One Team.
Five Core Values.

What Defines Hulu

Why We Exist

To captivate and connect people with stories they love by creating amazing experiences.

Operating at the intersection of entertainment and technology, Hulu has a unique opportunity to be the number one choice for TV in and out of the home.

Our Values

As Hulugans, we're inspired by the opportunity to be the number one choice and we’re proud of the culture we've built. Our values comprise the set of behaviors that define our culture. They guide us through decisions we make about our work and our teams. 

We Start with The Viewer

Viewers come first. We strive to understand their wants and needs to ultimately earn their trust and loyalty. We know who matters most, so our decision-making process always starts with the viewer.

We Think Big

We see endless opportunity in front of us. The opportunities we’re after require unconventional thinking, creativity, and a willingness to embrace risk. Pushing our thinking starts with asking ourselves every day, ‘is there a better way?’

We Are One Team

Only together can we redefine TV. We are accountable to one another, committed to aligning on common goals, and moving forward. We do so because we know that no one person or team alone could achieve what we’re out to do.

We Embrace Fun

We love what we do and believe we do our best by bringing laughter and creativity to our work. We set ambitious goals and celebrate our wins and each other. Having fun while working hard is uniquely who we are.

We Are All Hulugans

Our people are our greatest differentiator. We embrace diversity and create a culture where everyone is an insider. We do what we say we will and have trust in one another to do the right thing. Above all, we treat each other with respect and empathy, striving to continually elevate what it means to be a Hulugan.