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Ally McBeal

TVPGComedyDramaClassics • FantasyTV Series1997

A quirky series about a wistfully idealistic -- if perennially insecure -- lawyer and...more

A quirky series about a wistfully idealistic -- if perennially in...More

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Episode 1


Young lawyer Ally McBeal experiences emotional turmoil when she takes a job at a firm where her childhood sweetheart and first love also works.
Episode 2

Compromising Positions

Ally meets the firm’s other founding partner when she defends him on charges of soliciting a prostitute, and feels like a prostitute herself when Fish asks her to date a prospective client.
Episode 3

The Kiss

Ally has a confusing first date with client Ronald Cheanie... and teams up with Georgia to represent a television anchorwoman fired because of her age and sex.
Episode 4

The Affair

The widow of Ally’s former law professor asks Ally to speak at his funeral, not knowing she once had an affair with him.
Episode 5

100 Tears Away

Ally is arrested for tripping a woman in a supermarket, then faces a Bar Association hearing on her emotional competence to practice law.
Episode 6

The Promise

Ally saves an obese man’s life, only to become the object of his affection.
Episode 7

The Attitude

Ally clashes with a client’s rabbi and dates a handsome District Attorney while Georgia considers suing her law firm for sex discrimination.
Episode 8

Drawing the Lines

The firm helps the wife of a rich man negate a prenuptial agreement; Elaine’s sexual harassment complaint comes to a head; and Ally and Billy negotiate personal boundaries in their still-tenuous friendship.
Episode 9

The Dirty Joke

The delivery girl sues the firm for sexual harassment; Ally tries to prove she’s no goodie-two-shoes by learning how to appreciate, and tell, dirty jokes.
Episode 10

Boy to the World

Ally defends and befriends a young transvestite prostitute; Fish sues for the right to discuss his dead uncle’s prejudices in a eulogy; and Cage ponders dating Ally.
Episode 11

Silver Bells

As Elaine plans the firm’s musical Christmas party, a case involving a man with two wives causes Ally, Billy, and Georgia to examine their relationship; Fish deals with Whipper’s holiday marriage blues; and Cage asks Ally out.
Episode 12


As the firm’s men plan to view a big boxing match, Ally dates a male art model with one large attribute, fights a sexual attraction to a 19-year-old client accused of assault... and is haunted by hallucinations of a dancing baby.
Episode 13

The Blame Game

As Ally, Cage and Georgia try a case about liability in an airplane crash, Ally is reunited with male model Glenn, her recent one-night-stand, who makes her feel guilty about using him as a sexual object.
Episode 14

Body Language

Ally comes up with a “creative” strategy to convince a prison superintendent that an inmate should be allowed to marry; Whipper breaks up with Fish; and Cage undergoes “smile therapy.”
Episode 15

Once in a Lifetime

Representing an artist who can’t forget his dead wife conjures up ghosts of once-in-a-lifetime love for Ally and Billy; Cage worries about kissing Ally as their first date looms.
Episode 16

Forbidden Fruits

The firm represents a U.S. Senator accused of breaking up his wife’s former marriage; Ally’s legal arguments about true love get her into trouble with Georgia and Billy.
Episode 17

Theme of Life

Ally defends a doctor accused of transplanting a pig’s liver into a woman without her permission; Ally and Georgia square off in a kickboxing match; and Whipper dumps Fish for toying again with Janet Reno.
Episode 18

The Playing Field

Ally faces off against a child prodigy-attorney; a woman claims she is the victim of harassment because, unlike her female co-workers, she refused to use sex as a means of advancing her career.
Episode 19

Happy Birthday Baby

Ally is mortified when her friends throw her a surprise birthday party. A man with a foot fetish refuses to use insanity as a defense.
Episode 20

The Inmates

The firm joins forces with Bobby Donell and his staff when a client is accused of killing her husband; Renee is arrested for assault; a waiter alleges he was fired because he isn’t gay.
Episode 21

Being There

Cage defends Renee against assault charges; a home pregnancy test reveals that Georgia is pregnant.
Episode 22

Alone Again

Cage defends a long-time convict who used a trampoline to break out of prison a month before his release; a woman intends to sue her ex-fiancé for leaving her at the alter.
Episode 23

These Are the Days

Bobby Donnell asks for the firm’s help when two men seek an operation to switch hearts. Cage’s cousin is arrested for assaulting “happy people” with a paddle.

About this Show

Ally McBeal

A quirky series about a wistfully idealistic -- if perennially insecure -- lawyer and her chaotic life at a Boston firm.

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