Hulu Joins The Alliance for Open Media

By Tian Lim

We are excited to announce that Hulu has joined Alliance for Open Media, a non-profit organization working to define and develop the next generation of media formats that are open, royalty-free, and optimized for Internet delivery.

 As a member of AOMedia, Hulu joins other streaming media industry leaders in pursuit of a common goal – to accelerate development and facilitate friction-free adoption of new media technologies that benefit the streaming media industry and our viewers.

The AOMedia Video codec, AV1, the Alliance’s first video compression standard, strives to deliver improved compression efficiency over the current cutting-edge video compression standards HEVC/H.265 and VP9, in addition to providing the industry with an open source, royalty-free, interoperable video format.

We are proud to be working together with our industry peers and partners to deliver better quality video more efficiently to more customers.

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