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All of Us

TVPGComedySitcomBlack StoriesTV Series2003

Inspired by the domestic lives of celebrities Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, the ...more

Inspired by the domestic lives of celebrities Jada Pinkett Smith ...More

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Season1 2 3 4
Episode 1

Starting Over

Robert tries to get his life back on track, but Neesee moves in with him after her apartment burns down. Dirk talks Robert into going to a meeting to pitch a new talk show.
Episode 2

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

During their new talk show, Robert must trick Dirk into overcoming his fear of public speaking. Getting no rest, Robert tries to persuade Neesee and Bobby to move out.
Episode 3

Kiss, Kiss, Pass

Robert won't date a woman whom Dirk once dated. He imagines all the women Dirk has slept with, including ANNA NICOLE SMITH (herself). Bobby is frustrated by the tooth fairy
Episode 4

Love at First Type

Using fake names, Robert and Neesee unknowingly chat online with each other and set up a date. When they find out the truth, they trick each other. Bobby's gives Dirk love advice.
Episode 5

Divorce Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

When Robert and Neesee realize that their constant arguing is affecting Bobby, Neesee suggests they attend couples therapy. Meanwhile, Dirk uses Bobby to help him meet women.
Episode 6

School Colors

After Bobby experiences racism at a private school, his parents ask CONGRESSWOMAN MAXINE WATERS (herself) for help. But Bobby may have caused the problem himself.
Episode 7

The Spy Who Smoked Me

When Robert installs a hidden nanny camera to spy on the baby-sitter, he discovers that Neesee has resumed her smoking. But in trying to help her, Robert begins smoking as well.
Episode 8

Legal Affairs, Part 1

Robert is surprised to learn Neesee is dating her business lawyer, even though she knows he is married. Although they arent dating anymore, Dirk wants Jonelle to have his baby.
Episode 9

Legal Affairs, Part 2

Neesee is still coming to terms with dating a married man. Dirk and Jonelle consider having a child.
Episode 10

Creeping with the Enemy

As a favor to Neesee, Robert lets her visiting longtime friend stay in his house. Although Robert has always disliked her, he discovers that she is now attractive to him.
Episode 11

Who Took the Merry out of Christmas

As Robert, Neesee and Bobby get ready for their first Christmas together, they're surprised by Neesee's estranged brother, Vonte, who is on parole from jail.
Episode 12

Neesee's Grave Plot

Neesee pretends to still be married to Robert so his bedridden aunt won't be upset. Dirk takes advantage of a woman who once dated him but forgot. GARRETT MORRIS guest stars.
Episode 13

Trying to Love Two (Ain't Easy to Do)

Robert's manipulative sister, Carmen, clashes with Neesee. Dirk becomes enamored with Carmen, but Neesee sees her kissing someone else. Robert and Bobby search for a pet frog.
Episode 14

Robert and Neesee Get Real

After a therapist says that Robert and Neesee act as if they're still in love, the ex-spouses wonder if she's right. Bobby goes on his first overnight camping trip.
Episode 15

Don't It Make My Brownies Blue

When Neesee borrows Roberts assistant to help her around the house, a war starts between the exes, who divide their belongings and household duties.
Episode 16

Pass the Peas

A critic (CEDRIC THE ENTERTAINER) visits Robert and Neesee's restaurant, but their bickering ruins his meal. Robert rethinks the partnership and makes a decision.
Episode 17

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roberto

Robert becomes enamored with Bobby's cute karate instructor, as does Bobby. Bobby's jealous behavior leads to a serious father/son talk. Dirk begs Neesee to teach him how to cook.
Episode 18

He's Gotta Have It

Robert gets into trouble dating two women at once. Neesee wants Bobby to bond with her as much as he does with his father, so she goes on an ill-advised fishing trip with him.
Episode 19

The N-Word

On his birthday, when Bobby innocently utters a very offensive word, Neesee and Robert must explain to the youngster about his heritage and how certain words can be hurtful.
Episode 20

Surprise, Surprise, Part 1

Robert tries to rediscover his youth by buying a motorcycle and dating a college girl. Dirk gets into a minor car accident with his old girlfriend (VIVICA A. FOX).
Episode 21

Surprise, Surprise, Part 2

Robert meets the father of his young girlfriend. Bobby gets hurt while playing on the new motorcycle. Dirk finds out that he has a daughter. VIVICA A. FOX guest stars.
Episode 22

Carmen's Karma

Carmen returns to make up for her past mistakes, including Robert and Neesees divorce. Robert reflects on his wedding day with Neesee and the big fight that ended their marriage.

About this Show

All of Us

Inspired by the domestic lives of celebrities Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, the family comedy "All of Us" reflects a new generation's enlightened attitude towards those who juggle ex-spouses, dating and professional lives. Robert James, an entertainment reporter for a local Los Angeles television station, is handsome, smart and thoroughly modern in his thinking. Recently divorced from the somewhat self-absorbed Neesee, the mother of their endearing 6-year-old son, Robert refuses to buy into the old stereotype that being divorced means you can't get along with the ex.

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