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12 Best Scary Christmas Movies Streaming Now on Hulu

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Hulu has something for everyone for the holidays—even horror movie fans. From Hulu Originals, like Pooka!, to classic horror stories with a holiday twist like Gremlins, these are the best scary Christmas movies to stream on Hulu this season.

Christmas Horror Movies

1. Santa’s Slay

What if St. Nick isn’t really who we think he is? In this scary Santa movie, the jolly man in the red suit is actually a demon who lost a bet with an angel, forced to become the mythical man we know and love. Now that the bet is over, the real Santa Claus is here to spread Christmas cheer fear this holiday season. 

Watch: Santa’s Slay*

*Santa’s Slay requires CINEMAX® on Hulu add-on subscription.

2. Silent Night

Title art for Silent Night

Mark is a struggling ex-criminal eager to straighten out his life and reconnect with his daughter to give her the best Christmas he can. When a notorious crime boss blackmails him, Mark has no choice but to complete one final crime. 

Watch: Silent Night

3. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Title art for Rare Exports

It’s the most magical time of year, especially in the frozen mountains of northern Finland. That is, until a dark Christmas secret is uncovered from deep within the ground. If you’re a fan of dark Christmas movies, you’ll love this harrowing tale of a seriously evil Santa.  

Watch: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale 

4. The Lodge

Title art for The Lodge

Richard Hall is called away at the last minute for work, leaving his new girlfriend, Grace, and two children alone in a remote holiday village. When strange things begin happening, the three have to band together to fight demons from Grace’s dark past.

Watch: The Lodge

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Title art for Time Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

This beloved Tim Burton Christmas classic is more spooky than scary. Discover the magic of Christmas along with Jack Skellington, Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, as he attempts to bring the holiday cheer of Christmastown back home with him. 

Watch: The Nightmare Before Christmas*

*The Nightmare Before Christmas is available with The Disney Bundle. Access content from each service separately.

6. Black Christmas

In this remake of the classic 1974 holiday horror movie, a group of sorority sisters are snowed in on Christmas Eve at the Alpha Kappa Gamma house. Little do they know, their sorority house was once the home of Billy, a young boy who was horrifically abused by his mother in the 70s. He got his revenge on his mother, and now, he’s come back for more. 

Watch: Black Christmas

7. Gremlins

Never get him wet, keep him away from bright light, and don’t dare feed him after midnight. What Billy’s father thought was a cute and innocent pet for his son’s Christmas present soon became an uncontrollable terror for their entire town. Watch the holiday horror unfold in this cinematic classic. 

Watch: Gremlins*

*Live TV plan required to watch Gremlins on Hulu.

8. A Nasty Piece of Work

Title art for A Nasty Piece of Work

When the employees at a private equity company find out they’re not getting the Christmas bonuses they were expecting, their boss invites them over for a Christmas party that turns out to be a deadly competition for a bonus and a promotion.

Watch: A Nasty Piece of Work 

9. Midnight Kiss

Title art for Midnight Kiss

Every New Year’s Eve, a group of gay best friends and their gal pal play a game called “Midnight Kiss,” which is meant to help each friend find the perfect person to kiss at midnight. But when a masked newcomer wants to join in, the game turns into a sadistic battle for survival.

Watch: Midnight Kiss  

10. Pooka!

Title art for Pooka!

Is Pooka naughty or nice? When a down-on-his-luck actor gets a job dressing up as “Pooka,” the most popular toy of the year, he finds that putting on the suit changes him in more ways than one. 

Watch: Pooka! 

11. Pooka Lives!

Title art for Pooka Lives!

What would you do if a trend you started was getting people killed?

In Pooka Lives!, a group of thirty-somethings get together to create the #PookaChallenge, which allows people to summon the terrifying stuffed animal. But when the trend goes viral, it gets out of hand. 

Watch: Pooka Lives!

12. New Year, New You

Title art for New Year, New You

What happens when you reconnect with childhood friends, but the memories aren’t quite warm and fuzzy? When a group of girls get together on New Year’s Eve to reconnect after years apart, the memories from their childhood come back to haunt them with deadly results. 

Watch: New Year, New You

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