AM Joy

News, Political • TV Series • 2016

Joy Reid passionately tackles the critical news and political updates from the week

Joy Reid passionately tackles the critical news and political updates from the week

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Bruce Bartlett: GOP passes budgets slashing Medicare, runs ads saying they protect it

Craig Unger: Report states Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia met regularly with Kushner

E.J. Dionne: It’s as if you had public and private negotiations between Trump, Saudis

LaTosha Brown: Suppression is worse since gutting of Voting Rights Act

Pelosi faced vocal attack, then Trump called Dems ‘an angry mob’

Rep. Jimmy Gomez: This isn’t about the caravan. This is about stoking fear.

Dana Milbank: President is having effect of giving green light to journalist attacks

GOP candidate threatens to ‘stomp all over’ opponent’s face

Meteorologist Paul Douglas: Hurricanes now supersized from additional warming

Michelle Bernard: People are disapproving of president's work, because he's not working

Midterms Ten to Watch: Heidi Heitkamp and the North Dakota Senate Race

Velshi and panel discuss Georgia governor race, Jamal Khashoggi disappearance

Ayman Mohyeldin: There's no doubt Saudi consulate in Istanbul was under surveillance

Cornell Belcher: States like Georgia are ground zero in fight for America’s future

Elie Mystal: Whenever conservatives have the courts they push anti-voting strategies

Jonathan Capehart: People are tired of racial bullhorns in Florida race

Kanye talked prison reform with Trump. Meet one man working to implement it.

Tara Dowdell: GOP is projecting what they do onto Democrats

Controversial Kavanaugh confirmation used to energize GOP base

Could Kavanaugh’s confirmation strengthen Trump’s pardon powers?

In reality, Trump’s father lent him tens of millions of dollars

Midterms Ten to Watch: The Tennessee Senate Race

NYT investigation dismantles Trump’s story of being a self-made billionaire

Why this is one of the most important midterm elections ever

Bishop Barber on Kavanaugh nomination: ‘This was a sham’

EJ Dionne: Graham’s behavior looks crazy but doesn’t hurt him with GOP party

Elie Mystal: We didn't need FBI investigation. We needed GOP to have decency

Future of Supreme Court’s neutral reputation rests on Kavanaugh vote

Karine Jean-Pierre: I never believed Sen. Collins was going to vote no

Tony Schwartz joins AM JOY on his midterms voter drive

FBI To Investigate Brett Kavanaugh

FOX News Praises Kavanaugh’s Testimony

Jose Antonio Vargas: New Book Alert

Moment of Maxine:Rep. Maxine Waters

Questions About Kavanaugh’s Temperament

White House Denies Limiting FBI

Ana Maria Archila, who confronted Sen. Jeff Flake, talks Kavanaugh allegations

David Brock: This whole thing is phony. Graham is trying to help himself

Paul Butler: The FBI will go to Kavanaugh’s prep school mates

EJ Dionne: It's absurd Mark Judge is not called to testify under oath

Former first lady Michelle Obama launches When We All Vote campaign

Kurt Bardella: Willie Nelson could give a rip about losing fans over Beto support

Teresa Tomlinson: Stacey Abrams can smoke Brian Kemp on Nov. 6

Vanita Gupta: Where Kavanaugh’s history is in question it’s fair game

David Brock: Ford is going to face some things more challenging than Anita Hill

Elie Mystal: Rod Rosenstein should be wearing a wire

Maya Wiley: We should know everything anytime we have Supreme Court nominee

Tarana Burke: There are so many reasons people don’t report sexual violence

James Moore: Beto O'Rourke draws crowds like a presidential candidate

Kurt Bardella: I don’t see Republicans aggressively pushing back on Trump

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