Pascual, a wealthy and powerful man, is interested in Alicia. Simon confronts one of her best friends before he is poisoned.
Episode 2

Chapter 2

Pascual hits Alicia because she did not make their marriage as a virgin. Simon believes he is guilty of his friend’s death; he finds comfort in alcohol. Alicia goes back to Pascual. Simon meets Alicia while working at a restaurant.
Episode 3

Chapter 3

Pascual notices Simon’s interest in Alicia, and warns her about the consequences. When Pascual leaves to see a boxing match, Alicia spends her afternoon with Simon.
Episode 4

Chapter 4

When Alicia arrives to Pascual’s hotel, he confronts her. Alicia gives up and decides to lose the love of her life. She discovers that Pascual has a lover— Ruby, one of the prostitutes who works at the town’s brothel.
Episode 5

Chapter 5

Pascual tells Alicia that he will never let her go. Alicia becomes her ballet teacher’s assistant. Simon begins to work at a gym. Thiefs invade Pascual’s house.
Episode 6

Chapter 6

Simon continues on with his life, but he cannot erase his memories of Alicia. Alicia discovers that Juana is part of a small group of women who unite to demand their suffrage rights.
Episode 7

Chapter 7

Dolores helps Alicia escape by faking her own death. From now on Alicia pretends to be Alberto Aragon. She enrolls in the Simon University where Simon studies and pursues a degree in law.
Episode 8

Chapter 8

Alicia, as Alberto, is finally able to establish a strong friendship with Simon. Simon tells her about his love for the mysterious woman he met on his birthday. Simon hears rumors that Alberto might be gay.
Episode 9

Chapter 9

Simon decides to ask Alberto about his sexual preference. Pascual is interested in Flor. Dolores travels to Bogota to visit Alicia. Dora tells Alicia about the Women’s Right Movement and she decides to get involved.
Episode 10

Chapter 10

Once Alicia is discovered she has no other option other than lying to Simon. She makes up a lie, saying that her name is Magdalena, she is Alberto’s cousin and she will son marry a French man. Pascual and Ruby travel to Bogota.
Episode 11

Chapter 11

Alberto forgets about the possibility of running into Pascual and decides to leave with Simon and Teo. Alicia agrees to go on a date with Simon in order to bring down his hopes.
Episode 12

Chapter 12

Simon is very excited about his date with Magdalena and tells Father Arguello about Pascual. Ruby, Pascual’s lover, discovers that she is pregnant. Just as he receives the news, Pascual tells her to have an abortion.
Episode 13

Chapter 13

Simon asks Alicia for some time to sort out his finances and give her the life she deserves. Simon decides to return to the boxing ring, and Pascual invites him to his place at Guican.
Episode 14

Chapter 14

Alicia sees Simon again. She wants him to return to the boxing ring and stop seeing Pascual, so she decides to tell him she is permanently relocating to Paris and marrying her fiancé.
Episode 15

Chapter 15

Alberto (Alicia) runs into Pascual. Alicia tells him she is in town to visit her mother. Simon tells Magdalena (Alicia) about his new friendship with Pascual and asks her for help to get to Paris.
Episode 16

Chapter 16

After a challenging boxing match, Simon manages to win. Alicia suspects that this is all part of Pascual’s plan to provoke Simon. Pascual takes Simon and Alberto to celebrate the win at a strip club.
Episode 17

Chapter 17

The girls from Alicia’s university organize a protest against the change in the military government. Teo doesn’t think Simon should continue boxing. Alicia writes about her time with Pascual in order to take him to court.
Episode 18

Chapter 18

In between the student protest Alberto shoots from a balcony, generating a huge chaos in the streets. Due to the article written by Alberto, the police open up a formal investigation against Pascual.
Episode 19

Chapter 19

In order to get rid of Pascual, Ruby seduces Gonzalo, who has been trying to get with her for a while.
Episode 20

Chapter 20

Alicia meets Simon to give her a letter from Juan’s professor. Pascual travels to Bogota with Dolores. Simon asks Pascual for some money in advance to travel to Paris.
Episode 21

Chapter 21

Alberto begins to write a new article about what is going on with Pascual. Professor Juana gives her own testimony to complete the accusation. Captain Tinjaca interrogates Roman Ortiz about the recent murder.
Episode 22

Chapter 22

Captain Tinjaca is very surprised to find out Alberto Aragon is actually Alicia Benitez. Simon goes back to the ring, aiming to move up the ranks and get a global title but Pascual sets him up.
Episode 23

Chapter 23

Simon is terrified by the possibility that he murdered Catalina, and he decides to run away. Dolores decides to give her testimony against Pascual, revealing that Orlando was murdered because he was Alicia’s love interest at the time.
Episode 24

Chapter 24

Simon continues to hide out of fear of being found guilty of his ex-girlfriend’s murder. Negro Iguaran’s corpse is found in Guican. Captain Tinjaca uses this information to put pressure on Roman Ortiz.
Episode 25

Chapter 25

Tinjaca pressures Pascual to give his testimony to advance the Iguaran investigation. Oviedo decides to turn himself in and handle the consequences. Pascual threatens Dolores.
Episode 26

Chapter 26

Juana confesses to Alicia that she’s been supporting liberal guerillas for a while. Pascual visits Simon at the commissary where he is being held back.
Episode 27

Chapter 27

Ruby tries to convince Gonzalo to help her get rid of Pascual. Alberto gathers with Pascual to begin to plan a defense against Simon. Captain Tinjaca travels to Guican.
Episode 28

Chapter 28

Magdalena (Alicia) visits Simon at the commissary. Simon continues to train but Teo brings him some bad news— he will be transferred to an official prison.
Episode 29

Chapter 29

Simon’s unexpected bail complicates things for Alicia. Pascual hires lawyer Rolando Albornoz to defend Roman Ortiz. Simon holds beef against Alberto.
Episode 30

Chapter 30

Alicia asks for help from the leader of the university’s Women’s Rights Movement. Alberto loses his opportunity to continue on with his studies. The trial against Pascual begins.
Episode 31

Episodio 31

Ordoñez is cleared of all charges, the sole testimony of Professor Juana is not enough to prove his crimes; he takes the opportunity to accuse Captain Tinjacá of assault.
Episode 32

Chapter 32

Simon and Alberto fix their friendship. Roman Ortiz is chased down by a group of police cars and captain Tinjaca dies in the middle of the shooting.
Episode 33

Chapter 33

Soon after their release, Roman Ortiz and Rolando Albornoz are killed. Dora and Alejandro believe that Alberto is behind Tinjaca’s murder.
Episode 34

Chapter 34

After some manipulation from Mike, Simon meets Matilde Santos, a beautiful singer. Alicia gets jealous and decides not to return to Oviedo. Pascual returns to Guican and Ruby takes advantage of this opportunity to plan her revenge.
Episode 35

Chapter 35

Mike gets Simon to fight the national champion, and quickly move up through the ranks. Ruby promises to be with Gonzalo for the rest of their lives if he kills Pascual. Mike convinces Matilde to seduce Simon.
Episode 36

Chapter 36

When the government censures the newspaper, the Women’s Rights group organizes a protest. Pascual heals quickly from the poisoning incident. Mike convinces Matilde to travel with him to Guican.
Episode 37

Chapter 37

Alejandro is interested in Alicia. Pascual wants Simon to continue training while he’s at Guican. Mike tries to seperate Alicia and Simon. Dolores gets scared when she arrives to Bogota.
Episode 38

Chapter 38

Simon travels to Bogota with Matilde. When Ruby finds out about Pascual and Flor’s engagement, she finds Flor and tells her about Pascual’s past.
Episode 39

Chapter 39

Flor makes Pascual promise her he will get rid of Ruby. Alicia tells Alejandro that things between her and Simon are definitely over. Alejandro decides this is his time to get close to Alicia.
Episode 40

Chapter 40

Father Arguello gets upset at Flor, whose been treating him with indifference. Matilde tells Simon about what happened with Alberto during the interview, and Simon begins to like her.
Episode 41

Chapter 41

Fifteen days away from his fight, Simon finds himself 5 kilograms overweight and begins a more intensive training. Professor Juana is stopped and accused of collaborating with the liberal on various attacks.
Episode 42

Chapter 42

Dolores tries to convince father Arguello not to tell Pascual about his meeting at the church. Professor Juana tells Alicia to look for Doctor Esmeralda, who can help her get out of jail.
Episode 43

Chapter 43

Dolores wants to help Teo and Simon to lose some weight. Father Arguello returns from Guican and tells Pascual about his meeting with Dolores and Alberto. Matilde finds out that Santos is back in town.
Episode 44

Chapter 44

Gonzalo tortures Dolores, attempting to drown her with a barrel full of water. Simon has a good fight. Professor Juana has bad news for Alicia and takes her to the morgue.
Episode 45

Chapter 45

Juana advises Alicia on what she must do from now on; she recommends telling Simon the whole truth. Pascual hires a private investigator to find Father Arguello’s friend: Father Granados.
Episode 46

Chapter 46

Pascual talks to Father Granados and tells him that Father Arguello needs some help. Simon and Alicia promise to love each other eternally. Simon loses his vision.
Episode 47

Chapter 47

Simon’s doctor prohibits him from boxing ever again. Pascual and Father Arguello come to an agreement, Arguello will leave Guican in exchange for some money.
Episode 48

Chapter 48

Alejandro and Dora become engaged. Doctora Esmeralda, the leader of the Women’s Rights Movement, realizes that her group ran out of money. Alicia wants to organize a boxing match as their next fundraiser.
Episode 49

Chapter 49

Pascual finds out that thanks to Alberto Aragon, Simon and Professor Juana have developed a relationship which might put his own plans in danger. Simon continues to follow the chaman’s instructions.
Episode 50

Chapter 50

Pascual orders Gonzalo to murder Father Arguello after the ceremony. Simon arrives to Pascual’s and tries to find out things about Ordoñez.
Episode 51

Chapter 51

Simon gets into an uncomfortable situation where he has no option other than manipulating the facts he gives to Pascual. Simon breaks into Pascual’s studio to look for any documents which might incriminate him.
Episode 52

Chapter 52

Simon looks for Justo Rincon and tries to find out details about Pascual’s life in Guican which he could use to blackmail him. Alberto (Alicia) continues to help Olga and tries to convince her to tell on her husband.
Episode 53

Chapter 53

Father Arguello tries to blackmail Father Granados. Olga wants her husband to free Dora. Guican’s new replacement to Padre Arguello is substantially younger than him.
Episode 54

Chapter 54

Hugo catches Alberto (Alicia) kissing Simon by the boxing ring. Teo finds out that Simon protects his left side during training and keeps inquiring until he finds out about Simon’s injury.
Episode 55

Chapter 55

Pascual finds out that Alberto Aragon does not exist. He gets the police to begin an extensive investigation, looking through all the documents that Alicia signed under this fake identity.
Episode 56

Chapter 56

Simon confesses to Alicia that he does not like how much time she spends at Alejandro’s. Juana is desperate and she calls Teo. Pascual moves to Bogotá to launch his political career.
Episode 57

Chapter 57

Flor has a secret weapon; she murders the man who’s tried to rape her. Pascual is suspicious and orders Gonzalo to look for the boss of the bandolero’s. Alejandro wants to marry Dora.
Episode 58

Chapter 58

Simon has a nightmare where he catches Alicia and Alejandro. Pascual finds out Dora is close with Alberto and offers her money in exchange for his location.
Episode 59

Chapter 59

In the middle of the fight Simon is hit in his left eyebrow, causing him to lose his sight once again. After the fight Simon calls Alicia and gets upset because she is with Alejandro.
Episode 60

Chapter 60

Gonzalo finds out where Alejandro lives and sends some men to his place. Alicia wants to greet Simon at the airport, but this is too risky. Gonzalo tells Pascual about Simon and Alberto.
Episode 61

Chapter 61

Pascual refuses to believe Gonzalo, who keeps insisting that he saw Alberto and Simon Kiss with his own eyes. Ordoñez decides to carry on as if nothing has happened, while he begins to plan his revenge.
Episode 62

Chapter 62

Teo gets worried about Simon’s injuries, and he forces him to go to the hospital. Dora continues on with Pascual’s plan, and decides to get close to Alicia, pretending he is no longer resented.
Episode 63

Chapter 63

Pascual organizes a dinner to celebrate Simon’s tie. Pascual asks Father Granado if his marriage to Alicia is still valid. Dora tries to convince Alicia to hide in Alejandro’s apartment.
Episode 64

Chapter 64

Alicia confesses to Dora that his relationship with Simon is not going well. Dora manipulates Alejandro, telling him that Alicia has been feeling lonely.
Episode 65

Chapter 65

Dora visits Simon and tells her that Alicia has been cheating with Alejandro. Flor develops health issues. Pascual takes her to the doctor and they find out Flor is pregnant.
Episode 66

Chapter 66

Dora tells Pascual that his plan is working and that Simon is beginning to reconsider his relationship with Alicia. Full of gloom, Alicia goes to the train station and almost runs into Pascual.
Episode 67

Chapter 67

Justo and Flor want Pascual to travel to Guican. Pascual decides to leave to spend some time alone at Bogota and plan his vengeance. Alicia continues to get depressed but Alejandro supports her.
Episode 68

Chapter 68

When Alicia is discovered by Pascual, she finds out she has no option other than to run away. Alicia asks Alejandro to talk to Simon. Flor returns to Bogota, without telling Pascual. Alicia calls Pascual to talk to her face to face.
Episode 69

Chapter 69

Teo receives a surprise visit from Graciela, his ex-wife. Alicia calls Pascual and asks him to meet her at a church, where she feels the safest. Pascual confesses that he hasn’t forgotten about Alicia and he still loves her.
Episode 70

Chapter 70

Alicia decides to protect Simon from Pascual by breaking up within him. Flor’s feelings towards Pascual begin to change. She begins to hate him and plan how to murder him.
Episode 71

Chapter 71

Graciela and Hugo begin to date. Flor goes to a Women’s Rights meeting to run into Alicia. Simon and Alicia meet at Alejandro’s. Everything goes well until Alejandro shows up.
Episode 72

Chapter 72

Simon gets annoyed as she finds out that Alejandro has certain thoughts on Alicia. Alicia runs into Pascual and decides to sign an official divorce. Hugo falls for Graciela.
Episode 73

Chapter 73

Gonzalo gives a wine bottle to Pascual which might or might not contain poison. Teo is worried about Simon because he does not show up for his training. Flor begins to suspect about that Pascual still loves Alicia, and she sees him as an enemy.
Episode 74

Chapter 74

Flor discovers that her father, Justo, has lost a large portion of Pascual’s money to gambling. Alicia denounces Simon for wreaking Alejandro’s apartment. Pascual takes his vengeance plan into action.
Episode 75

Chapter 75

Simon decides to go into Alejandro’s apartment. The door is open, so he walks in and sees Alicia and Alejandro sleeping by the sofa naked. Pascual finds out that Justo and Flor have lost a fortune in betting.
Episode 76

Chapter 76

Simon decides to tell the whole truth to Pascual. Teo convinces Alejandro so that he does not sue Simon. Alicia also decides to tell Pascual the whole truth, including the fact that she impersonated Alberto Aragon.
Episode 77

Chapter 77

Alicia suspects that Pascual had something to do with Simon’s current beef towards her. She is stopped by the police for an anonymous tip they received denouncing her for identity phishing.
Episode 78

Chapter 78

Dora asks Arturo to meet her somewhere far away from the city. Under Pascual’s instructions, Mike waits for Arturo and kills him. Doctor Esmeralda decides to defend Alicia because her crime can be solved without jail time.
Episode 79

Chapter 79

Simon feels impotent because he cannot help Alicia. Pascual arrives to Guican and immediately confronts Justo and Flor. Alicia is taken to a women’s prison; she is bound for a tricky ride.
Episode 80

Chapter 80

Mike takes Simon to fight against the Pan-American boxing champion. Flor finds out that her father has died, but she refuses to believe Gilberto killed him. Juana is still at the hospital and Hugo suspects that Graciela has something to do with it.
Episode 81

Chapter 81

Flor gets suspiciously close to Gonzalo. Pascual finds out about this and warns his men that Flor is not to be trusted. Teo reprimands Simon for signing a document while intoxicated.
Episode 82

Chapter 82

Episode 83

Chapter 83

Flor confesses to Gonzalo that he’s lost Pascual’s son. During the hearing between Alicia and Father Granados, Father Arguello says he always feared Alicia would kill him.
Episode 84

Chapter 84

Knowing that she is at risk in prison, Alicia decides to plan her escape plan in case the trial does not go well. Pascual tries to take Flor to the doctor’s.
Episode 85

Chapter 85

Dora tells Pascual that Alejandro investigated Father Granados. Alejandro finds out that the newspapers are about to publish an article where they accuse Alicia of being a spy from the conservative party.
Episode 86

Chapter 86

Alicia is fully convinced that Pascual is behind the fake news and accusations against her, so she decides escape prison. Alicia is found guilty and convicted to 25 years in jail.
Episode 87

Chapter 87

Simon gets enough money to set Alicia free. Alicia and Margot become allies and escape from jail.
Episode 88

Chapter 88

Simon complaints to Pascual for winning the fight. Flor returns to Pascual and tells him she ran away because she feared for her life. Gonzalo sedates Alicia and murders Margot.
Episode 89

Chapter 89

Juana and Teo accuse Simon of helping Alicia with her escape. Alicia wakes up in Pascual’s room. She reads in the newspaper that women have been granted the suffrage rights.
Episode 90

Chapter 90

Juana tells Alejandro Alicia is alive. Simon plans an ambush at Pascual’s. Pascual is arrested, Simon is hurt and Alicia returns to the university to pursue her law degree. Simon continues to fight for his world champion title.

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