Episode Descriptions

'Episode 6: The Battles of the Mothers'

Original Streaming Date:

Robin must dig deep to confront the fact that a gunman has taken Mary hostage from Silk 41 and the brothel might be a link to the missing surrogates.

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'Episode 5: Who’s Your Daddy'

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As Robin and Pyke’s fears for Mary escalate, Miranda drops a bombshell that brings her closer to the dead girl and puts her on the wrong side of the law.

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'Episode 4: Birthday'

Original Streaming Date:

There’s a breakthrough in the case when Robin and Miranda discover “China Girl” worked at the brothel where Mary’s boyfriend lives.

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'Episode 3: Surrogate'

Original Streaming Date:

Galvanized by her theory that “China Girl” is a surrogate, Robin ignores the threat of Al Parker’s case against her and relishes her new relationship with Mary.

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'Episode 2: The Loved One'

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As Robin pulls together theories around the pregnancy and murder of the dead girl, the meeting with Mary is put in jeopardy by her mother, Julia.

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'Episode 1: China Girl'

Original Streaming Date:

Detective Robin Griffin is haunted by the baby she gave up for adoption but eager to take a new case when the body of an Asian girl washes upon Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

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