4 seasons available

Alfred Hitchcock Presents

TVPG • Classics, Drama, Mystery, Crime, Thriller • TV Series • 1955

Alfred Hitchcock presents short stories filled with elements of horror, comedy and suspense.

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Alfred Hitchcock presents short stories filled with elements of horror, comedy and suspense.

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4 seasons available (149 episodes)

4 seasons available

(149 episodes)

Episode 2

Don't Interrupt

A little boy on a train tries desperately to tell someone of a secret he knows about.
Episode 4

The Crooked Road

A couple passing through a small town falls victim to its crooked officials.
Episode 5

The $2,000,000 Defense

A desperate man makes a deal with his defense lawyer in order to get acquitted.
Episode 6

Design for Loving

A man plots to get away from his wife for a while without her knowing.
Episode 7

A Man With a Problem

Carl Adams is discovered on the ledge of a hotel room, high above a New York street. He is apparently contemplating jumping from the ledge. A crowd is gathered below, looking up, wondering if he will jump. The police arrive, along with emergency crews, hoping that they may either talk Adams out of jumping, or, if he does jump, perhaps break his fall enough to prevent his death. During the course of the story, Adams recalls the events leading up to this apparent suicide act, and insists on telling the beat cop why he chose the ledge of this particular hotel.
Episode 8

Safety for the Witness

Mr. Cyril T. Jones is a gunsmith. He has to serve all kinds of customers from the wealthy Mrs. Crawpit who wants to buy an elephant gun for her husband on a safari in Africa, to Big Dan Foley and 'Tarzan' Joe Felix, bootleg gangsters. The police question Mr. Jones when he has sold the gangsters some guns. The police are holding Harry Grimes, a state's witness who they fear will be shot by the gangsters. That night Mr. Jones becomes a witness himself when he sees the two gunmen kill Harry Grimes in the street. Unfortunately for Mr. Jones, the gangsters spot him and shoot him, too. But unfortunately for the gangsters, Mr. Jones survives.
Episode 9

Murder Me Twice

A woman commits murder while under hypnosis.
Tea Time
Episode 10

Tea Time

A woman confronts the wife of a rich man and tries to convince her to give her husband a divorce.
Episode 11

And the Desert Shall Blossom

Two old men face being evicted from their shack when they show no evidence of self support.
Episode 12

Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore

Two women scheme to get rid of a rich old man.
Episode 13

Six People, No Music

A rich man comes back to life to ensure that his funeral is not overly ornate.
Episode 14

The Morning After

A mother is shocked to learn that her daughter is having an affair with a married man.
Episode 15

A Personal Matter

Two engineers fight each other and a mountain to get a tunnel built on time.
Episode 16

Out There: Darkness

Miss Fox, a self-centered woman in her forties, lives alone in a luxurious apartment with an enchanting toy poodle, Vanessa. The two biggest things in Miss Fox's life are Vanessa, who she talks to like a close relative, and the fact that she budgets every nickel of her money carefully. Eddie, the elevator boy, walks Vanessa for Miss Fox every day. For this service he receives $5.00 a week. He is in desperate need of money and finally comes to Miss Fox to borrow $50 to help his girl, who is sick in a sanitarium. Miss Fox denies his request, saying he should have handled his money better as she has done. In time, Miss Fox comes to regret her decision.
Episode 17

Total Loss

Ever since her husband died, Jan Manning is having trouble running her department store. She has overstocked on inventory and desperately needs a bank loan. Mel Reeves is a clothes salesman who is interested in dating Jan but seems to have little success. When the bank manager refuses Jan's request for another loan, she is so worried that she accepts a dinner engagement with Mel to drown her sorrows. Mel helps this along by feeding her liquor, and he tells her he knows a way out of her troubles.
Episode 18

The Last Dark Step

A man tries to get away from one woman so that he can marry another.
Episode 19

The Morning of the Bride

Helen is deeply in love with Philip Pryor. She feels certain that he will propose soon, especially now that he has asked to bring his mother over for dinner. Helen is anxious to impress his mother and get her approval. But when Philip arrives, his mother is not with him. In fact, it seems to be rather difficult for Helen to meet Mother at all.
Episode 20

The Diamond Necklace

A man is told he has to retire from his job at the jewelry store where he has worked most of his life.
Episode 21

Relative Value

Felix Manbridge is having constant trouble with his younger cousin, John Manbridge. John is a handsome and dashing young man with a zest for life but always getting himself into trouble. He is constantly in debt and has been caught forging Felix's name to a check. Felix warns John that if he catches him once more he’ll prosecute. He advises John not to be impatient as both he and his uncle would die soon and leave him money. John, however, is very impatient.
Episode 22

The Right Price

A burglar bargains with his victim when he discovers robbery will not be very profitable.
Episode 23

I'll Take Care of You

A used car salesman (Ralph Meeker) is driven to murder by his big-spending wife. With Russell Collins and Ida Moore.
Episode 24

The Avon Emeralds

Sir Charles Harrington, Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard, orders Benson, a young detective inspector, to follow Lady Avon to Paris. This beautiful and high-spirited lady, just widowed, is believed to be smuggling a $250,000 necklace out of England; as she will be able to receive much more money for the sale of these jewels on the open market. Benson immediately goes to the London hotel where her ladyship is staying, and learns that the Avon emeralds are in the hotel safe. He tries to persuade Lady Avon to let the police put them in a bank vault. Benson should have known that Lady Avon would refuse, and that the jewels would be reported stolen.
Episode 25

The Kind Waitress

A waitress and her boyfriend plan the death of an elderly rich guest.
Episode 26

Cheap is Cheap

Alexander Gifford, being an extremely miserly man around forty, was shocked to arrive home and find that his wife was burning all three ways of the electric light bulb. Worse still, she had bought herself a birthday present, after he had persuaded her that the exchange of presents was unnecessary. The blow really falls when Alex discovers that his wife is eating steak and saying something about ''beginning to live for the first time in her life." Jennifer Gifford has discovered Alex's life savings and is planning to spend it. Not only this, but she's planning a divorce, too. Alex decides it will be much cheaper to murder Jennifer.
Episode 27

The Waxwork

Raymond Hewson, reporter on the Illustrated Weekly, enters Marriner' s famous Wax Museum. Going through the workmen's section, he meets Marriner himself, and makes a strange request -- he wants to stay in the Murderers' Den overnight. It would be good publicity, he tells the owner. But he also confesses a personal reason: he gambles, has written a bad check to cover his losses, and needs this story to cover it. The editor has promised him the money for it.
Episode 28

The Impossible Dream

A woman's dream comes true when she witnesses a murder.
Episode 29

Banquo's Chair

William Brent, a retired Scotland Yard inspector, is using Major Cooke Finch's home for one evening to try an experiment. Before Cooke acquired his home, the previous owner, Miss Ferguson, was found strangled to death in the dining room along with her pet Pekinese dog. At first the motive appeared to be robbery, but the police subsequently believed it was someone who had known her, otherwise, the dog would have barked. The murderer was never caught and the chief suspect - her nephew, Bedford - had an alibi. Inspector Brent has invited Bedford to dinner and is planning to scare a confession out of him.
Episode 30

A Night With the Boys

A man loses his paycheck in a poker game and doesn't know how to face his wife.
Episode 31

Your Witness

Arnold Shawn, a prominent lawyer, is defending Kenneth Jerome Jr. a boy around twenty who is obviously guilty of a hit and run accident in which a woman was killed. The evidence clearly points to the boy's guilt, but his rich father has secured, in Shawn, the best legal talent available. During the cross-examination, Naomi, Shawn's wife who is watching the case, reevaluates the gradual disintegration of their marriage, and Shawn's performance in the courtroom inspires Naomi to make a very important decision.
Episode 33

The Dusty Drawer

A man (Dick York) seeks revenge on a bank clerk (Philip Coolidge) who once stole some money from him.
Episode 34

A True Account

A woman consults an attorney about her husband, whom she believes to be a murderer.
Episode 35


A man is enraged when he learns that his wife is unfaithful.
Episode 36

Invitation to an Accident

A man suspects that the husband of a philandering woman wishes to kill her
Episode 37


A chicken farmer (Laurence Harvey) murders his gold-digging girlfriend (Hazel Court) but the police can't convict him without the body.
Episode 38

The Crystal Trench

A wife (Patricia Owens) heads for the mountain in Switzerland where her husband died while climbing. With James Donald and Frank Holms.
Episode 39

Appointment at Eleven

An angry young man (Clint Kimbrough) accurately predicts an impending death. With Amy Douglass and Norma Crane.


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