1 season available

Amagami SS

TVPG • Anime, Animation, Drama, Romance • TV Series • 2011

After being stood up on Christmas Eve, Junichi Tachibana is finally opening up to the idea of getting a new girlfriend. Follow the romatic adventure a...more

After being stood up on Christmas Eve, Junichi Tachibana is finally opening up to the idea of getting a new girlfriend. Follow the romatic adventure a...more

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1 season available (26 episodes)

1 season available

(26 episodes)

Episode 1

(Sub) Admiration

On Christmas Eve, Junichi was stood up for the biggest date of his life. Two years later, he bumps into Kaoru Morishima (literally!) and cant out of his mind. After mustering up his courage, Junichi asks her out. What will Harukas answer be?!
Episode 2

(Sub) Approach

Junichi pays a visit to the school infirmary only to run into none other than Haruka! Dispite rejecting him the day before, Junichi and Haruka have fun hanging out at school. Can he fight his burning desire to tell Haruka how much he loves her?
Episode 3

(Sub) Jealousy

Haruka is jealous of the attention Junichi is getting from the ladies. Taking Hibiki's advice, Haruka allows Junichi to spoil her. Much to her surprise, she is delighted by the attention and the fun she has with him.
Episode 4

(Sub) Romance

Junichi and Haruka have come to realize that they met each other for the first time a year ago at the local park. Both had been brooding over sad events in their lives but felt better after meeting each other.
Episode 5

(Sub) Buddies

Junichi and Kaoru have been buddies ever since middle school. Kaoru loves teasing Junichi and pretending that they’re a goofy couple.
Episode 6

(Sub) Hesitation

Junichi breaks up a fight between Kaoru and one of the boys in class. During a meaningful discussion between Junichi and Kaoru, a playful act turns into a kiss between the pair, which leaves Kaoru furious.
Episode 7

(Sub) Betrayal

After seeing her mother with a man she's never met, Kaoru ditches school. Worried about his friend, Junichi cuts class to look for her. Once found, Kaoru reveals that her mother is considering getting remarried and starting a new life.
Episode 8

(Sub) Progress

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s past time for Junichi to ask Kaoru if she’ll spend Christmas Eve with him. He knows time is of the essence, but he just can’t bring himself to ask.
Episode 9

(Sub) Underclassman

After finding Junichi's lost wallet, the nervous and shy Sae Nakata returns it to him. After a proper introduction, Junichi discovers that Sae wants to work as a waitress, but she is too shy to get through the interview process.
Episode 10

(Sub) Training

Junichi is going all-out to help Sae prepare for her job interview. From speed changing to a unique mock interview, everything manages to take on an erotic hue.
Episode 11

(Sub) Changes

Sae’s training draws to an end, and she goes to the dreaded job interview. All of their hard work has paid off, for Sae managed to get the job! Sae asks Junichi out on a date at an amusement park, where they enter the Best Couple Contest.
Episode 12

(Sub) Lovers

At long last, it’s time for the Founder’s Festival! Sae has prepared a beautiful wedding dress and tux for the Best Couple Contest. Even though everyone in the audience is awe-struck by Junichi and Sae, they get second place.
Episode 13

(Sub) The Worst

Junichi catches a glimpse of Ai Nanasaki’s undies as she jumps off her swing. Ai is quick to accuse him of sexual harassment. After pathetic attempts to explain his innocence, Ai finally announces that she was just joking.
Episode 14

(Sub) Heartthrob

If Ai doesn’t pass an upcoming math test, she’ll have to take extra math classes and quit the swim team. Luckily for Ai, Junichi is surprisingly good in math and is willing to offer a helping hand. The two become closer during the lessons.
Episode 15

(Sub) Transformation

Ai and Junichi spend the day at a theme park. It may seem like any old theme park, but the Pharaoh’s Mystery horror house is rather unique.
Episode 16

(Sub) Confessions

Ai and Junichi are manning the Girl’s Swim Team oden stall at the Founder’s Festival. They must prove to the Tea Club that they have mastered the traditional oden flavoring.
Episode 17

(Sub) Memories

On one cold morning Rihoko decides to take a shortcut to school. All she has to do is slide through a hole in the fence and she’ll make it to class on time.
Episode 18

(Sub) Assistance

Rihoko, Junichi and some of their friends go ice-skating to get some exercise while having fun, but Rihoko can't skate to save her life. While trying to help her out, Junichi accidentally gets a  grab at Rihoko’s breast.
Episode 19

(Sub) Succession

With the Founder’s Festival and Christmas over, next up is New Year’s Eve! Rihoko gathers up all of her courage and asks Junichi if he’ll visit the local shrine with her.
Episode 20

(Sub) Goodbyes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Rihoko is making chocolate creams. She still believes that story Ruriko told her about how people used to give choux creams as a present when proposing to their beloved
Episode 21

(Sub) Discoveries

Junichi wants to overcome his trauma from Christmas Eve two years back and enjoy the Founder’s Festival this year. So when it comes time to selecting festival committee members, Junichi volunteers for the job.
Episode 22

(Sub) Hidden Side

When Tsukasa sees Junichi holding her day planner, she’s convinced he saw something he shouldn’t have. Tsukasa shows her true colors as she threatens to get Junichi kicked out of school if he ever tells anyone about what has transpired.
Episode 23

(Sub) Pride

The Founder’s Festival is drawing near and it doesn’t look like everything is going to be done in time. Tsukasa is working day and night trying to get as much done as possible, but she needs more help.
Episode 24

(Sub) Promise

It’s Christmas Eve and that means it’s time for the Founder’s Festival. Thanks to everyone’s hard work and help it's a huge success. Everyone seems bright and happy as they welcome the holiday.
Episode 25

(Sub) The Truth

One day Junichi receives a love letter from Risa Kamizaki, a girl he has never met before. Despite his initial hesitancy to go out with this strange yet adorable girl, Risa’s earnest feelings for him convince him to give the thumbs up.
Episode 26

(Sub) Little Sister

Miya is concerned that if Junichi can’t find a girlfriend, he’s going to lead a horrible life. But when she consults with Ai and Sae, they seem to think he’s a pretty cool guy.

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