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What’s Better Than Watching Football This Sunday?

Watching the Ads! According to Hulu Viewers.



With the NFL season coming to a close and the Big Game approaching, we set out to understand how people watched football on Hulu’s live platform this past season. Here’s what we uncovered:


Hulu’s Viewers, like the rest of the country, are big football fans.

Nearly half (47%) of Hulu’s live TV Subscribers have watched an NFL game on the platform.


They’re excited to watch the Big Game and the Ads!

The most coveted game of the season airs February 4th, 2018. And 63% of Hulu viewers plan to watch it. What are they most excited about? Surprisingly (but not really), they are most excited about watching the ads. Although “watching the big game” falls in a close second place; it’s followed by the halftime show, eating food and attending a Super Bowl party.


Hulu’s #1 football viewer watched 12x more games than the average viewer.  

While we can’t guarantee most things in life, we can guarantee that this superior football fan, who watched 12 times more NFL games – 100 regular season games – than the average Hulu viewer, will probably be tuned into the Big Game this Sunday.


The Dallas Cowboys are America’s team – and Hulu’s!

The ‘Boys were the #1 streamed team on Hulu this season. 49% of all viewers who watched an NFL game this year watched a Cowboys game.


Hulu subscribers also rooted for the Eagles and Patriots this season.  

This year’s Super Bowl features two of Hulu’s top five most streamed teams based on total hours watched (the other three were The Cowboys, The Packers and The Steelers). 58% of all viewers who watched an NFL game this year on Hulu watched a Patriots or Eagles game.


Whether a member of the “12th Man” or not, Seattle residents watched the most football this season.

These die-hard fans streamed more hours of regular season NFL football than any other city – 357,000 total hours to be exact! This may explain why the tense Seattle vs. Jacksonville game on December 10th that erupted in a fight between the two teams in the final minute was Hulu’s most engaging game of the entire season (based on most hours watched per viewer).


After the Final Score…

Regardless of which team you support, whether or not you are just watching for the ads, or if you are watching Golden Girls instead of the big game, we hope you enjoy this upcoming Sunday!