Advertising Restrictions for Distributors

The following restrictions are intended to cover advertising served or otherwise controlled by any party ("Distributor") that has entered into a distribution agreement with Hulu.

All advertising shall comply with any and all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and trade association guidelines. For example, any contest, sweepstakes, or similar promotion conducted or promoted through the advertising, as applicable, must comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Advertising shall not include nudity, obscenity, sexually explicit, or sexually provocative images or other material.

Advertising shall include only material that is lawful, and shall not relate to any of the following, unless, with respect to each of the applicable categories below, Hulu and Distributor agree otherwise in writing:

Category Restrictions
Adoption No Advertising Accepted
Adult Media Products (films, magazines, websites) No Advertising Accepted
Escort Services No Advertising Accepted
Firearms/Guns, Ammunition and Fireworks No Advertising Accepted
Online Gambling No Advertising Accepted
"Head Shops" - Drug Related Paraphernalia No Advertising Accepted
Illegal Activities No Advertising Accepted
"900" Numbers/Other Pay-Per-Call Services No Advertising Accepted
Pornography/Other Nudity No Advertising Accepted
Sex Toys/Paraphernalia No Advertising Accepted
Tobacco No Advertising Accepted

The following categories of advertising shall only be accepted under the following circumstances:

Category Restrictions
Alcoholic Beverages 21+ Adult-Targeted Pages Only
Contraceptive Products 21+ Adult-Targeted Pages Only
Nutritional Supp./Weight Loss Products Case By Case Basis – With Approval
Pharmaceutical/OTC Medications Case By Case Basis – With Approval
Political Advertising Case By Case Basis – With Approval