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Ally McBeal

TVPGComedyDramaClassics • FantasyTV Series1997

A quirky series about a wistfully idealistic -- if perennially insecure -- lawyer and...more

A quirky series about a wistfully idealistic -- if perennially in...More

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Episode 1

Sex, Lies, and Second Thoughts

Ally develops cold feet when Brian Selig asks her to move in with him, then seeks advice from cute therapist Larry Paul; a client seeks an annulment instead of a divorce after she discovers that her husband has been cheating on her.
Episode 2

Girls Night Out

Ally cleverly stages a way for her and her friends to meet desirable men at the bar; a man claims he was forced to quit his job when his female employer pressured him for sex.
Episode 3

Two's a Crowd

Ally falls for two men at once: an older gentleman and a handsome stranger; Fish considers telling Mark about Cindy; a client claims she lost her husband after a seminar guru encouraged her to be submissive.
Episode 4

Without a Net

A woman sues for defamation after Ally makes embarrassing remarks in front of her conservative friends; Ally hires Larry to defend her in court; Mark makes a final decision regarding his relationship to Cindy.
Episode 5

The Last Virgin

Ally, who fears she may have forgotten how to kiss, battles Larry Paul in court when Kimmy sues her former law firm.
Episode 6

'Tis the Season

The firm represents a newscaster who exposed the truth about Santa during a broadcast; Ally learns why Larry hates Christmas; Cage attempts to impress Kimmy by assuming the role of a rock singer.
Episode 7

Love On Holiday

A former employee sues Elaine for sexual harassment; a gay man wins a date with Fish during a charity auction; Nelle dates a man with a secret.
Episode 8

The Man With the Bag

As Christmas approaches, Larry receives a surprise visit from his ex-girlfriend; Nelle’s father, who believes he is Santa Claus, sues his former employer for wrongful termination.
Episode 9

Reasons to Believe

Cage defends a Tourette’s syndrome sufferer accused of running over her lover; an elderly woman fears her attorney-husband will never retire and sues for divorce.
Episode 10

The Ex Files

Larry’s girlfriend announces her intention to move to Canada; Melanie is fired from her job; a bride-to-be asks Ling to make advances on her fiancé to test his faithfulness.
Episode 11

Mr. BO

Ally reluctantly represents a woman who fired an employee for being overweight; Cage fears he’s being stalked by a transient; Elaine hopes to win a dance contest.
Episode 12

Hats Off to Larry

A dance instructor claims his former partner stole his dance moves; Larry’s son attempts to sue his estranged parents for emotional distress; Cindy McAuliff attempts to wed a man.
Episode 13

Reach Out and Touch

As Valentine’s Day approaches: a man wed to a nymphomaniac seeks to annul the marriage; Ally has visions of singer Barry Manilow; Cage proposes to Melanie; handsome attorney Jackson Duper joins the firm.
Episode 14

Boys Town

The firm defends a female attorney who fired all her male workers; Fish and Cage attend couples therapy after a dispute erupts over a baseball glove.
Episode 15

Falling up

A man seeks an annulment after his wife changes her mind about having children; Ally seeks therapy when she experiences fantasies about falling -- and Larry.
Episode 16

The Getaway

Fish and Cage travel to Los Angeles for a much-needed getaway, where they become involved in the lives of two women.
Episode 17

The Pursuit of Unhappiness

A couple about to marry find their relationship thrown into turmoil when their attorneys, Jackson and Larry, bicker over a prenuptial agreement; a man attempts to have his father declared incompetent on the grounds that he’s too happy.
Episode 18

The Obstacle Course

A woman sues for fraud after she falls in love with a man online only to discover he is a little person; a man is sued for ruining a wedding.
Episode 19

In Search of Barry White

Cage faces off against Larry when he represents a man seeking to clone his dead wife.
Episode 20

Cloudy Skies, Chance of Parade

A man sues rock star Sting for ruining his marriage; a Barbra Streisand impersonator sues a plastic surgeon for making his nose too big.
Episode 21

Queen Bee

Fish and Cage represent a queen bee-like client with incredible power over men; Nelle and Jackson attempt to diffuse a feud between Lisa Knowles and another church choir member before it sparks a sexual harassment case.
Episode 22

Home Again

Ally and Larry have a misunderstanding, which leads to their breaking up. In L.A., Fish handles a contract case involving the publishing of nude photos, and gets some unusual help from Cage in Boston.
Episode 23

The Wedding

As Ally struggles to move forward after her break-up with Larry, she represents a shy boy devastated by the rejection of his would-be prom date. Fish develops concerns over the firm’s apparent lack of compassion.

About this Show

Ally McBeal

A quirky series about a wistfully idealistic -- if perennially insecure -- lawyer and her chaotic life at a Boston firm.

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