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Rabbids Invasion

TVY7ComedyAnimation • AdventureKidsVideogames • Cartoons • TV Series2013

The Rabbids land on Earth and everything becomes a source of wonder and entertainment...more

The Rabbids land on Earth and everything becomes a source of wond...More

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Season1 2 3
Episode 1

Being Rabbids / Rabbid Diet / Reflections in a Rabbid Eye

One of the scientists accidentally swaps brains with a Rabbid. / The Rabbids try to trim their waistline when they can't fit into the rocket ship. / A Rabbid discovers the moon's reflection and thinks it's the real deal.
Episode 2

Green Rabbid / Star Rabbid / Rabbid Obsession

A Rabbid plants a flower hoping it will grow high enough to reach the moon. / A Rabbid astronaut must learn to deal with being famous. / The scientists try and discover what the Rabbids' current obsession is.
Episode 3

Rabbidroid / Rabbid Fit / Rabbid Compression

When a Rabbid fails a science experiment, the scientists build a robot to finish the task. / An artist gets a hold of the Rabbids' spaceship and the Rabbids must rescue their friend inside. / A Rabbid gets a case of the giggles.
Episode 4

Guide-Rabbid / The Mystery of the Disappearing Rabbids / Rabbids BFFs

When a Rabbid switches places with a guide dog, all chaos breaks loose. / When the Rabbids begin to go missing, a Rabbid and his partner are determined to get to the bottom of it. / Two Rabbid best friends are inseparable.
Episode 5

The Moon Rabbid / Dreaming Rabbid / Rabbid Secrets

The Rabbids mistake one of their own as an alien from the moon. / A Rabbid falls asleep on the job and dreams he's on the moon. / A Rabbid tries desperately to learn the secret being whispered among his crew members.
Episode 6

Love Rabbid / Super Inventive Rabbids / Welcome to Rabbidland

The Rabbids unintentionally help Zak and his childhood crush develop a romance. / A series of failed attempts at flying to the moon encourage the Rabbids to suggest new ideas. / A young Rabbid learns what it means to be a Rabbid.
Episode 7

Run, Rabbid, Run! / Mafia Rabbids / Wild West Rabbid

A group of Rabbids notice one of their peers running from one mysterious location to another and try to find out why. / The Rabbids infiltrate another gang of Rabbids. / A Rabbid cowboy has come back to town looking for an outlaw.
Episode 8

Dressed up Rabbid / Self-Conscious Rabbid / Rabbid Associates

A Rabbid dresses up to motivate his workers to move a heavy cement mixer. / An engine's blast causes one of the Rabbids' ears to get stuck…permanently. / A Rabbid decides to put together a team of "experts" to steal a reactor.
Episode 9

Rabbid Home / Rabbid Toast / Voiceless Rabbid

Three Rabbids get banned from the Rabbid headquaters and stumble into an unlocked house. / A Rabbid discovers how a toaster works. / After yelling at his crew, the Rabbid engineer loses his voice, and is unable to give orders.
Episode 10

Rabbid Rocket for Grandma / Being Rabbid – Part 2 / Appallo 11

The Rabbids discover an old lady stuck on her stair lift. / They think they've found an excellent rocket to fly them to the moon. / John the scientist, still trapped inside a Rabbid's body, gets thrown into the junkyard.
Episode 11

Rabbid Invaders / Mother Rabbid / Rabbid Babysitting

Four Rabbids tie their rocket to a little plastic donkey thinking they've found the ideal way to reach the moon. / A Rabbid accidentally swallows a walkie talkie causing Zak to believe that his mother has turned into one of them!
Episode 12

An Intruder Among the Rabbids / Buddy Rabbids / Rabbid Stage Coach

Still convinced that the human race is threatened by the Rabbids' invasion, Zak disguises himself as a Rabbid to infiltrate their secret base to finally show the world that he was right all along!
Episode 13

Sulky Rabbid / Love-Struck Rabbid / Moonless Rabbids

A Rabbid Pilot gets his feelings hurt and refuses to get in the rocket. / The Rabbids crash their rocket between two houses, scattering rocket pieces between Zak's room and the roof of the neighbor.
Episode 14

The Last Rabbid / Mini-Rabbid / Rabbid Negotiation

The Rabbids see-saw to launch themselves toward the moon. / A Rabbid accidentally gets stuck in a dryer and comes out tiny! / A hostage negotiator is called to the scene when the Rabbids cause a ruckus.
Episode 15

Rabbid Test Pilot / Rabbid Brass Band / Mini Rabbid vs. Giant Chicken

Zak trys to use the internet to expose the Rabbids. Meanwhile, the Rabbids look for a test pilot. / When a cloud halts a rocket launch, the Rabbids start a band. / Professor Mad Rabbid's experiment turns a Rabbid into a giant!
Episode 16

Rabbid Fetch / Rabbid Escape / Rabbid Werewolf

The Rabbids befriend a dog that loves to play fetch. / The Rabbids crash land near a prison van escorted by a police car. / A Rabbid witnesses his best friend turn into a werewolf and tries to save the others.
Episode 17

Invisible Rabbid / Rabbid Anthem / The Incredible Rabbid Space Time Machine

Professor Mad Rabbid discovers a way to make Rabbids invisible. / A Rabbid dreams to sing at the rocket launch. / Professor Mad Rabbid converts a washing machine into a device that can travel through space and time!
Episode 18

Rabbiddoll / Rabbid Stratagems / A Rabbid's Valentine

While looking for parts in a toy store, a Rabbid gets stuck in a doll box. / The Rabbids need a tricycle to build their rocket, but its owner has no intention of giving it up. / A Rabbid falls in love with a toy doll.
Episode 19

Rabbidstein / Anti-Grabbidy / Rabbid Dummy

Professor Mad Rabbid decides to create a new assistant. / Professor Mad Rabbid invents an anti-gravity ray to help lift a heavy rocket to the moon. / After watching a ventriloquist, a Rabbid falls in love with the doll.
Episode 20

Two Rabbids in Orbit / Rabbid Remote / Rabbid School

The Rabbids succeed in launching their rocket into space! Unfortunately, they quickly run out of fuel. / Mad Rabbid invents a remote that can manipulate real time. / The Rabbids lose an important gear for their rocket.
Episode 21

Lost Rabbids / The Curse of Rabbidkhamun / Mad Rabbids vs. the Robots

The Rabbids find themselves stuck in a supermarket after closing time. / The Rabbids accidentally awaken a Rabbid mummy. / Mad Rabbid builds the perfect robot. Maybe a little too perfect.
Episode 22

Gangs of Rabbids / Glow Rabbid / Rabbids Go Skiing

It's a Rabbid dance off between a gang of biker Rabbids and a gang of Glow Rabbids. / A Rabbid accidentally swallows a flashlight which allows his whole body to light up. / A Rabbid's prank backfires when playing with super glue.
Episode 23

Dr. Mad Rabbid's Super-Duper Iron-Clad Underpants/Monstrous Rabbids/Mad Rabbid & the Genius's Mousta

Mad Rabbid has discovered his greatest invention: a pair of iron underpants! It's Halloween night and Vampire Rabbid, Werewolf Rabbid, and Zombie Rabbid decide to hit the town. Alice introduces a fake moustache to the Rabbids.
Episode 24

Feathered Rabbid / Queen of Rabbid / Rabbid Amnesia

A Rabbid builds a wagon to take him to space. / The Rabbids take Alice back to their camp when they believe she is a real magician. / Zak wakes up in the desert and uses his camcorder to retrace the steps of how he got there.
Episode 25

Rabbid 00Zilch / Mad Rabbid & the Rabbid Clones / Mad Fly Rabbid

When a rogue Rabbid is bent on destroying the moon, the rest of the Rabbids recruit a spy to thwart his plans. / Inspired by chicken eggs, Mad Rabbid finds a way to make clones of himself. / A Rabbid turns into a housefly hybrid.
Episode 26

Rabbid of the Third Kind / The Pact of the Super Rabbids / On the Rabbid Trail

John the scientist tries another one of his experiments on the Rabbids. / The Rabbids equipped with super powers escape from the laboratory to try and become heroes. / The super power Rabbids manage to board a President's plane.

About this Show

Rabbids Invasion

The Rabbids land on Earth and everything becomes a source of wonder and entertainment for them. Watch as these indestructible and uncontrollable creatures break all social rules, and create hilarious chaos in their non-stop quest for amusement!

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