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S1 E8 'Episode 8'

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After a shootout between Sean and Emma, in which Yonatan is severely injured, Benny manages to convince Sean to escape. Benny, Emma, Asia and Natali are arrested by the Shin Bet, and extradited to Russia for interrogation. Ethan realizes that the person in charge of the kidnapping was Sayag, the Mossad official. Sayag had help from Emma, who was a Mossad agent all along. Sayag did it all to cover up an independent operation he was executing against the Iranian nuclear program. In order to hide his secret, Sayag plans on killing all four immediately upon their arrival in Moscow. Ethan convinces him to change the operation, and eventually – Natali, Asia, and Benny return to Israel and get their lives back. Sayag and Ethan fake Emma’s death, and under her new identity, she joins Ethan’s team. Sean manages to escape Israel, and becomes the target for Ethan’s new investigation team.

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S1 E7 'Episode 7'

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Inside the cabin, the tension reaches new heights. Asia argues with everyone, and eventually goes to an isolated spot with Sean, not realizing that he’s connected to her brother’s killers. Inside the cabin, Benny and Emma have sex again. It seems that Emma is working for Gabi Silver. Yonatan finds the memory stick, which contains information that incriminates Sean and Silver as having connections with the Iranians. They decide to go and warn Asia. Sean realizes he’s been exposed, and threatens them all with a gun. Ethan gets help from Natali, who’s still in the hospital, and manages to discover Silver’s name.

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S1 E6 'Episode 6'

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Benny and Emma get help from Yuval Harary, Natali’s fiancé, in their escape. They warn Asia, and together they escape to an isolated desert cabin. They are joined by Yonatan Fisher, Emma’s neighbor, an eccentric cyber genius. Sean manages to pick up their tracks and also arrives at the cabin without exposing his identity as a mercenary. Emma is the only one who knows who he is. She draws out her weapon when he arrives, but Sean manages to convince them to let him in, without resorting to violence.

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S1 E5 'Episode 5'

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Sean suspects Gabi Silver’s motives. He abandons the safe house and goes to collect a memory stick left by Marrick at Asia’s apartment. Ethan flies to Moscow without official leave in order to investigate the kidnapping. There he is assisted by Sayag, his former mentor and the Mossad’s operations supervisor. Ethan discovers the kidnappers’ abandoned safe house, containing the body of the dead Iranian minister. Emma Lipman and Benny Rafael discover that the Shin Bet is about to arrest them all again and extradite them to Russia. They decide to escape. Emma is revealed as a mole who communicates secretly with an anonymous person. She’s somehow related to the kidnappers of the Iranian Minister.

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S1 E4 'Episode 4'

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In her renewed investigation, Natali admits to having laundered millions of Euros for anonymous people. She didn’t know that the money was meant for Sean and Gabi Silver, as they concealed their identities. Ethan sends Natali to meet Sean in order to try to apprehend him. Asia’s brother comes to Israel for a visit. He too is connected to Sean and Gabi Silver. He says they were selling prohibited technology to the Iranians. Sean arrives at the meeting with Natali, not knowing it’s a setup. He shoots her at close range and disappears. Natali is wounded, but her life is saved thanks to a bullet proof vest. This failure causes Ethan to be kicked off the case. At the end of the episode, Asia’s brother Marrick is murdered by an assassin sent by Gabi Silver.

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S1 E3 'Episode 3'

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Sean hides at the villa of an Israeli businessman named Gabi Silver, who is overseas. On the news there is a new video of the Iranian Defense Minister, who claims to have defected and not have been kidnapped. The Shin Bet releases the suspects as a ploy, in order to continue following them. Benny Rafael’s wife finds out about his affair and kicks him out of the house. Natali Alfasya contacts Sean secretly. He tells her to bring him a bag containing hundreds of thousands of Euros, although Natali’s fiancé Yuval Harary suspects she is lying. Eventually, Natali manages to get rid of the bag but is arrested by the Shin Bet again.

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S1 E2 'Episode 2'

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Ethan, the Shin Bet supervisor of the investigation, interrogates the four citizens. Ben Rafael and Emma Lipman admit to having met in London and having a sexual relationship, but deny any relation to the kidnapping. Natali Alfasya, an accountant arrested on her wedding day, is silent and will not cooperate with her investigators. Asia Brindach seems completely innocent. Sean Tilson manages to avoid arrest and becomes the primary suspect. He tries to escape Israel on a yacht, but is exposed by Ethan. Sean blows up the yacht before being arrested, in order to fake his own death.

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S1 E1 'Episode 1'

Original Streaming Date:

Episode 1 – Russian Intelligence uncovers security footage showing five Israelis kidnapping the Iranian Defense Minister during a secret visit to Moscow. The five Israeli citizens seem innocent but it quickly turns out that each has something to hide. Although Russia blames the Mossad for the kidnapping, apparently Israel is not involved. At the end of the episode, four of the five are arrested by the Shin Bet. Sean Tilson, the fifth suspect, is en route from India to Israel and is supposed to be arrested upon landing.

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