AM Joy

News, Political • TV Series • 2016

Joy Reid passionately tackles the critical news and political updates from the week

Joy Reid passionately tackles the critical news and political updates from the week

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EJ Dionne: It's absurd Mark Judge is not called to testify under oath

Former first lady Michelle Obama launches When We All Vote campaign

Kurt Bardella: Willie Nelson could give a rip about losing fans over Beto support

Teresa Tomlinson: Stacey Abrams can smoke Brian Kemp on Nov. 6

Vanita Gupta: Where Kavanaugh’s history is in question it’s fair game

David Brock: Ford is going to face some things more challenging than Anita Hill

Elie Mystal: Rod Rosenstein should be wearing a wire

Maya Wiley: We should know everything anytime we have Supreme Court nominee

Tarana Burke: There are so many reasons people don’t report sexual violence

James Moore: Beto O'Rourke draws crowds like a presidential candidate

Kurt Bardella: I don’t see Republicans aggressively pushing back on Trump

Natasha Bertrand: I think Manafort is extremely dangerous to Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters: Trump is a liar, a con man, and deceitful

Why did police seek search warrant for drug evidence in Botham Jean’s home?

Zerlina Maxwell: I’m disappointed in Sen. Feinstein’s handling of Kavanaugh letter

Are Donald Trump’s closest advisers turning on him?

Capehart: Trump’s Puerto Rico tweets show he apparently lacks shame

Elie Mystal: If Kavanaugh succeeds it’s a moral failing of the process

Elie Mystal: Manafort may know exactly what Russia wanted

Sen. Collins faces massive opposition if she votes to confirm Kavanaugh

What’s next for Trump now that Cohen is cooperating with authorities?

David Brock: Kavanaugh’s shown behavior you don’t want in Supreme Court justice

Joy Reid and her panel talk Papadopoulos, Pence and more

Natasha Bertrand: Biggest takeaway from ‘Fear’ is people are out to save themselves

Tony Schwartz: Trump has been crazier than public understood for long time

Will Trump’s base believe new accounts suggesting he’s mentally unfit?

Zerlina Maxwell: I’ve never before seen what happened to Serena Williams yesterday

Dean Obeidallah: We are the resistance and oppose everything Trump has done

Jill Wine-Banks: We do not have Supreme Court justices who have lied

Kamala Harris, Cory Booker shine at Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearing

Mariana Atencio: What are we going to see? An expansion of immigrant facilities?

Tara Dowdell: Obama is hero Gotham needs now, Trump is like Bane

Who wrote the op-ed slamming Trump? And why?

Andrew Gillum: We call on Ron DeSantis to escalate this dialogue

Elie Mystal: Mueller might find Trump was too dumb to conspire

Is Gillum under biased scrutiny from some media outlets?

John McCain planned funeral as repudiation of Trump

Jonathan Capehart: Gillum’s stance on issues are not far left

Ten to Watch: Critical races to follow before Election Day

Obama on McCain: When all was said and done, we were on same team

If Trump fires Sessions, Mueller probe will continue

Jill Wine-Banks: President has covered-up and obstructed in plain sight

Karen Finney: GOP should look to McCain for party’s direction

Malcolm Nance: John McCain was a giant, not just in U.S. Navy

Michael Beschloss: McCain was in Trump's face from the first day of his presidency

Sen. Klobuchar: McCain will be missed in Senate as check on executive power

Does Cohen have even more information on Trump?

Michael Avenatti: I will get to the truth and bring Trump to justice

Paul Butler: Turns out the president doesn’t have any real friends

Should Omarosa have left the White House sooner?


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