4 seasons available


TVPG • Classics, Drama, Crime, Action, Cops & Detectives • TV Series • 1968

Two LAPD officers, a rookie and a six year veteran, patrol the streets of Los Angeles

Two LAPD officers, a rookie and a six year veteran, patrol the streets of Los Angeles

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4 seasons available (86 episodes)

4 seasons available

(86 episodes)

Episode 1


The officers round up a gang of hoodlums engaged in an anti-Semitic shakedown.
Episode 2

Million Dollar Buff

Officers Malloy and Reed are plagued by a wealthy police buff (Leo Gordon) whose enthusiasm oversteps the law and endangers the officers' safety.
Episode 3

The Grandmothers

The officers answer several robbery calls, engage in a street chase and arrest a dope peddler.
Episode 4

The Radical

Officers Malloy and Reed (Martin Milner and Kent McCord) are joined by Robert Conrad (star of “The D.A.") in rounding up a revolutionary suspected of storing munitions.
Episode 5

The Search

Malloy disappears into the wilds of Griffith Park while pursuing a robbery suspect.
Episode 6

The Ferret

Malloy and Reed are out to catch an elusive saboteur on a one-man anti-pollution campaign.
Episode 7


Officer Reed comes up with a unique plan for halting daytime burglaries.
Episode 8


Two killers capture Reed while he and Malloy are transporting a prisoner through Malibu Canyon.
Episode 9


Bartender Jobey (Allen Jenkins) calls for help when Dobish (H.B. Haggerty), a former star wrestler who is now confined to a wheelchair, goes on a rampage in a bar. Martin Milner as Officer Malloy and Kent McCord as Officer Reed star in the series. In other scenes, Robert Ernhardt portrays a used car salesman at a lot where an irate customer needs police help, and Stubby Kaye a store owner who is shot by a robber.
Episode 10

Day Watch

Officers Malloy (Martin Milner) and Reed (Kent McCord) cut short a female hitchhiker's extortion racket, engage in a high speed chase of an armed robber and deal with a wino and his pink elephant. J. Pat O'Malley and Ronne Troup are featured guests.
Episode 11


Officers Malloy (Martin Milner) and Reed (Kent McCord) are twice attacked by a sniper who later zeroes in on Reed. The officers are first fired upon at a secluded spot when they respond to a phony call. Later they are attacked at a heliport while picking up a blood donor (Angela Cartwright) whom they rush (Code 3: red lights and siren) on a mercy run to a hospital. In other action, they prevent a distraught man's (John Lupton) suicide; Charles Robinson portrays Donin, the sniper.
Episode 12

The Dinosaur

Warren Stevens portrays an officer who returns to duty after eight years and finds changes more than he can endure.
Episode 13


Officers Malloy and Reed arrest a dope peddler and her supplier.
Episode 14

Citizens All

Malloy and Reed arrest a pair of phony money passers and catch a robber in the act.
Episode 15

The Princess And The Pig

Reed goes under cover and gets help from a dope-addicted singer to smash a drug ring.
Episode 16

The Tip

Bandits using tear gas and a unique escape route rob an armored truck at a savings and loan.
Episode 17

The Parole Violator

Singer Trini Lopez guest-stars as a parole officer who works with Officers Malloy (Martin Milner) and Reed (Kent McCord) as they try to keep a basketball player from using dope. In free hours, Malloy coaches a Park League basketball team. Suddenly his star, parolee Larry (John Roper), shows signs of using narcotics again. Parole Officer Hernandez (Lopez), about the same time, receives an anonymous letter naming Larry as a user. The cast includes Carmen Zapata as Larry's mother, and Hilly Hicks as Kyler, Larry's teammate.
Episode 18


The officers halt a black market baby transaction and uncover a suspicious pill program at a college.
Episode 19

Mary Hong Loves Tommy Chen

While Tong wars are past history, the Chinese community faces a new menace from young hoodlums and Officers Malloy (Martin Milner) and Reed (Kent McCord) get into the thick of things when an undercover officer is shot. Jo Anne Worley appears in a cameo role as a roller derby jammer. For several months the Chung Nings (Chinese Youth), using Mafia tactics, terrorize citizens in a shakedown. Chief resistance comes from the respected older generation Hong Lee Association, headed by Sing Hong (Keye Luke). Hong's niece, Mary (Virginia Ann Lee), is the key witness.
Episode 20


Frank Sinatra, Jr., once a kidnap victim himself, portrays a frustrated actor who abducts an airline stewardess (Francine York) in a dramatic attempt to get a television role. Martin Milner and Kent McCord star.
Episode 21

Back-Up One L-20

Despite Officer Malloy's (Martin Milner) eyewitness account, four witnesses claim Sergeant MacDonald (William Boyett) was driving recklessly when his *L-20 police car struck a pedestrian. The mishap occurred when MacDonald, accompanied by Malloy, his back-up officer, was transporting a burglary suspect (Buddy Lester) to jail while Reed (Kent McCord) remained behind. Although statements contradict him, Malloy turns up added proof of his story.
Episode 22

Who Won?

Malloy and Reed work with young hot rodders in an effort to get them off the streets.
Episode 23


Officers Malloy (Martin Milner) and Reed (Kent McCord) get directions from a police helicopter as they pursue 211 (armed robbery) suspects in a wild chase climaxed by a shootout at Griffith Park's Traveltown. Comedian Norm Crosby appears in a cameo role. The chase graphically reveals how helicopters have become prime weapons in crime warfare. In other action, the officers recover a stolen Seeing Eye dog and clear up a couple of "kidnappings." Football fan Charlie (Crosby) draws the wrath of a wife (Allison McKay) who has her own method of solving the TV football issue.
Episode 24

The Wednesday Warrior

Officers Malloy (Martin Milner) and Reed (Kent McCord) play mother hen over a young reservist (Steve Franken) but their worries subside when he thwarts a bank robbery. Gary Crosby and 1968 Olympic decathlon champ Bill Toomey are featured guests.

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